The federal funds rate is the interest rate on short-term loans made by: related questions

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The federal funds rate is the interest rate on short-term loans made by:1KATHY >> PLEASE HELP2012-08-10 21:42:02
The federal funds rate is the interest rate on short-term loans made ​​by : A. Federal Reserve to commercial banks . B. The Federal Government the Federal Reserve . C. Federal Reserve federal government . D. the federal government to commercial banks . E. commercial banks to other commercial banks .
The rate of interest banks charge on short-term loans to their best customers is the ___________?1Saquta2012-10-24 13:41:51
one . required reserve ration ( RRR ) MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus federal funds rate c. MedlinePlus prime rate d. money multiplier formula
Increase in short-term interest rates effect on fixed rate loans?0joejonas2012-09-26 06:26:03
When a bank that has several years fixed rate loans that are financed with short-term liabilities of deposit will be vulnerable to a rise in interest rates in the short term ?
What would the interest rate be on this short-term loan?0kaysan2012-08-27 11:21:16
I was charged a $ 37 overdraft fee on an overdraft of $ 0.01 in my bank account . I was wondering if this is like a short term loan , what would be the interest rate on this? I deposited enough money to cover the overdraft ( all $ 0.01 ! ) And much within hours of being charged the overdraft fee , of course .
I need to figure out my interest rate on my short term loan.?0Anoymous2012-10-16 18:23:46
I am paying 150.00 bi - weekly for a loan with a principal balance of 1527.00 . I have 148 days to pay it . My APR is 12% , but I think I'm paying more because I have to pay my loan within a year . What am I really paying in interest ?
Will all the federal interest rate cuts happening lately effect my student loan interest rate?0eagle2012-08-25 04:44:02
Or I can consolidate what they do ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
How does the Fed Funds Rate affect, or influence, interest rates on personal loans?0tony2012-10-27 02:19:52
How the Federal Funds Rate affect or influence interest rates for personal loans ?
Federal funds rate which one?0GENE2012-09-22 15:37:02
Which of the following statements are true about the federal funds rate ? MedlinePlus I. It is the same as the discount rate MedlinePlus II. Is the interest rate that banks charge each other for short term loans MedlinePlus III. It is influenced by open market operations MedlinePlus ( A) Only MedlinePlus ( B ) II only MedlinePlus ( C ) III only MedlinePlus ( D ) I and II only MedlinePlus (E ) II and III
Going interest rate on federal student loans?0whale2012-11-05 11:45:54
College loans; will the term of the loan affect the interest rate?0panther, puma2012-08-12 03:01:03
Hello , I was wondering if the term of a college loan affect the interest rate. The reason I ask is because a lot of college loans allow prepayment . Basically, I 'm wondering is there any advantage to taking out a loan with a shorter period if I pay enough each month to be equal to the shorter loan payments anyway? I'm pretty sure you will be able to repay a loan shorter, but it might make more sense to take a loan from standard length in case I ever need the extra money usually goes to an emergency advance payment .
Is prime interest rate or Laibor interest rate better when colsolidating private student loans?0lorie anderson2012-08-22 06:51:02
I consolidate my private student loans and in some places have a prime rate and others have Laibor inerest rate . What is a better choice ?
Will Student Loans (federal) drop in interest rate again next summer?0Hopelessly Confused :(2012-08-27 11:55:04
All Federal . Student Loan Interest fell last summer. Do you think it will go down again next summer or is this the best time to consolidate ?

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