Buying my first home.

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I bought two houses in my life , I had rented for the first time and the second of a family member . There has been a homeowner for 10 years. Then I got a divorce . In divorce my credit was very successful . Since then I have just paid cash for everything . On my credit report it only has $ 4,000 in student loans just out of deferment and an old car loan that I paid about three years ago. Everything else has fallen. I got recently married and my wife has some credit , but not much . A car note and a couple of credit cards. I think that their payments were late several times about 4-5 years ago , when I was sick , but has been ongoing since then. Excluding car note , she has never had a unique balance of over $ 1,500. We have been paying their cards since we broke about 6 months ago . We reduced total debt of $ 1200 to $ 7000 with half the student loans . We decline the rest in about $ 500 a month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now the question : We've doubled our revenue this year because of a career. We want to take the $ 7,500 tax credit before it expires July nest and buy a house . Where is the best place to get guidance on what to do to achieve this.

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