Manitoba driver license, stunt driving ticket in Ontario?

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jazlyn johnson
Asked at 2012-10-01 16:35:04
A police officer driving in the opposite direction that was accelerating claimed @ 176 km / h, so I remember that was above the limit of 100, but not to drive at 176 km. He took my license suspended for seven days and confiscated the vehicle rented. Does the company have the power to pick up your vehicle after me of course pay the cost garnish? It seemed useless to confiscate the car for 7 days, it was not even mine and no sense to not let someone else drive. MedlinePlus From what I've read the minimum fine is $ 2000, I'm just a student and there is no way I could afford to pay that, not to mention the debt I have another student loan. Do judges consider the financial difficulties or perhaps change the label to a speeding ticket instead of "trick". Ironically, I was not doing a trick / maneuver (ie, passing several cars in a zigzag or not to allow others to pass) and no one else was in the way as far as my eyes could see in the front or rear.
I hear you say that this law is unconstitutional in Ontario, as it has a strict liability and the defense. MedlinePlus Besides being new construction in Ontario (3 weeks) originally from Manitoba, my understanding was speeding speeding ticket in the reservoir and maximum license suspension. I have a summons to the court in April, I'm thinking about talking to a counselor paralegal. Please share your input / experience / advice. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Second, my car registered in Manitoba seized before leaving the province and not having a vehicle autopac canceled my insurance. While not an outstanding ticket. Do I have to pay the bill of an impounded vehicle or what if I never go back to Manitoba this pose a problem in Ontario / other provinces? MedlinePlus thanks
Answer1Alexi AngelaAnswered at 2012-10-08 11:45:20
Buddy , combat fine . MedlinePlus The police were seen speeding, then " checked" the 176 .... Get a receipt from the radar , and it is proved . Definitely talk to a lawyer . If you pay a counsel say , $ 500 to save your license and quite likely a few thousand fee, you go for it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm so sick of cops wasting their days with a radar detector capture people going a few miles over the government imposed limits , rather than solving crimes , patrolling high crime area , or do a damn thing other than harassment ( in his mostly) law-abiding citizens . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Read about the free society , it is time to fight for our rights . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sorry, something is guaranteed little there . Yes , fight the ticket , is soooo worth it.
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