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Financial worries.?0TETE2012-09-23 22:00:01
I'm working on a Recreation Center and am trying to consolidate my bills . I have a Mortgage , credit card bills , student loans , a dog and weekly expences life. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the best way to go about doing altogether? Thank you very much for the help received .
Financial worries.?3clint2012-09-15 15:26:05
Financial worries . ? I'm working on a Recreation Center and am trying to consolidate bills. I have a mortgage , credit card bills , student loans , a dog and living expences weekly . I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how best to go about doing altogether? Thank you very much for the help received .
Financial worries - UK answers only?2Isaias g2012-09-30 14:45:02
I owe
My boss wants me to become a partner in his business. But his financial advice worries me.?2Bhupendra2012-11-03 10:24:01
My boss owns his business and wants me to become his partner . I like the work I do and see an opportunity to make money from it , but its " financial advice " seems horrible. Does this make him a bad person to partner ? Your suggestions to save money : (1) leave my private health insurance , (2) reducing the auto insurance coverage to liability , and (3) cash in my IRA to pay off my debt - a shame tax of 43 % instead of the 5% tax deductible home loan participation took to consolidate. These seem , to me, to be one of the worst financial decisions you could make . To me, they are dangerous and represent a " live for today " . I think that doing these things would be financially irresponsible and play with my future . Failure to pay taxes ( business cash ) , do not use banks , checking customer receipts in a cash check not reported , recorded home and vehicles on behalf of his wife out of state , and pays me under the table . Am I crazy for even considering your offer?
Would this be some kind of fraud? It worries me.?2Scottland2012-10-27 08:33:02
We are trying to get a mortgage approval signed by NY mortgage assistance status . We already had a conventional loan approved by our bank , but the conditions are not as good - a higher interest rate and closing costs , ie MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus The conventional loan allows us to borrow our own car insurance (we have no car payments now ) and the use of the deposit . However, it appears that the mortgage does not allow this NY . MedlinePlus My husband thinks I can just take the loan , the loan check to give to his mom , and then have your "gift " back to us ( the gifts are acceptable sources of down payment on the mortgage NY ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sounds like fraud to me. I do not like it. I know I 'm taking out the loan to use as a down payment . I think it would be very obvious that gave it to her and she gave it back to us . I do not think I want to let him do it . Does anyone know or have any advice ? And does anyone know why I can not use my property as collateral to secure the conventional loan ? :-/
How should I resolve my money worries?1Jeniffer2012-10-04 08:06:02
My husband has been out of work for almost a year in and out , and as a result, arrived last July procedures to take possession of our house and my car , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been in a Scottish Trust Deed since October 2007 and now lives in rented accommodation , which is quite expensive , however , my husband lost his job again and we have been struggling - so much so that we have resorted to obtaining of payday loans to cover basic expenses such as food, bills , etc. we currently have 3 payday loans out for about
I have found out how much money worries he has now...?0Jamar2012-10-19 16:26:28
Hi all, MedlinePlus Last week I sent a message here are my partners money problems and I did not know how much was really up to the eyeballs so to speak . MedlinePlus Well , the weekend just gone , prepared a spreadsheet with all exceptional , and I can say I was totally shocked to see what was in all. MedlinePlus It has 6 credit cards, totaling around
Identity theft worries please help ease my mind!?0Pebbles2012-10-10 13:56:08
Ok .. so I have 23 years and now I'm working full time and saving money to think much about the new big problem out there - Identity theft MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, I have excellent credit, no debt , I am able to get a loan if you ever need it , have savings , etc. . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , when I was 12 years old (11 years ago ) I was cleaning my room and threw my SIN card away ! My mom went crazy and I had to get a new card but could not get a new number . ... Years have passed with nothing funny , no phone calls from collectors , no bank or credit problems , etc. .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Only I have this paranoid fear that someone out there has my SIN card ... Do you think we should be worried after all these years? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I pulled the card, remember what I put in my school agenda in the plastic holder for cards and I threw the book away .. was like a little booklet , palm size .
$700B to buy toxic loans from financial intitutions? Who is going to repay that tax payers or financial instit?0seena2012-10-10 05:11:33
Not your typical financial institutions were approving loans left and right , even to people they knew could not pay and make a lot of money . Now that you have those toxic bad loans where no more money to be thrown out , taxpayers are forced to buy them ? I'm trying to understand what is going on , please correct me if I'm wrong and explain ! ! MedlinePlus thanks
How do i get a financial consulting firm where they can offer me financial services and loans for a business?0eek2012-11-03 18:41:55
how do i get a financial consulting firm where they can offer me financial services and loans for a business plan of mine which will help humanity a great deal.
PLEASE HELP. Will financial aid office accept my petition to request reinstatement of financial aid?0Kayln2012-10-06 15:37:09
My university district began in January 2010 and decided to take two online courses because I decided to move to another city (2 hours away) to help my sister to pay her apartment (her boyfriend forgot to pay his share of the rent is $ 750 and escaped ... he's been in jail and is back in jail ... long story ....) I could not afford to give money for her to pay the rent because he was short of money, so by so he decided to move into her apartment to prevent homelessness. I had a good job in my school work and left to live with my sister thinking I can find a job right away .... Turns out I could not find a part time job since 12/10 and it's been a little over 3 months ... I dealt with a lot of stress especially the fact that he could not get a job (even mcd .... I have a good record of experience working in both countries), my sister ridiculous drama, and major depression related to my first reason .... I was able to withstand much of the income and food for 2-3 months with my school loans, but once I started running out of my sister and I got into a situation where I did not know where we were going to live the next month ... We moved from his apartment because of his desire to leave .... She found a convenient place to his friends and told me to go find a place to live .... What right sister? Now I live in someone's home (rent HomeShare pay for a room) and PPL here are all living on unemployment. All this causes stress to do bad this quarter ... I know my reasons are not related to health and should be thankful that I'm not sick or anything, but I really do not want to lose my financial aid eligibility .... .. I finally got a job and I start in two days .... Until yesterday, I was depressed and cried at least 3 times a week thinking I'm useless to society or something, because I could not find a job even in a d mc or subway ... Being sad and all for not being able to find a job and not have a stable lifestyle led me into depression again about my father abandoning his family when he was 15 .... I know most of you will say they suck but everything bad in my past and my present problems to address both just hit me so deep that it has been difficult to obtain for myself ... I thought about going to see a psychiatrist, but I have no money .. I was in a very dangerous .... I'm glad you did not do anything crazy myself ... I also live in Washington (I moved here a year ago ...) and weather also makes me depressed from the crappy weather .... My grades out soon and I have a feeling that will receive less than a quarter average of 2.0 .... If less than 2.0 me, I'll definitely lose my financial aid ..... Do I have a chance to get some kind of grace and get financial help to continue my education? We really need loans to pay rent, so I have a roof over my head ...... Do you think financial aid office at my school accept my request? Thanks for reading and post a comment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Information about me: I have 23 years, have no criminal bg, speak two languages, and I have great work experience.
Will financial aid office accept my petition to request reinstatement of financial aid?0confused2012-09-03 17:29:02
Keep things short ... MedlinePlus * I took two online courses in January , leaving my quarter notes in two days , and I think that my gpa quarter will be less than 2.0 ... which means that I will lose financial aid MedlinePlus * I moved to another city to help my sister with her financial problems (apartment ) . If it did , it would have been homeless now . MedlinePlus * I have lived my college loans in the job search MedlinePlus * I could not find employment for about 4 months ... I went through depression for not being able to find a job , to be completely broken , not sure if I'll have a roof over my head or not next month ... ... I applied everywhere ...... finally got a part time job yesterday ... MedlinePlus * I wanted to go see a pshchiatrist (sorry for the mistake sp ) because the mind was about to go crazy about being depressed , but had no money for that ... I could not concentrate on my studies because I held the job application and are worried about where I will live and be depressed ......

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