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Should I ask my boss to lie for me on a credit application for a car?0his2012-09-30 17:56:02
The credit card company wants to make more money than me. Not considered income because my boyfriend are not married and your credit is so bad to be on the loan. Now I have the car, now they want a letter from my boss saying to do more than they actually do. If my boss says yes , great. But I do not want to see me as unethical.
Help! Im filling out an application for a loan and my boss said he doesnt mind being my reference?1Thembi2012-09-10 05:12:02
Im doing my online application and the address where you live is required. No I have to I can only address where work instead?
Will my boss fire me? How do I deal with a boss that is way too strict?3Graciela Ayala2012-10-27 05:59:04
Do you think my boss will fire me tomorrow? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have to be in this job for a company event for 10 weeks. It has to be easy and the boss is very strict and miserable. How I can get her out of my back , I have 22 years and it's my first job? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. I arrived late - but it was not my fault , I did not know how long it will take you to travel . My boss says I should of checked , that should tell you when I said I have to leave. MedlinePlus 2. The second time was late was not my fault . I forgot to bring the equipment needed until I had got on the train to London . My boss found another company in London , which could lend the team , but I missed going to Camden to pick it up and so I was late to work in Greenwich . MedlinePlus 3. The third edition of my boss has is that I forgot a little piece of my team on another day , I was really pissed off about it . MedlinePlus 4. My boss asked me to send a text to say that I arrived at the hotel when I go, she says this is for security reasons , you must know where your staff . But we often forget and then she phones me angry . MedlinePlus 5. My boss expects me to kiss **** with every customer , even if they are not well . If I dont get angry and goes on the needs of each client and the company is struggling , it's not my fault you do not have a good business .
The boss has made a personal loan to an employee. Can the boss ask for the employee check to be held?4Pengu2012-10-04 20:20:03
The boss wants the employee to reach it for the paycheck so he can cash it and get some money from the employee . Is this legal ?
In trying to find a payday loan online all i do is fill out application after application. HELP!?1aditi2022-07-13 20:48:29
I took out a loan and now can not pay medical bills bc letting in bad debt. I do not know what to do . I need another loan , but I have no credit . so you can not get an actual loan . However, all payday loans online only take me an application after application ... I never landed in the finals to get the loan . .... What should I do ? ?
Will a car loan application affect a future mortgage application?0Lorie S.2012-11-04 21:14:34
We are thinking of buying a car with a bank loan or through a dealership. We will also be buying a new house in about 6 months. Will buying this car through a loan lower our credit score or the mortgage application or increase the interest or anything like that?
What should i do about my "boss"?1Leila2012-09-29 17:50:03
Ive been working on my work for a year or only a little less than a year. I really wanted to work here until recently. My boss me and my husband is really close and sometimes visit together. My boss secostrated (can not get loans anywhere) your first business debtor into bankruptcy. He needed help with some money I borrowed for him from 9000 and the agreement was that I can pay every month except for my salary as I still do the job for him. A few months later I got a contract for a cell phone to his wife because she really wanted and would let naging so I felt the bed. All payments way to the loan and the money were made for the 1st 2 months and never an excuse to not have money now, but will pay the next month after Dubble, never happend .... so this month his wife entered the store, manage and lead and began to go over there, not very good money in the store and she needs the money and I have to call customers and from day to come prevoiuse to pay. 5 minutes later and a customer came to pay and she accepted the money. Ontop of all loand did for me not paying my full salary and Saud as soon as a customer comes to pay if I take you to my salary pending. Never happen to his wife took the money and across the street and went to buy sweets for children and clothes herself with money from the shops and the money that was mine by right. I left him and gave him the benefit of the doubt, now his Antil halfway to the end of the month and still not paid me and I NEEX to pay the bills. Saturday we had a falling out about money that is not writen and invoices for customers or people who wernt writen PAYD, but was not spoken. Normaly mind going there, because as the head of your problem, but where the state has said no money, but his wife goes and spends money on nonsense and say that my money I think I have more than enough about what is going on! I run to the store and never here.
I know more than my boss....?0Kell2012-10-03 09:35:59
So I've been working on this bank and for the nine months ( or mind I have no previous banking experience ) , and my previous manager was fired after like 3 months of my work here . So we had no manager forever , and I had to learn very fast ( because I'm the only teller / FSR here) . So he hired a branch manager and she has been working here for four months as I like , but this really bothers me that she even called my manager , when I do everything in this branch . In fact , he told me that everything in my responsibilitynow operations . So now I'm in charge of the ATM , vault , cables , opening accounts, tellering , answer the phone . The only thing I do not, however , is that consumer credit (which is sent to training soon. ) And now she told me that even going to do the audits .. lol I said I wanted to be paid as a manager (very good ) but also said he has to start doing the job before being promoted. I just need some advice , thanks .
What should i do about my "boss"?1Dr2012-10-07 11:28:03
Hi all, MedlinePlus Ive been working at this job for a little less than a year, my boss and my husband and I have become good friends and met occasionally for visits. MedlinePlus I loved working here until recently. MedlinePlus About six months when I've worked here my boss approached me and asked if I would make a loan to the business on behalf of him, because he can not make loans anywhere due to being kidnapped. I made a loan to him from 9000 to the company to enable per share at the end of the day put the tires on your car with that money. I did not know until recently, when I found a sheet with the date and the amount. we agreed that he would pay my salary as Time'm still working for him over his monthly amount for the loan. then asked me if I would like to have a contract for a cell phone to his wife and at the same verbal contract applied in that direction. MedlinePlus During the first two months the payment was made, but then stopped. he said he had no money and pay double next month, but he did not. MedlinePlus I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let it slide until last week. (I also paid in full) MedlinePlus his wife came into the store to launch an attack there was no money in the store and that I should call my customers to pay immediately. Firstly there is the head and the "boss" was not even in the store. The agreement was that because he did not give me my full salary when i customer comes to pay what I can take that money to the outstanding amount of my salary. MedlinePlus 5 minutes later, a customer came to pay and his wife to the cashier and left, went across the road into a shop and bought clothes and sweets for the children, but has no money to pay me ... MedlinePlus I run the shop because all the books and see how the money goes in and out. usually will not say anything about his wife having money, but because it's my money I think I have more than enough right to say something, so I did and I had a huge drop in my head, where I actually said no im the boss And I have to say about it. And I told him if my money so I have confused more than enough to say. MedlinePlus So now it is your talking to me and not even look at me when we're in the same room. MedlinePlus I am very upset and hurt that I go beyond what my job actually is and out of my way to a friend. MedlinePlus I do not know what to do because I'm so scared that I dismissed without reason or his wife comes in here and starts yelling and screaming about this story. Not because I'm scared of it, but what I could do. im so angry right now I could do something I regret. MedlinePlus So what I can do? MedlinePlus Please help!
How do I get my boss to pay me back?1maria mendez2012-08-09 10:25:02
I lent my boss $ 1000 for almost a year. We agreed she would pay me $ 25 a month to pay for this. She gave me a check for $ 50 for 2 months he missed and then told me to wait for the check and she said when it was safe to cash . That day never came. Since then gave me $ 25 and nothing else. How do I tactfully tell her to start paying me back my money without damaging our relationship work ?
Question about becoming my own boss?0Angel Eyes2012-11-03 15:37:36
For a while now I have been thinking of opening my own restaurant. The city I live in ( Louisville, KY) all ready has all the restaurant you can think of. I thought that would be the cheapest buisness to open. Now I'm not sure. Then me and hubby thought about a skating rank. We look up some info on the web and found out that the average start up cost for that is a million dollars. Now I'm thinking of an internet buisness. That way I can stay home with my children. Now I'm looking for information on starting up an internet buisness. First of all do you pay taxes on it? Is it cheaper then starting a regular buisness? Also have any of you bought one of those online stores? You know the kind that is prestoked and you just pay like $40. I live in poverty and don't have any saving. Neither me or my husband have good credit. I don't see us having a good chance at getting a loan. Any ways thanks for your help in adavnce.
What is the etiquette for borrowing your boss' car?6hotsuz212012-08-29 14:53:16
A friend of mine sent me a link to the story where a woman paid dearly Ferrari boss . "She ended up crashing because she was driving too fast . I was not hurt but the car is totaled and the boss was furious understandable. < Br > How have you handled your boss gives his / her car ?

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