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Advanced maths - loan repayments?1~Proch~2012-10-16 16:33:02
2. A store credit provides a $ 3,000 sound system with no refund for 6 months . If interest is 14.5 % p.a. and the loan is paid back over two years , the amount is calculated MedlinePlus one . credit due to teh after 6 months, just before the first repayment MedlinePlus b. of each monthly
Maths Homework Help: Loan Repayments?1T.2012-09-29 17:41:02
Amotisation a loan . MedlinePlus Initial debt is a mortgage with monthly payments of $ 900 for 25 years at 7 % pa compounded monthly . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Maths help!! - to do with series and interest repayments?0Sutina2012-09-07 08:54:02
A loan
Two pretty basic maths questions but my maths is terrible and struggle with basic maths could you please help?0George2012-09-13 05:24:03
1. Please answer the following numerical questions : You have been asked to discuss a credit line with a client and have requested
Where do I send my loan repayments (federal) when I need to start making repayments?0Curiti2012-09-10 23:37:02
Payments begin in November , where I send federal loan payments ? My plan is to pay using checks , also , does anyone know how to make your lenders know plans to consolidate and capitalize the interest ?
Where I can I find an advanced loan amortization calculator?0barbie2012-08-09 02:29:03
I need a loan amortization calculator or spreadsheet that will allow the gradual entry of payments (eg , 12 months at $ 50 followed by 36 months, etc. @ $ 100). I'm trying to chart and graph in a schedule of payment of my student loans. Online calculators I have found only allow entry of a set of payments.
Will you go to jail if you don't if you don't pay back a cash advanced payday loan?0Forsythe2012-09-02 02:05:05
I have this loan over the Internet and call loans is a loan advanced GFS cashday and was $ 200, but they charged me $ 80 to get $ 200 .. Podunk sounds like a place for me ... so they are not from here are like seas , or something ... their number begins with 044 something ... but I do not fax or signing anything that everything was on the phone and I only gave them my ACCT checks and deduct it from there .... I will not return the money cuz I think it was a scam anyway and they gave me the number to call back a certain num fake at first and I wanted to cancel but the representative gave me a fake number , what would you do ? what might happen to me if I'm not going to return to jail for that? ? ? ? I think not , but I need some help with this ...
Can you go to jail for not paying back a cash advanced payday loan?4Bailey2012-11-02 07:34:03
Can you go to jail for not paying a cash loan payday advance?
How to calculate effective APR (advanced)?0Bree-Bree2012-09-30 12:58:02
I'm doing a project where I'm trying to provide an accurate calculator for April with given inputs , such as loan amount , interest rate , the additional costs and the number of payments using an Excel spreadsheet . I solved the formula using the Newton-Raphson method to 100 times , as I realized this should give me a fairly accurate answer . However, when I type in the initial conditions in an April online calculator banks like RBS , Halifax , etc , my APR is slightly different by 0.01 % , but my monthly payments may vary from tens of pounds . Could someone tell me where I'm going wrong ? MedlinePlus Please do not say "well, this is how complicated," I know it , I have college-level math for me :) MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
ADVANCED AUTO LENDING.COM ?1samuel-322012-09-10 01:21:03
I 'm on the web for all these car loan companies car - offering approval car loans - no credit, no credit , bankruptcy , etc. .. Is there a catch of these loans ? Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you !
Advanced series problems?0Daphne2012-10-14 18:26:02
1. Three numbers a, b, c are the sum is 15 successive terms of a GP, b , a, c are successive periods of one A.P. Find a, b ​​, c. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. An ant walks along a straight path . After traveling 1 meter stops, turns through an angle of MedlinePlus of 90
How do I cope with feeling like I'm behind in my life? Why is everyone so much more advanced than me?1 ﹏ 1s. Black Tang herbicides? 2012-10-16 08:18:02
I 'm 25 with a college degree , and I feel like I've accomplished nothing ! People younger than me are married, have children , have good jobs , debt free, own home , went abroad , had fun adventures, like snow skiing and water skiing. They have new , luxury cars , luxury paid . No one and nothing is stopping them . Just a great success . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here I have a title . I'm in a lot of student loans and other debts (Hurricane Katrina is to blame ) . My degree is in Spanish , and I'm still not fluent . After failing to find a job , the new car I had, has repossessed . My credit score is probably the lowest of the low. Too many people have destroyed my life and taken advantage of me , and special opportunities taken away from me . The family is the main culprit because you threaten your money and then beat you up , make lies about you , try to get you arrested , and worse . I've been traumatized and protected all my life . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus People tell me I should not work , better not get pregnant if I had a boyfriend who was saying something away from me . My personal life is not fair . I have been harassed and abused my whole life . And I have to suffer for what has been taken from me ! I have unjustly gotten into trouble because of people taking advantage of me . I have a mental disability . I do not live on the street or thug life . I just stay home . As far as jobs go , I have many skills , I can not stand up for more than 30 minutes , the employers refuse to hire me because of my tics .

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