What do I do next to get my score higher?

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Asked at 2012-10-02 13:44:02
Never had a score before. No credit, no defect or anything. I am told that there is no credit is worse than bad credit . So five months ago I opened a secured loan through my bank. This alone brought my score a bit , but not enough to qualify for anything .. I have a few hundred dollars more to work with now and need to know what should I do now ? I tried to qualify for the loan of $ 300 to $ 200.00 pymnt dwn in a furniture store , and I refused . I've been in my same job for over 1.5yrs ( I love my job and I love ) My job is safe . Maybe because I'm in my 40 with no credit ? Is that why I'm being rejected? Please help me ... What should I do to help my score ?
Answer1Handley(:Answered at 2012-10-27 09:25:37
It is a slow process . Get a secured credit card and use it sparingly each month, paying the balance in full each time. It is the record of consistent on-time payments for a long time that "builds" credit .
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