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Manitoba driver license, stunt driving ticket in Ontario?1jazlyn johnson2012-10-08 11:47:03
A police officer driving in the opposite direction that was accelerating claimed @ 176 km / h, so I remember that was above the limit of 100, but not to drive at 176 km. He took my license suspended for seven days and confiscated the vehicle rented. Does the company have the power to pick up your vehicle after me of course pay the cost garnish? It seemed useless to confiscate the car for 7 days, it was not even mine and no sense to not let someone else drive. MedlinePlus From what I've read the minimum fine is $ 2000, I'm just a student and there is no way I could afford to pay that, not to mention the debt I have another student loan. Do judges consider the financial difficulties or perhaps change the label to a speeding ticket instead of "trick". Ironically, I was not doing a trick / maneuver (ie, passing several cars in a zigzag or not to allow others to pass) and no one else was in the way as far as my eyes could see in the front or rear. I hear you say that this law is unconstitutional in Ontario, as it has a strict liability and the defense. MedlinePlus Besides being new construction in Ontario (3 weeks) originally from Manitoba, my understanding was speeding speeding ticket in the reservoir and maximum license suspension. I have a summons to the court in April, I'm thinking about talking to a counselor paralegal. Please share your input / experience / advice. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Second, my car registered in Manitoba seized before leaving the province and not having a vehicle autopac canceled my insurance. While not an outstanding ticket. Do I have to pay the bill of an impounded vehicle or what if I never go back to Manitoba this pose a problem in Ontario / other provinces? MedlinePlus thanks
How long does a traffic ticket stay on the driving record?22022-06-06 07:39:14
How long does a traffic ticket stay on the driving record?22022-06-06 07:42:59
Co-sign a car lease with no driver's license??0sophia lorraine2012-10-09 22:09:57
I have terrible credit after spending my college years with credit card without a job . Everything is paid ( thankfully!) But all my cards are closed meaning that literally no credit at the moment ... except my student loans and car loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last year funded a second hand car , with a rate of 18.2 percent astronomical and would like to rent a car affordable ( under $ 20k ) in September for lower payments - . In a newer car MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My mother has great credit, but no driver's license . Can she co -sign ?
You know you have a South Carolina driver's license when?0Janey2012-08-13 13:22:02
1.Every of the interior of your car is used EXCEPT directional lever . 2.You has a dog cage and rack again in the truck 50 years of age. 3.You ask the officer writing a ticket if 50 miles over the speed limit is "too fast" ? 4.You stop and stop for a fire truck even though it is sitting in the window to Mickey D' s! 5 . "Rolling " through traffic lights and giving a "woody " 6.While riding with his friend out of state , will ask " why bother with turn signals ?" 7.You have many points to be deducted out a loan to pay all tickets and pay a driving school ! Anyone want to add to this list?
Should I try to get my driver's license next month for jobs or save up a little & wait until May?0Caprice2012-10-10 11:33:18
I can get SSI and Social Security. I have 25 years, with a Bachelor of Fine Spanish / Liberal, but not yet mastered (working on it) because everything that was taught in ancient literature, and I did not know until after I graduated college, a BA in Spanish, emphasizing literature does not talk, and the only career in that field is to teach, not what I do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want my long-term career to be a translator. Right now, I'm trying to concentrate on improving my Spanish skills and computer skills, as these are the things I have to do the exam to enter the Continuing Education program at NYU and get a certificate of translation, taking the course online. The program is about $ 595 per course per semester, I think. I admit that the test is really hard. I'm not as fluent as I thought, and my mental illness prevents me concentrate and focus, regardless @ home study. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in TX. Despite having a title, I have much work experience. I have to work full time to pay off my student loans. If you work less than 30 hrs. a week, I have to pay them. There are certain work incentives through the SSA program, where I can work and still keep my benefits. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no car. I had a car, but due to financial problems after Hurricane Katrina, I was struggling financially and been fighting ever since. Nobody wants to hire me because employers assume that looked retarded. People think I'm late, but I'm not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had a valid driver's license, but I had a family crisis with roommates in New York (long story), and my brother called me to come here. I have not a bad driving record. They said that here in Texas, new residents have to take the test again. I passed the written part, but you just have to take the driving part. Almost all jobs, even minimum wage jobs require you to have an unrestricted license before getting a job. I have not driven all types of vehicles in over a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have some concerns. If I have to pay $ 144 for the practice and use of driver's ed car company to take the test, and I do not think I'm ready for the test, or if I take the road test and no, I broke down and literally without money for the month of April. But if I pass or not, I'll be out of money after paying for the test. And I feel like, what if you do not hire me for a job in April, although I have my license? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another difficult situation is, are hiring for summer jobs and autumn now, and tomorrow is the last day for summer seasonal job working with children with recreational activities, so that is out of the question, because I will not have my time license @ MORNING job application. They pay $ 9/hr. And I need a full license, although it is a non-driving job. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm just trying to get something I can put in my hands, temporarily while studying to try to master and working knowledge of computers, so you can save up to take these classes for my career later. And while I take online courses, I can keep working and saving up to take online classes and learn other languages, and apply my skills as a translator for them. I was advised to acquire very fluent in a language first before moving to the next, so do not get confused. I want to learn more languages, and I also write fiction and translated into other languages, myself, in my future career. And I like to travel a lot! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sorry so long, but I really needed this to be detailed so that you understand my situation. So, should I play Russian Roulette and have a game in the next month or remain standing without a license for a month, working hard on my Spanish and combine the months of April and May $ $ I saved? What would you do if you were in this situation?
License being taken away but, I wasn't driving the car?2Cadie2012-08-27 17:07:02
I lent my car to someone for a few weeks and got into a minor accident . I got stuck with a bill for $ 4,000 and now the insurance company is threatening to suspend my license . MedlinePlus I was not driving the car , so ... I wonder if it is legal for them even to take away my license? MedlinePlus - This is in the state of Michigan . Thanks for any help .
I lost my driver's license for medical reasons, & I just bought a car 5 mo. ago. How do I get out of my loan?0zbag2012-09-25 20:27:03
I amd my dr seizures reported to DMV about my condition . Not be able to work both now and not be able to afford the car . I can not sell because they owe more than the car is worth , (having just bought it of course ) . What else I can do?
A reckless driver hit my car and all the insurance did was pay off my car. can i file against driver?1Sara Pleaseee pleasse2012-10-21 07:20:02
A woman stole her husbands company truck hitting my jacket while parked outside my house . totaling the jacket reluctantly paid off , but left me with nothing . I'm unemployed single mother of two and I'm not working I can not get a loan for a car . so I need two thousand dollars for a down payment . ? I can file a civil lawsuit against the woman for hitting my car
How hard would it be to get a student loan in Manitoba if I have a mortgage?0mz tee2012-09-16 07:56:06
I graduated high school two years ago , and now I'm obviously thinking of going back to school full time. I do however have a concubine , two cars , and a mortgage . How hard would it be for me to get a student loan ? I talked to the estimation tool in the government's website , gave me a grand total of absolutely nothing because of my common law / income. How I can get the money you need to take the courses? ? ? Please help !
Air force one's recent NYC stunt & NOT closing the mexican border makes for a responsible president?1Lourane2012-08-08 19:21:02
and consider further: the "stimulus package", which does not address the rampant problem with a nation that has lived on credit for too long, and Bank bailouts do banks use our money to provide American companies short-term prime rate, which desperately needed loans for operating expenses until they receive their bills, and Biden has to be a scapegoat cardboard cutout vice president with an IQ of somewhere around 55 (my opinion), leaving things so that if Obama was killed / disabled in the first place, Biden would become the president and then Nancy Pelosi (!), and considering that Afghanistan will be Obama's war, the most likely cause the project to be reinstated to bring our boys back in pieces if their bodies can be identified or does not go missing in action, and It seems that Obama is a scapegoat for Big Money (I think one more), Do you think that Obama has shown us that he will be able to handle the many problems facing us, the citizens of our country well enough for our entire country, and strong and rich again? I personally do not think the flyover of the city of New York crazy with what appeared to be the real Air Force One, with his fighter plane (s), was unknown to the president because he is too important of a plane and what the president in his right mind and with all loyalty to the American people - and of course for entrepreneurs that do business around the world for these high-end bank bailouts have the opportunity to save the dollar - there would immediately shut down the border between Mexico and the National Guard when we revealed he, 81 Mexicans had died from the epidemic ... is a good president? forgive my grammar: I'm tired of my departure from Mexico, the other day - but I was lucky to find a medical supply store that had surgical masks, which I bought and I had both in airports and airplanes! but still, you hear that Obama wants to tell us not to go on a plane if we do not, Mexicans with Mexican flu (why is the Asian influenza and Spanish influenza call as they're called?) feel sick! please provide details and feel free to re-edit before this question is whether indexing this forum (as many of our questions suddenly mysteriously removed for who knows what?), or before the best answer is chosen. more to defend their point (s), the more I like.
Question about student aid/loans in Canada (Manitoba particularly). Can I own a car and get aid 4 University?0mielchie2012-09-06 04:25:06
I own a car , and currently owe money to the credit union for a loan , but I have been accepted to the University in January, and they told me that no matter what they already have some debt , I can still apply for financial aid . I wonder if you can still own my car, or I'll have to sell it before applying for a student loan ?

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