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WARNING!!! Read this if you are about to get online loan!?210th grade2012-10-19 07:01:02
Okay never get a loan from anyone who makes you pay an upfront fee before receiving a loan ! I did and I cheated ! This guy goes around with several e- mails and says he will give a loan of little interest . It is false . He goes by Donald George . I bet you have other e- mails . again NOT GET ANY LOAN ONLINE E-MAIL ADDRESS YAHOO . These are false!
Does anyone know of an OFFICIAL online loan companies? Please REad!!!0Destinee2012-09-16 16:46:04
I have 18 years old and I have little established , at least not to my knowledge. I am in a hard cast and I need a personal loan of $ 1,000.00 Most of these online companies always redirect to another site that does the same , so on and so on . is really frustrating . i make 1400.00 a month , so I'm positive they will be able to repay the money , I just need someone to give me a chance. if anyone knows of somewhere online loan officer may apply to please let me know . I prefer known companies , companies that work with people , or a company that I have been . please help I'm really in a desperate situation . and along with loan companies , please tell me what I need to qualify and be approved . THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME ! ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! ! ! thanx
WARNING!!!! THE LOAN CENTRE IS A SCAM!!!!?0marleen2012-10-15 08:06:31
I was looking for a loan and found Loan Center and complete the online form only to realize that they were not lenders but brokers were infact . I heard today that they have taken
I filled the needcash.com loan online and i just read some q and a from yahoo. im worried. what should i do?1Jill Hefner2012-09-28 08:08:03
Is it safe needcash.com
Looking for new manga to read online...?1Rebekka2012-10-16 14:04:03
I'm bored and wanted to read something new manga . I'd rather read something that has action or supernatural . I suppose I could have a bit of romance in it , if it's good . Obviously , I read Bleach , Naruto , D. Gray Man , Zombie Loan , Death Note , Full Metal Alchemist , Ghost Hunt , etc. So what sugeest I should read ?
Where can i read the following mangas online?1Dora2012-10-10 20:53:03
- Gakuen Alice MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Katsuyu Godan - romance - Ouran MedlinePlus MedlinePlus -zombie loan MedlinePlus I would prefer the latest .
Where can I read The Lovelt Bones online?0Grutrede2012-09-10 22:49:03
I think the movie is going to be interesting and want to read the book before seeing the movie . I would buy the book , but I have no money , and I do not want to get one of those loans from the library because I probaly wont return the money . Can anyone help ?
Selling our current house and getting an FHA loan (warning: detailed response needed)?2Glo2012-09-24 19:38:03
We have a house that needs many repairs that I'm not qualified. A lot of stuff is not up to code. We have to sell and basically just want to get rid of it, but there is $ 53k on the mortgage (the house was literally just shy of being paid, but we had to refinance to get rid of a lot of debt and consolidate because an unavoidable situation). The house is physically pretty solid (it's a brick house with plaster walls that are mostly in good condition considering it was built around 1950). Only needs cosmetic work done inside. All galvanized pipes should be replaced (some have been brought up to code through various repairs over the years that had to do). Need to rewire, I'm sure. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We had central heating / air-placed, and the roof is fairly new, too. It looks great on the outside. It is a loss for us to have all the work done inside, because we want to move to another house with more land. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We found a house that may be a possibility. It is about $ 77K. I was told that FHA loans require only 3% down. How do you determine which company will work with the FHA mortgage in order to get the FHA loan? Do all mortgage companies do? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not sure that we will be able to sell all of the $ 53k or so left on our current mortgage. I'll have to borrow money to pay the difference if not sold enough, while my mom is focused on getting the mortgage. I'm confused as to what to do now, though. We really have to keep our current house and buying the new place, and then sell our house. I'm not sure that just about $ 48k total household income, we will be able to do that. Is there a way for me to list my income along with it to be considered in getting the mortgage in his name? I do not want to cosign and have my name on the house for 30 years - I want my own house at some point. I have excellent credit and very high credit limits on credit cards ... I so trusted by many companies because of how well I kept my credit through the years. I do not feel I would have trouble getting a loan. But my mom only has about $ 20 kA year in his only source of income ... and I'm worried that they can not qualify for another mortgage "above" the current mortgage until we can get out to sell. So basically, we would be balancing the two mortgages until we can sell ... what we could do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Suggestions? I'm not sure how to sell our current home is in need of repair. The FHA would probably say that all this has to be brought up to code to sell. How can we do otherwise? Sell ​​it as "Fixer Upper" somehow? Sell ​​it to a contractor of some sort? I know you probably do not want to pay much, though.
Why do so many people want to know where they can read books online for free?3Kennedy2012-10-24 12:57:01
If you are too cheap or poor to spend a little money to support the author themselves why not at least go to the library to pay for the books and then loans out for free?
Relationship advice (warning, probably will be long)?2Peggy2012-11-05 08:39:02
Hello friends! MedlinePlus Long response time, seldom poster, bitchy guy first time here. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Never thought I'd post something like this on the internet, but I'm about to end a relationship and want to make sure I'm not crazy before I do. I guess ask relationship advice on / b / in itself is crazy, however, if not for now, let's ignore that. Lets also get this out of the way .... Nothing I say here is bullshit or exaggerated, I have no reason to swing around a foot long virtual penis. Oh and by the way, all comments appreciated, negative, positive, whatever. I lost the desire to study at night and need something to entertain me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Me: MedlinePlus Network Engineer (CCIE for those of you who know), 87,000 years ago one MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She: MedlinePlus Finish college with a degree in writing, about 23,000 a year, depending on tips MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus History: MedlinePlus I've been dating her for a year due to college / work, who lives more than 150 miles away. I live less than a mile from work, and rarely move away but to see it, but have managed to reach more than 43,000 miles on the odometer in 14 months. I drive there every weekend I'm on duty, required to make the hardware support which means that I have to stay local for those weekends. Some weeks driving back and forth three days a week, getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go to work. He graduated early and wants to live with me, cool I think. All seems well, everyone, that does not happen to be my best friend or family are pressuring me to ask the question, most people barely know me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She takes an apartment that costs about $ 2,000 a month, and I oppose it definitely does not need it, and she will not be able to pay their loans fast as she says she wants. She wants to get two jobs and loans to pay faster, but instantly rejected my suggestion of living in a cheaper apartment and have a job so I have time to be together. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My bank account was about $ 11,000 when we started dating. I had just gotten a job that pays this a few months ago, and now I'm at $ 2,000. When I take the time to think about the cost, do not need large are mostly things I wanted "us" to do, even though they have not expressed great interest, and I just agree to it because I want to be happy. After opposed to expensive place, I said discussing this leads down a path that puts us in different apartments, even after she moves back in this way. The apartment is located next to his parents, which is something that for some reason can not do without, but apparently I have to travel 40 minutes is an acceptable trade off. 40 minutes on a good day, I live in the metro transit has further delayed a few days. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She went on to say that he was angry about how she always puts me first and I never noticed, and ran to the bed. Never has recognized that literally have not had a day of work without that I spent with her, with the exception of flying across the country for a few days to see my mom for Christmas, only time I get to see it. MedlinePlus This is where you come in! I know that if you read this, you're probably excited to insult me. About 5 minutes after reading a text message in which just that, I realized that I do not care, I do not know if that feeling ever again, but I do not think anyone can say something to me after what not sacrafice your own worth staying with someone. I never felt like this before, but reflecting on it, I honestly feel I deserve better. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thoughts? MedlinePlus (Name changed to protect the identification, answer questions with a different user name)
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I read if your direct deposit was RAL you get a paper check is this true even for Turbo Tax Online.?1Nuwan2012-10-21 22:06:03
The Q & A on page I.R.S. website said that if you got your refund deposited and was a refund anticipation loan you will not have your refund deposited directly into your place you wil get a paper check . How true is that and if it does, that include using Turbo Tax online and get it back in two weeks deposited directly

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