Do you know of any student loans that your credit score is not an issue? related questions

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Do you know of any student loans that your credit score is not an issue?7rose -Ms. Sue2012-08-28 23:23:05
My credit is horrible ... REPOSSED my car just ... You need to acquire a loan ... How should I go about doing this ... Anything that will help you ...
i have a debt of about $ 500 for a credit card capital was so high with late fees and a car loan I have and took the car back after realizing it was a lemon. its "on my credit score, of course, and my credit score is 500.VERY POOR. The condition of both accounts are derrogatory and my only option is to pay them, and it was closed. which is bad . I'm in the 2 desperate need financing for a car . I am only 20 , but I need something '4 scul and work and my baby. Also, my contract is almost finished and I will not have a licensed 2 of that credit . How I can get money to pay this off ? How do I pay? If I bother ? is their another way to raise my credit?
Student loans and credit!?0lau2012-10-26 07:23:10
I am a recent college graduate last year and has $ 29,000 in private student loans with federal loans $ 23,000 . In a twist of fate , instead of teaching to pursue my degree as planned , go into next March Navy as an intelligence specialist . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The good thing is that you are returning my federal loans . With AES loans , the minimum monthly payment is $ 313. I have no problem paying and you'll pay around $ 400-500 a month now to help reduce the most . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I could be working with my father for a loan to pay you the $ 29,000 in total to AES , and I would pay $ 500 per month until paid off . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If he agrees , it would be the best possible solution to increase my credit score / history I'm assuming , right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For the record , I have 8 credit cards , but with no balances on any of them . The loans are my only debt right now. What do you think ?
Student Loans and Credit Score?1shweta2012-08-23 23:14:22
I wondered if student loan debt ( SallieMae ) affect your credit score just as credit cards or other loans . I owe the most in student loans, then a car loan and finally the credit card debt . I pay my debt to minimize and maximize the interests of the benifit to my credit score. Does anyone know if credit reports agancies treat all three as a debt or are rated differently, with different weights ?
Do student loans affect your credit score?0Dokie 2012-09-14 12:03:02
I have 65k in student loan debt on my credit report . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I am current on all my payments and am not in any negative condition with them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will they affect my credit score ? For example if the vehicle and check my credit report will my student loans appear as good or appear at all ?
Can consolidating student loans help credit score?4the prosexionist 2012-10-13 11:00:03
I have a lot of loans , almost 100K as I am doing my PhD . There are several, some 15 individual loans . All credit is another time and make a good living . Loans are deferrment , but the number of individual loans affect both score ? We consolidate them and pay something every month even though they are in support of postponement?
Would it hurt my credit score to pay off my $12,000 in student loans all at once?1Sherri Mcgovern2012-11-02 17:17:01
Does it hurt my credit score to pay my $ 12,000 in student loans at once? I have about $ 15,000 in the bank. I've been interested in buying a house sometime in the near future. Since I have the money in the bank to pay the student loan, I do this? Would it be bad or good? I am currently paying $ 250 per month in student loan. I have 26 years old and earn about $ 80,000 ( before taxes) , living at home, paying $ 400 per month in rent.
Are student loans enough to build my credit score up from 620's to 700's?2Ayo2012-08-30 17:40:03
I just went through a period when I was very wrong with my credit card. I had a bankruptcy in '06 and I had 3 credit cards which I was delinquent for about 6 months. Call the 3 credit cards and they all offer a solution that I paid off in about 3 months. I just checked my credit score is 623. If it is not too good, but considering what my credit history has been as surprising to me is even higher than 600! I have 0 credit cards and started paying my student loans recently last December '09. So back to the question : Will my student loan is enough to build my credit card or should I apply for a credit card to go along with my student loan to build my credit fast? ( That probably only be accepted by insurance, I am willing to do). I 'm not worried about being delinquent on payments because this is the first time I've had a very stable and paying well . All I want to build my credit now and save for a house! Thank you kindly ! -Eric
Will Consolidating my student loans help my credit score?1krytstal2012-10-27 04:01:02
I was 6 student loans amount to a total of $ 20,000 from two different companies . My mistake was that I put them in forebarence time I was late about 2 months. One company that cleaned my credit , the other showed that I was late. I decided to consolidate my loans with the company that cleaned my credit. My question is does this help my credit because the company that was the delay in the payment of the loans have been paid and the other I will be current on all my payments ? Thanks for the help .
Can you build credit score off student loans?1thommini2012-10-15 01:41:02
If I paid more than the minimum payment on student loans , and pay off student loans faster , which could improve or build my credit score ?
Private Student Loans and Credit Score-?0emmanuela2012-10-26 20:08:32
I'm currently using federal student loans to finance my education , but may run out before I graduate - will therefore have to borrow private student MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I have 28 years and will not have a co -signer - so what kind of FICO / Credit Score I need to get a loan ? I can not seem to get a straight answer about this to anyone . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Would it hurt my credit score to pay off my $12,000 in student loans all at once?1John Jacob2012-11-03 10:09:02
I have about $ 15,000 in the bank . I've been interested in buying a house sometime in the near future. Since I have no money in the bank to pay off the student loan, should I do this? Would it be bad or good? I am currently paying $ 250 per month for the student loan . I have 26 years old and earn about $ 80,000 ( before taxes ) , living at home , paying $ 400 per month in rent .

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