Can a higher paying job change the chance of you getiing a higher loan amount? related questions

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Can a higher paying job change the chance of you getiing a higher loan amount?1Happyy4uu2012-11-03 04:45:01
Had a lower paid job when I applied for a car loan at my bank , but I recently just got a new job that pays twice as my old job . I wonder if it is possible that my bank will consider a loan amount greater than before due to my new job . thanks
How can i sell my car with a loan amount higher than what its worth?0Mariz2012-11-05 04:29:23
I have a car on a loan that i cant afford to make payments on. the loan is higher than what the car is worth. is there a way i could sell it or any options on what i should do? i want to try to get another car with way lower payments than what i have now.
Car dealer wants to change the terms of the loan, more down payment, higher interest rate. Can I decline?1hinanit2012-08-22 06:11:05
the new terms and return the car ? What are my options ? I have had the car for two weeks , had money in a trade and not down. Please help . Thank you.
Can I request an auto loan amount that is higher than what I paid for the car?0Emmaline2012-10-06 07:38:05
Hi all - I just bought my first car for $ 13,900 many CarMax . They initially settled with its high rate financing because someone else was interested in the car and I had no time to pursue other options . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fortunately , the credit union at our corporate campus offers a low interest rate (5.5 % ) , auto loans to employees of our company . So now I'm working in refinancing loans through them . My question is - when I fill out the paperwork at the credit union , I can borrow ? Which is $ 1,000 on the total cost of $ 13,900 paid for the vehicle? Their form says finance up to 115% of the value of Kelly Blue Book , and $ 13,900 is well below that. If they approve the loan , the credit is only given me I can deposit a check so I can write my personal check to CarMax ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm working hard to find cash for a down payment on a house I'm in love , and this extra money could really help . I appreciate all your answers and advice. Thank you !
Can you use rental income to qualify for a higher amount on a FHA loan?1Muhammad2012-10-24 06:01:02
My husband and I are planning to buy a home with an FHA loan . My mom is going to live with us and would like to use your rental income for qulaify more money without putting her on the loan ( your credit is bad ) . In other words, you can rent a room for her and use your money as rental income and still stay under the guidelines to be owner-occupied ?
Repaying a loan - Is it possible to pay back a higher amount than the monthly plan?0Accounting Buff2012-09-30 12:56:04
I'm still not a student in college and want to carry out a small
Repaying a loan - Is it possible to pay back a higher amount than the monthly plan?2Francine Patton2012-11-05 13:36:02
I am a student not yet in college and want to take a small
If your income is tax-free do you qualify for a higher mortgage amount?0m1ng / 陌㈤2012-08-21 07:23:02
I get disability that is tax free . All mortgage affordability calculators assume to pay taxes on my income . I would buy a house because the mortgage would be cheaper than renting outrageous here . I do not want to move because I'm finally getting the care they need and are supported here . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does the fact that my income is tax-free to help me get a higher mortgage amount . Since my income is low I need all you can qualify. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would qualify for a VA loan . I have no debts , but the money saved is not much .
Is it illegal for a realtor to write a home purchase for a higher amount than what the house was purchased 4?1Cady2012-09-22 13:21:02
My company Realty and Title Agency wrote to my purchase of a home in 132,000, when in fact only paid 117,000 (full amt of loan you borrowed ) . Then there is a line between these two figures that says CASH : 15,000. I do not understand what is happening here . I was a home buyer first time I had a mortgage broker who never secured my loan when I gave the house to go shopping . 2 1/2 months and 1 day before I had to close on the house , she called me and said he needed more 6k down payment . It was open to my research credit from banks for over 2 months and my credit score dropped from 730 to 560 and nobody would give me a loan at that time. My real estate agent and then took me to another mortgage company that gave me the worst loan but they said I had to take because it was required by law to buy the house . This is where the numbers purchase / loan / box come up . I know this is a lot of information , but I wonder if there is anything I can do or anyone I can sue?
My Husband Refuses to See that He Needs to TRY and get a Higher Paying Job?1edi2012-11-03 19:47:02
"Budget Alone" will not take charge of our serious financial problems. What should I do? We have been married for four years, we took home about $ 35K COMBINED last year and have 4 children (we have finished having children BTW) and I have been in sales all the time we've been married and have reached the point where I can not do it anymore. I work three different jobs as do sales (which pays very low), a home business biscuits and am trying to make an online business to build something for our family. My husband works the night audit four days a week in a hotel and earn $ 11.00 per hour without benefits. He comes home and stays with the two smaller babies during the day. It has been so throughout the marraige and is starting to get out that he feels to dump everything out of it (for example, children), while leaving to "pursue my dreams!" Get real, I do not want to work well! I want to at least try to make around 50,000 a year in a job that he likes, but he always makes excuses that he really is not going to like this, that and the other and it would be just another job for him. He has been working on a science fiction novel about 14 years and has had the perfect opportunity to finish it because it works the night shift, but always makes excuses it gets too busy and need motivation, etc, etc. Also, I know for a fact that you have several hours at night, where there is nothing to do. I can say that I hate more every day because I work more and more just to get and build the business and see that I do not care about the family. It so happened that now is being garnished 15% of his salary to pay for their college loans and also owes the IRS around 8K. We have to live with his mother because even we can support, but I really do not think he cares enough to actually try to do more. My attitude is that if there is a good job and then create one, but that's another problem ... believe completely different from each other?? HELP ..
Paying off mortgage faster without higher payments?1stanly2012-08-26 21:30:17
I've heard of this, but I have not checked yet. I'm hearing that there are several different ways to pay off my mortgage faster . I have read a good summary of it here: I am new to this so I was wondering if anyone else has found this. I learned that GMAC does not offer a loan of acceleration, but not directly. Looks like a great idea.
I do qualify for a VA home loan, is it possible to get approved for a higher loan amount?0tiffy2012-09-17 10:24:03
I made these " mortgage calculators " , most of them say I can pay between 140,000 and 165,000 ... however Im watching the house is 180,000. I wondered if it would be possible , since it is a secured loan to be approved for more .... thank you!

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