What do I need to have my new car added into my aunt's insurance policy? related questions

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What do I need to have my new car added into my aunt's insurance policy?1Fisher2012-10-20 06:23:04
I'm a college student , and I currently live at home during breaks . Is it necessary to have the title in his name when I buy the car? I also plan to get the car financed through the dealer or through a third party lender auto loans . Does this mean I would have to have the auto loan with your name too, or you could have her co -sign for me? I am responsible when it comes to paying on time. I have a FICO credit score of 730 ( not top of the story and the lack of work do not assume ... ) . Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Finance Company retro added Insurance Premium to loan principal already provided proof of Insurance?1aiyunna2012-09-10 01:42:03
I refinanced my car in September 2008. I received a notice in November that insurance had been added to the balance of my loan because I did not provide proof of insurance. Upon notification, I called my insurance company and asked to provide my financial company with proof of coverage. I said finance company received a letter once sure would be eliminated. A week later I got a call from my finance company stating that they have received proof of coverage, but not shown as leinholder so can not credit my account to be sure. Then I call my insurance company again and have updated my faxes leinholder agent another letter. I call my finance company back and say they have received a letter from my agent, but shows the policy effective date 10/28/08 so I can give only partial credit insurance premium that left added to my first loan of 630. Again I call my agent card statement showing request showing that the car was covered flawlessly since being acquired in 2007. I follow up the letter with the bank explained that despite demonstrating that have been covered since 2007 have the right to charge the premium for not having been listed as leinholder in my safe until 10/28/08. They told me that they were not protected if an accident had entered in September. I explain that they have the title of my car and displayed as leinholder in my title, plus they had full coverage on my vehicle in September. Plus it is now December are retro billing for services not rendered. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When asked if there is anything that can be done. They said no, because they were not listed as leinholder with my sure they have the right to bill lapse in coverage even though I recognize that my car was insured. I am currently trying to get my insurance to lein holder retro but that is proving difficult as well. I live in the state of Missouri I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to deal with this situation, what are my rights as a consumer? Do I have any legal recourse? Because insurance finance company just charged me an additional amount on the payment of my regular car (You pay my normal car has been paid). I was warned if no payment within a week will consider paying my car later and add a additional late fee. What should I do? Any advice would be helpful Thanks in advance.
Can you use a Life Insurance policy.................?0Andrew!2012-09-18 03:40:02
I have two life insurance policies is a new and worthwhile if I die tomorrow 90,000 other a little when my father took me out as a kid . However, these can be used as security for the purchase of housing or personal loan ? ? ? ? ? or do they have to have a cash value ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
$10,00 Insurance policy....can I cash It(Mystery)?0Ronny2012-11-05 05:06:03
Hi! MedlinePlus I just turned 18 on July 23 and my mother died in 2001 and she left me an insurance policy of $ 10,000 ( all premiums have been paid ) , and my grandmother has locked and is a lot of paperwork and other things . My question is how I can get the cash, and $ 10,000 or I just get something out of it and if so how much. I need a car .. sooo bad ... MedlinePlus lol MedlinePlus If the amount is not anywhere near $ 10,000 or so small that there is no benefit ... Could get a cash advance or a loan or something outside of politics ? I have Life Insurance and I live in St. Louis , MO
Life insurance policy for dying father?0AspiringTeacherandMotherofFour2012-09-16 11:34:05
It's pretty simple .... I do not want to meet with its huge debt , mortgage. CC etc. I 'm encouraging you to review your will, but flatly refuses to even talk about it ( denial ) its assets anywhere near where their debts are within their 300k mortgage and only something like 20,000 in your 401k , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll probably try to consolidate your debt , but also the funeral, personal loans totaling more than 450k to some very angry people MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I'm looking for an inexpensive solution here .. Has anyone heard of AIG Term Life ? And I can use your 401k to pay .. I bet you will die within a year ( probably less likely 6 months) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need the coverage to be 5.4 million and need atleast 600k cash to pay his personal debts MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I'm going about it all wrong ? If you can provide links that would be great. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, does anyone know of any good planning goods companies or other financial person must be in contact with ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you so much , I would be lost without yahoo answers
Just discovered a long forgotten whole life insurance policy?0Fatimah2012-09-20 02:39:04
$ 10.000 . Oo death benefit of $ 1,400. Oo cash value of $ 7,600. Oo loan debt policy has paid ..... the loan is 8 % interest and politics grows 6% ...... if I do nothing as I have been for 20 years the loan exceed the policy and I have to pay taxes on the loan debt once the policy is canceled ...... What is my best option here .... Also , if I can find a way to pay the debt 's credit policy value increases to $ 17,600. oo and the cash value of $ 9,000. oo thanks for the help
Is there any way I could change my insurance policy from being full cover to PIP only if I have a car loan?1Yaritza2012-11-06 06:11:02
I bought a car a year ago with a loan and a full coverage insurance on it . I'd like to change it to PIP ( Personal Protection Insurance ) for 6 months to save some money and pay off your credit cards . Currently I pay $ 330 a month with PIP would pay only about $ 100. You could save up to $ 1,200. ( I know it can be a bit risky, as it could get in an accident , but I'm willing to take the risk for a few months . Suggestions? 24 years I have live in Florida and the car is an Audi A3 with Progressive.
Any benefits of keeping a Northwestern Mutual life insurance policy?0Lovely2012-11-06 01:30:03
I'm thinking of giving up 65 of Northwestern Mutual Life life insurance policy that my parents took me to give birth. Now I have 28 and make monthly payments of $ 6.91 and net income of $ 21.283 death thousand ( profit of $ 10,000 plus $ 11,283 of dividends ) . The cash value increases by 3 % per annum compounded monthly . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no family and my employer offers life insurance that pays double the annual salary. It seems unnecessary to have this policy at this time and I was thinking he was going to cash and pay the balance of a car loan . Would there be any benefit to keep politics ? It seems that the value is negligible , even if I keep it to retirement. Is there something I'm missing ?
Borrowing against a life insurance policy Questions and Student Loans?1:))2012-11-06 02:35:02
I've been told by an agent that I can buy $ 100,000 in life insurance and borrow up to 75 % of it after two years. In other words, I can purcahse 100,000 of coverage , then 75,000 in two years loan at 7% . I then asked what would happen if he could not pay the loan back , and was told that the agency loss carryforwards and I would have to pay taxes on the 75,000 to the IRS as income. My credit would be harmed because life insurance policies are not taken into account on your credit report ( so I'm told ) . MedlinePlus I think he said it was a universal life policy . I have read elsewhere that you can borrow only on the cash value of the policy. However, I specifically said I could borrow the death benefit , and that if he continued policy would then pay what they had paid ( $ 25,000 ) . Sounds too good to be true , but if they could use the money to pay off student loans . I have them in patience and would like to pay them into chunks and planned to use my wife (soon to be a teacher in the last year of school) revenues to pay the costs of our loans and live in big chunks of my income and such once some of yours . I am a social worker and maybe ( probably) lies open about finances , and can look like a fool for you , but work in child welfare for 10 years and let's see if you can spit directly , and much less find money issues .
Are Chinese family togetherness and filial piety just an insurance policy?1Ott2012-08-20 18:13:02
I recently read that many Chinese are choosing to travel abroad during the Spring Festival instead of spend with the family. China has traditionally relied on family members for loans, childcare , employment , care in old age, etc. Now that the government and big companies are offering these things, Chinese families begin to resemble Western units ' small family ? After all, two hundred years ago everybody in the West used to live in a large family group also mutually dependent .
Can a whole life insurance policy be used to secure a loan through collateral assignment?0New Girl 1022012-09-05 04:35:04
Can a life insurance policy is used to obtain a loan through collateral assignment ?
Has anyone heard of Loans International Limited - they want me to purchase an insurance policy to get a loan?5leyla matiaz2012-09-04 10:32:03
They want me to buy an insurance policy for about 700.00 to get an unsecured loan .

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