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How long must someone have a record in Credit Bureau to get a car loan?0Rubaik2012-10-01 00:04:03
My daughter applied for a loan at a Toyota dealership and was told I had to be in the office for 3 years. She has perfect credit and had been on the table for 1 1/2 years. Is this something Toyota , or not true at all ?
How long will a collection agency contact you before they report to credit bureau?0Ariadne2012-10-14 05:03:01
OK , here it is in a nutshell. We have about 4 collection agencies wanting us money . We have no problem making payments to pay . From now are not on our credit report . And I really do not want them in our credit. So ..... my question is how long they will contact us before just reported on our credit and / or if you set the payments still appears ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Old Cable bill MedlinePlus 2. online payday loan MedlinePlus 3. bank account closed (due to overdrafts online loan ) MedlinePlus Thanks for any help .
How long does bad credit record stay in your file nowadays? in OZ?1faruk2012-09-07 07:15:02
Hi , I just want to know how long bad credit record will remain on your record these days with the economic crisis happening in Australia ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a company credit card for $ 2000 , but I've been abroad for some time . MedlinePlus I want to know if after they returned from bad credit history of my file or will stay put there and how long until ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also want to get a home loan through a provider can finance some providers for people with bad credit. I heard there is a period of seven years for bad credit to remain on file , but do not know if that's true . 7 years still not for me, I could not make a first payment in 2006 and now is 2009 . only three years have passed , but I wonder if you can still get help with funding within the period of seven years or have to wait up to 7 years is up ?
How long does a traffic ticket stay on the driving record?22022-06-06 07:39:14
How long does a traffic ticket stay on the driving record?22022-06-06 07:42:59
My credit scores are 585 & 656 on 2 of 3 credt bureau. Can I still get a car loan?0ms kay2012-10-08 08:35:08
Hello , MedlinePlus I have a Toyota Corolla 96, I give as trade and see if I could get a newer vehicle / better. I just checked my credit score before doing anything and when I have 585, I have another 656 and the third was " inconclusive " because the story does not ( ? ) I wonder if you still qualify for a car loan ? Is there anyone who understands this and what advice do you have for me ? MedlinePlus Thank you.
If I apply for an auto loan at a car dealership, which credit bureau do they usually pull my credit score from0dukegirl2012-10-14 00:47:45
I just got my credit score from all three bureaus are: MedlinePlus TransUnion : 697 MedlinePlus Experian : 702 MedlinePlus Equifax : 689 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I hope they pull my Experian score ! Will I be able to enjoy a good if I go to the dealership for a new car ?
Is it legal for a credit union to loan money and not have to report it to a credit bureau?3Munira2012-09-28 21:34:03
I just received my credit report and found my car loan and a revolving loan I have through a local credit union are not there . I went in and asked and was told not to report today but may in the future . My problem is that all credit is good that I have to me at the moment . Is it legal for them not to report ? Do I have options on what else could I do ? I think I still owe too much money on my car to refinance elsewhere. anyones help would be greatly appreciated! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
My credit scores are 591,511,and 588 from each bureau. I am trying to either get a habitat home or a FHA loan?0@bby **2012-09-01 09:08:04
soon. I have to get my kids in a bad neighborhood . I paid a lot of debt and have the following left: MedlinePlus $ 800 in a checking account overdraft ( ex-husband ) MedlinePlus Repo car $ 4000 ( ex-husband ordered to pay and I can not find it) I'm paying $ 30.00 a month and that 's fine with the collection agency MedlinePlus MedlinePlus old $ 600 cable bill MedlinePlus Ok I have 2 cc of first premier ( I 'm not sure ) and I keep the balance low and profitability every month ... What else I can do to get to 625-650 in the shortest amount of time ?
Can we sue the credit bureau?6B.B2012-11-05 02:59:02
My husband ordered their annual credit report from all three bureaus . We realized something was wrong when two of the credit bureaus ( Equifax and TransUnion ) refused to show their online report shows that verification was needed , or had the option to request the report via email . Experian showed us a report , but it was my husband . My husband had mixed and the stories of his father credit. My husband is 22 and the report says he was born in 1955 . He has over 15 years accounts for most accounts very high NPL balance ( over 40 accounts ) . None of which were opened by my husband . I asked two other reports by mail and TransUnion agencies sent me a proper report but Equifax said that either had not presented sufficient identification or my husband had no record in the file (which should not ever applied for credit because itself ). The action you have taken so far is to mail a letter from Experian dispute in which I identified each account individually and told them it was not his debt and that debt was his father, who has a very similar name . As documents I sent a copy of the report from TransUnion , which is correct , an extension of its license , a Form W -2, and a pay stub . Of course I wrote the letter as my husband . I sent him three weeks ago and have had no response . What should I do now . This " error" has led us to be denied by apartments , cell phones , and home loans . We're stuck if this is not corrected
Too many Inquires on my Credit Bureau?0Risa2012-11-01 20:51:03
I found out recently when I opened a new checking account that I refused checks institution because of my credit bureau shows that I have too many inquiries in a short period of time ! I looked at the history and we learned that last summer , while I bought a new car and the dealer was trying to find funding for me ... they sent more than 10 financial lending institutions . And they all showed up on my credit bureau . And that is very bad . But , although it did get a car loan ... I did not know it would affect my story --- so far. I was told by my bank that there are a number of queries allowed to register with the credit bureau . How long should I wait until I try to re-apply for the credit ? The bank's partner said that I have a very good rating , however , investigations are too high ... not fair ! And I'm trying to re- establish good credit in some way ... help ...
Can i get a car loan on a limited credit record?0Nipps 2012-09-01 19:56:02
I have a credit card with a limit of $ 700 from Bank of America for the past three months to pay the balance each month and have a checking / savings for more than two years with this bank here in Arizona. I have $ 3,000 in my savings and growth .. Would you be able to establish sufficient credit in six months in order to justify a car loan of about $ 10,000 on a used car rather new (2005-07) with an initial payment of about $ 4000? i make about $ 20,000 a year . a co -signer is out of the question since my parents have very bad credit . if not how long should I wait to get a loan so great for me and what would be the best way to establish my credit to do so?

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