Do you think a landlord would rent me a place with bad credit and no proof of income but i have the money? related questions

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Do you think a landlord would rent me a place with bad credit and no proof of income but i have the money?2hheellpp2012-10-17 01:55:02
I'll sell my mobile home for about $ 8,000 U.S. and move to Canada in about 4-6 months. MedlinePlus I have bad credit , my score is only 580 and I was young and lost some of my car note payments a few years ago and ran some small bills , but I'm working to fix it and I have not lost my new car payment in three years , but I was 60 days late once in a student loan. MedlinePlus I own my own home phone , I've been paying a lot of rent for 5 years or even more and never missed a payment MedlinePlus . I also work for myself , I just started in January , so I have no proof of income to W2 yet, but I do provide all my customers with receipts because I 'm going to claim on my tax return next year . MedlinePlus So basically if I have bad credit , but I have references from my current home , I can also provide proof of income receipts and I can pay as six months in advance for the entire lease and deposit , do you think a landlord would rent to me? MedlinePlus It would have a job at the time to be a big deal if I offer to pay only the rent in advance? MedlinePlus I hear will not rent unless you have a stable job , but if I move to another country I need time to get new clients (I'm a housewife) . MedlinePlus Thanks for the help
If I have no proof of income, bad credit & renting,where is the best possible place to find an unsecured loan?1MUHID2012-09-07 14:54:03
And the loan must be atleast in the amount of $ 3,000.00
What would you say to your landlord if you couldnt afford to pay your rent?1GuruBlue please answer I\'m so confuesed2012-10-27 14:47:44
Because the unemployment rate here in MI awful havent been able to find a job . a job that is expected did not materialize due to the economy , the employer decided not to hire more people . believe me I've been out all day online and in search of a job. I am now enrolled in school , to take the money the government gives education benefits to spouses of deceased veterans . , But that doent place until Jan 12, and even then do not get the money immediately . You can not pay the rent I pay now . This was the second time I 've been late . I 'm moving as soon as I can ( in late December or before ) , the problem is also that the owner wants $ 2500.00 to break the lease . No I have to or I have the money to make the change , but will have to rob Peter to pay Paul to leave . Any suggestions ? Rent was due today 05 November. I have a little less than three quarters of the payment . I thought a friend would be able to help me with a loan to pay the balance , but that did not happen so now I am behind on payments again. Serious answers only please . I know there are other people in my position and I did not a laughing matter
Problem with rent to own landlord...very long but desperate?0seun2012-10-02 05:46:02
Earlier this year my husband and I got married. Soon after came a condo for sale or rent to own. My husband is German and we are in the process of its documentation that has no social security number. I am only 23 and could not get a large enough loan due to not having enough credit history. We decided to rent to own, until they were able to finance the property. (Money is not the problem. I have another small business, but thriving. My husband worked as a computer programmer in Germany and has a nice savings). MedlinePlus Now in a rent to own agreement which is the authorized owner to do? MedlinePlus The agreement we have just said how well paid by the 7th of each month or there will be a charge of $ 25 which will mean we can prepay without penalty. Sets the interest rate, price and delivery. A couple of weeks ago, the owner went mad because we do not pay taxes. He reported that they thought was going to pay (like when you finance to launch a bank-its included in the fee) and never told us anything about it or had given an invoice. He said if we do not pay taxes by 31 going to take the building back. We've paid however, left us short for our payment. We asked if it would be nice if we pay the difference of two weeks after the due date and we would pay the last installment. (Because the cost of the tax charge on an investment but do not get the money for the 31. Should be be here in a week, we asked for two weeks to ensure that we would have the check). He started yelling about how he is not paying the bills. (That we I have all receipts) went on to say I had my x-mas lights 24 hours a day wasting electricity and how we allow the upstairs apartment to have a window open (the room becomes a very large living in that apartment a few weeks of class and truly does get extremely hot in that room, to lower the heat gets too cold in the other rooms) I informed him that none of your business. these are our projects and provided your care then who cares. So basically, pigs called us and asked if we knew how to clean. I had stones in the porch (which is next to the main road and is very difficult to keep clean) that was on my door and I like to see the inside of my house! I am very offended. He is also angry about anything you want to do. He did not want to bring a landscaper. He says the building is fine, it is not. Not even have smoke alarms in the apartments. He was angry and yelling at us in Walmart one day because we buy smoke alarms for all units. There were two dead trees in the yard (one leaning on the building) had reduced that said we were losing money. He is constantly threatening to take this place again. Are you allowed to do that? We are in the contract. Payment is made on time. with the exception of this, but still good according to the agreement as it is received by the first day of the following month. We have an appointment with our attorney, but I would like to get some opinions for my peace of mind. MedlinePlus I thought a rent to own agreement would be like buying through a bank. I do not care if you tear the place down, as long as they get their money. MedlinePlus (As a side note we did make a large down payment. Banks with whom I spoke said they like PPL have a longer history than I have only a few credit cards from a cell of a car and some student loans even though everything is good to say it was not enough that he attributed to the credit crunch)
My landlord took my cheque today for rent. I do not get paid until 6th April?1giana2012-10-19 12:33:04
I wrote a check to my home and was going to ask you to cash the check on April 5 as they do not get paid this week to the 6th. Normally going to cash the check on day 2 but sometimes too late . However, I was in the shower when the owner arrived and my partner never told to cash the check on April 5 as I asked him . She said she did not know if he still wanted it. So I tried to explain the phone rang , but he does not answer . I considered for a loan granted by the government crises , but it seems that I am unlikely that this and all other charitable donations are slow to arrive. I can not borrow money from friends or relatives and I have nothing of value to sell . I might get lucky and the owner can not process checks on Monday , but I doubt it . I was looking at the option of payday loans , could someone explain this to me ? What are my options ? ? I can ask my bank to maintain control goes to the bank or the landlord ? Argh ! I would have enough to pay more than
How do I get a used car loan if I have bad credit and no income proof?2Someone2012-10-17 01:11:02
My girlfriend put a down payment on a new car for me in 2006 . Since then I have been making all the payments and take care of car maintenance . Since then , we have broken and we would get the car in your name and mine. There are about $ 9,300 to pay the car stopped . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking to get a car loan to pay Toyota Financial Services for the rest . However, I have been paying under the table in my work over the past three years , so I can not document my income. Also, I have to pee poor credit (hence the need to put the car in your name from the beginning ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have any idea how I can get a loan ? Any hints on specific companies would be greatly appreciated .
Can you get a loan if you have bad credit and no proof of income?2SeX Machine 2012-10-22 22:52:53
I am a recent college graduate and have been working as a babysitter (paid in cash ) I need $ 2,000 by the afternoon and has no family or friends to borrow . Can anybody help ?
Can an official letter from my employer stating my income be sufficient to show proof of income for a car loan3poisoned thorn2018-07-28 02:39:37
I finance through Jeep ( Chrysler ) also my credit score is around 570. had a form of identity theft n some bills in collections , but it was worth and fixed recently. If the car is 25000 and 7500 for which I got approved?
No credit history or proof of income, chances of getting a loan?3Chet2012-11-06 05:22:02
I am a graduate student living at home with my parents , and my car is dying little by little , so I decided to buy a new one before my MOT expires next month and I have to pay hundreds to get it to pass. I have no credit cards / loans / contracts , but I have an overdraft on my student's bank account . I also work part time in a bar, but I paid cash in hand there. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I was wondering , what are my chances of getting a
How can I get an auto loan with no current proof of income and mediocre credit? I have cash as collateral..?1Arn2012-10-04 03:30:03
I have a construction company , but now they have no real proof of income I can still do a lot to cover payments . Even I have money in the bank as collateral - I just want to be partially funded building my credit . Thank you !
Getting an FHA loan after bankruptcy if no proof of rent/mortgage payments?3Rafaela2012-11-03 00:08:02
My husband and I filed for bankruptcy just over 2 years and have not acquired any new debt since. We reaffirmed our cars , that have made us pay it forward and will be paid soon. Here is my question: Our house was included in our bankruptcy and it was only on my behalf , however , we still live here because I can make one payment each month , but were told they could throw us almost any time ( the loan is 60 days late , we were told that we will drive the 120 days most likely) , but we can not afford to live here and my house is now worth $ 120,000 maybe $ 40,000. Anyway , have a student loan debt up the wazoo until after medical school , but my husband has none besides $ 3,000 left on a car loan that I have with him and he has a 690 credit score and excellent income . So we're thinking of putting a new house in his name and it seems that he should be able to be approved for an FHA mortgage , but wonders if it will be a problem , since technically do not pay a mortgage or rent payment ? I pay and is 100 % on my behalf . Other than that , he / she has enough funds for payment and obviously seeking credit . I have no fear of paying rent / mortgage will give us a hiccup .
Proof of income?0Jazmyne2012-09-11 00:46:03
Hey im getting a loan from Cash Converters and SAYSI need proof of income. What I need . I have also I need payroll bank statements . thanks

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