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What do I do next to get my score higher?1Merli2012-10-27 09:27:03
Never had a score before. No credit, no defect or anything. I am told that there is no credit is worse than bad credit . So five months ago I opened a secured loan through my bank. This alone brought my score a bit , but not enough to qualify for anything .. I have a few hundred dollars more to work with now and need to know what should I do now ? I tried to qualify for the loan of $ 300 to $ 200.00 pymnt dwn in a furniture store , and I refused . I've been in my same job for over 1.5yrs ( I love my job and I love ) My job is safe . Maybe because I'm in my 40 with no credit ? Is that why I'm being rejected? Please help me ... What should I do to help my score ?
I want to get a higher fico score?5seena2012-10-04 16:01:09
I have lots of 60,000 student loan and three credit cards that pay regularly. My debt to credit ratio is horrible. I brought a new car. How many points should I expect traffic to get the monthly payment? How soon will this purchase affect my credit repot score
Can I get my credit score even higher?0Amanda M.2012-10-14 08:02:44
So I have a good score , 791, but has not increased at all in over a year . Im paying student loans , I have deragatory articles and use my card to buy plane tix a couple of times a year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The "reason" that my ( WaMu ) online statements is : " The length of time your accounts have been established is relatively short." I've had my account for over 6 years ! Too short really ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any idea that credit magicians out there ? When will I see some progress in my score ? Thank you !
How can i get a higher credit score?0komal2012-09-08 23:24:03
I recently had my credit report and was reaaallly bad! I did not miss any payments on my credit card , but the cause is the number of attempts a loan application . Look, I 'm just living here in Canada for over a year and last year I tried to buy a new car. I went to a dealer and they helped me get a loan , said they would give a lot of money down, since I have no credit history but what I will get the loan approval. And so I did, and I was approved . but I did not know they came in contact with almost all the banks here , and most of them I refused because I have no credit history yet! and now my credit score is so low : . . ( I was not irresponsible to handle my credit if I only knew the dealer would, then you should not have gotten a loan for a car and you have some idea of how long it takes to get my credit score higher?
How to boost your credit score higher?1Nadia232012-10-10 00:44:03
I have 4 student loans, car loans, Capital One credit cards in my name. with them in my credit report , it is still a way to increase my score in a few months
Clean up credit..get higher score?3liv2012-09-24 10:02:02
I made the mistake of getting credit cards when I was 18 ( now 30) . My car is paid and rent i . i have about 8,500 in student loans and am making payments on it. the rest of my det is less than $ 8000. If anyone is in the collection and I'm starting to make the payments, will my credit score go up ? I want to be able to buy a house within a year or two . thanks in advance
Does my credit score go higher if i pay of a 2 year car loan off in 6 months?1Mutiat2012-09-18 15:21:03
total car if eleven thousand. 6k left . must therefore be around 5. if I pay in six months, my credit look better to pay it in the 2 years that is supposed to pay ? I also had a credit card is still needed another year, but it paid off in a year ? does my credit look better or worse if you kept going ?
I have a higher credit score than my cosigner. But my cosigner has a low score but more history.?5Karl Haxell2012-11-04 16:14:03
I've been trying to get a car loan , but I 'm still denied. My credit score is 720 stains . The problem is that they only have one year and one month history of credit history . Not enough to get a loan . So we still need a co-signer. But the only person who can cosign for me is my mom who has a credit score of 560 . Shes is a homeowner . The only reason the score is low is because of my student loans and some late payments . No bankruptcys or collections or anything like that . Would it be worth a try to get a loan with her as my guarantor, or if you refuse because she is already overextended ?
Can a higher paying job change the chance of you getiing a higher loan amount?1Happyy4uu2012-11-03 04:45:01
Had a lower paid job when I applied for a car loan at my bank , but I recently just got a new job that pays twice as my old job . I wonder if it is possible that my bank will consider a loan amount greater than before due to my new job . thanks
I plan to retake the ASVAB for a higher score after taking and passing it once for the Navy. MEPS question?0Supergirl2012-08-20 22:16:03
Hi all ! I have thought retake the ASVAB to a higher score after taking and passing once in the Marina . MEPS question? MEPS question? I have a 44 on it , but I need at least 50 for the LRP ( loan repayment program ) . MEPS How much will I have to go through it again after 30 days to go through it ? My recruiter said that probably only check my weight again, etc. Will you do another urine test , medical examination , etc. Any response would be appreciated . Thank you !
Why do you think used car rates are higher?2MarEsha2012-08-09 07:04:43
What is an unsecured loan ? What kind of institution has the best prices ? Why do you think it is?
Why can't I get a higher limit?1lindaemory2012-10-24 17:07:03
My parents went bankrupt and still are able to get a credit card with $ 5,000 limit . When applied , the most that is going to give me $ 500 ! (if they pass me at all! ) My credit score is between 665 and 675 that lands me in the reasonable range . I have an account that the collection was 3 years ago and I paid ( charged off) and a payment that was 30 days late for eight months . That's it. All other accounts are positive .... mortgage, car, two credit cards, Nicor ​​payments , furniture payments and student loans. My greatest debt is the house and the car like everyone else . The credit cards that are around $ 100 each , a student loan I've had for 6 years and I'm almost done paying off. The furniture you 've had for a year and have $ 300 left . What 's the deal ?

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