Anybody else feeling depressed and helpless? i need advice?

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I have 27 years of age. I'm an only child. When I was 17 my dad went and completely changed and moved on with his life, not paying child support, does not care about me or my mom anymore. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus At 21, my mother died of a brief illness. I was / am still very traumatized. I have no brothers and her side of the family placed blame on me because they were angry with my father for what he did to my mother, so I do not talk to my family. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am married to a great man, thank God ... He is what keeps me going. I have no relationship with my family. My father tries to have a relationship with me, but it's false. It will not help with anything when my mother died, I was alone in dealing with the sale of your home, packaging and all costs and expenses of the funeral. He was very indifferent and still, all you think about is yourself. They were not officially divorced, separated only by how much ... of the things we were dealing with in their name too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband and I have a small landscaping business that business is not doing much right now because of the economy. Fortunately, he has another job. I have no college education and need a job. I feel very depressed because I would go to college, but the course you want to take no student loan and I just can not afford to take. Also, my father asks me when I'll start taking the class and I keep saying no you can afford. (60k a year ago and lives with her father and has no bills, or believe that we offer to give me the 1500 to take the class?) It hurts because he never did anything for me and knows I want to take this class, but I can not permit. As he speaks of himself buying a car and taking a vacation to Florida .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel so useless right now because my husband is the only one working, has no health insurance .... I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I need some advice .... a little help. It is just very hard to be forced to be out on his own at 21 when his father died, I have no family / parent use .. it's just my husband and myself. Even though I have 27 now I still feel like I'm struggling emotionally to do things together ..
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I am 46 yrs. old When I was 9 my parents divorced. Last time I saw my Dad was when I was 13 yrs. When I was 23 yrs. my husband commited suicide ( and I had 2 babies) and then a month later so did my Dad and I never had a chance to talk to him because I didn't know where he was. Then a year later my Mom had a heart attack and died. My advice to you is just appreciate that your Dad at least talks to you, ask him for the money all he can say is no! Lastly you really don't have it that bad there are people that are homeless and staving to death. So be happy you are in a better place than a lot of people are these days. Pray to Jesus and He will help you get through it. I did!
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