Do you think a landlord would rent me a place with bad credit and no proof of income but i have the money?

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Asked at 2012-10-01 01:12:02
I'll sell my mobile home for about $ 8,000 U.S. and move to Canada in about 4-6 months. MedlinePlus I have bad credit , my score is only 580 and I was young and lost some of my car note payments a few years ago and ran some small bills , but I'm working to fix it and I have not lost my new car payment in three years , but I was 60 days late once in a student loan. MedlinePlus I own my own home phone , I've been paying a lot of rent for 5 years or even more and never missed a payment MedlinePlus . I also work for myself , I just started in January , so I have no proof of income to W2 yet, but I do provide all my customers with receipts because I 'm going to claim on my tax return next year . MedlinePlus So basically if I have bad credit , but I have references from my current home , I can also provide proof of income receipts and I can pay as six months in advance for the entire lease and deposit , do you think a landlord would rent to me? MedlinePlus It would have a job at the time to be a big deal if I offer to pay only the rent in advance? MedlinePlus I hear will not rent unless you have a stable job , but if I move to another country I need time to get new clients (I'm a housewife) . MedlinePlus Thanks for the help
Answer1ARAnswered at 2012-10-15 01:45:04
If the references are in the U.S. You can ask if you live in Canada legally . His intentions sound good and offering to pay 6 months in advance might work.
Answer2aLexusAnswered at 2012-10-17 01:54:12
Of course , I would not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How can he get a visa to live in Canada in the first place? It's not like you can just move there. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You will not have sureties on his legal jurisdiction, and looks set to be an illegal alien too. You will not find a decent place that will have to be a dump .
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