My boyfriend and I are looking for a new starter home that deals with good credit, bad credit, or no credit? related questions

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My boyfriend and I are looking for a new starter home that deals with good credit, bad credit, or no credit?1yessenia2012-10-05 07:48:01
Therefore, my credit is fair enough, but your credit is horrible because of student loans . Therefore, it would need a real estate agent that deals with bad credit that deals with the Baton Rouge , Zachary , or Gonzales , LA area . Do you know any good agents to deal with bad credit ? Now , what about the $ 8,000 tax credit for home buyers for the first time ? I've never had a house in my name and I think my boyfriend had one with his ex - wife . Please help !
My credit is not that good and I'm looking for place that deals with bad credit loans on Ontario Canada?0Kelsie2012-08-13 23:19:03
My credit is very good and I am looking for a place that deals with bad credit loans in Ontario , Canada?
My credit is not that good am looking for a company that deals with loans for bad credit?1Jorge2012-08-08 20:44:03
We need to find a company to give me a loan. My credit is not as good.
Where is a good, solid finance company that deals with low credit scores for a business loan.?6Candi2012-11-04 10:31:02
We are eager to start a trucking business bigwig . We need about 55k . The loan will be fully secured by securities of the equipment. We do not own real estate and credit accounts in the range of 625. The banks are saying no, because no local scores . I'm finding the web sites that claim to match only one lender, but to his credit more just pulls and telemarketing phone calls. I do not want to loan clubs . Does anyone know of a finance company rather than going to help us ?
I have really bad credit, i am desprite for a personal loan, is there any one that deals with bad credit loans?2Help Please!-Allie2012-10-21 05:15:03
I have very bad credit , am desprite for a personal loan , is there anybody who deals with bad credit loans ?
My credit is poor and need a loan to get my car repaired is there anybody who deals with bad credit loans?0Ady2012-09-01 14:26:02
My credit is poor and need a loan to get my car repaired is there anybody who deals with bad credit loans ?
My spouse works but has bad credit. I am a stay at home mom with good credit. Can we get a loan for a home?1*Mean~ppl~need~prozak* 2012-10-07 22:30:02
I have a credit card that has been in just my name before I was married, ( we put our washer, dryer and refrigerator in it ) and my husband pays well above the minimum payment each month. We once said that to get a loan based on his belt (which is poor ) , would have to get a credit card and try to keep the balance at or below 50 % of the limit , or whatever . Have old credit card debt that is unable to pay right now. Is there an easier way to get a loan at a good rate which will not have to get a credit card that he will be tempted to use , making it even harder at risk ?
Recommended "starter" credit cards?2Clif2012-11-04 18:32:02
As of this second , the credit score of my husband is about 615 - for many years he had no rating because we lived in the theory that if you can not afford it , do not understand. So I never had any credit cards , cash payment for the car .... Nothing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But now we are looking to buy a house and the guy who talked to the mortgage company if we get about 2-3 credit cards that we play our cards right , you could be eligible for a loan of up to 100% in a matter of six months to a year. MedlinePlus I managed for us to get one, but I want to get at least one more and I'm having trouble finding one that would approve us due to a limited credit history has no annual service fee or monthly fee crazy . Should help with any advice , your annual income is about 50,000 a year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone have advice about a company that has a decent "starter " card or any other tips to help boost your be just a little more to help with a mortgage approval ?
Do you need good credit to take out a home equity loan? Will bad credit affect chances of being considered?5 하이픈2012-09-06 09:11:04
My credit is poor , but I have probably $ 80k in equity in my home . Can a bank refuse to approve a loan because of bad credit ?
I'm ready to buy a home and my credit score is 543, how can i turn bad credit to good in 2 - 3 mths?1graciela2012-10-23 14:35:02
I do not want to sign a new contract and want to move to a new house in 2 - 3mths , what I can do to increase my credit score . I've never had a credit card , car loan or any good debt , but I have a lot of hospital bills and lower bills , someone please help me?
I got my first credit card this month. How can I build credit fast for a good rate on a home loan?6trix2012-11-03 01:42:03
I have $ 2k in savings right now, but I will get a tax credit of $ 8k for being a home buyer first time I can put a down payment.
Can you get a home loan with bad credit with a co-borrower with good credit?6leyla matiaz2012-10-03 03:32:02
I am looking to get a home loan . My credit is really bad filed bankruptcy 3.5 years ago. My income to debt ratio is pretty good . I'm going to have a co - borrower who has a perfect credit . What we recommend companies adopt me and give me the best interest rate for my stiuation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks

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