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(18 year old) Giving up a part of the fun & comfort now in order to pursue a more rewarding & exciting future?0MSepooh2012-09-30 08:08:04
OK, so my situation is this ... I have 18 years, only in the community college, still living with my parents, which is a combination of suburban and agricultural land, a hermit (no friends at this time), but I like to think I'm a such as-able, no money or job, but I took a loan, and my parents are paying for the first two years, so far I'm doing pretty good except ... is hard for me to get out and meet new people when I'm trying not to myself digging a financial hole ... I spent most of my time playing drums (I've gotten pretty good), and reading / writing of school ... and of course, I'm taking fully online to save gas. I really enjoy going out and meeting new people, I know I am friendly and fun to be with my anxiety when they get the best of me (mild), but at the same time I feel like there r more pressing issues to be addressed at this time. .. like getting the hell out of my parents' house! haha. is difficult to meet new kids, if not its surrounded by them, I'm just going to admit it, but I imagine that if I focus on my school and my career goals now (that's another story), after two years you can transfer to a university where there is much more at stake. If things turn out well, and buckle down for the next two years, I will have the financial freedom to splurge a little and play with other children and do normal things like get drunk college my ***, and be harassed by police lol ... umm ... You think I'm making a big mistake? Should be enjoying life right * now *? ... I have no friends to talk about this with je. I feel like I'm missing something, but on the same note, I'm excited to have a better future. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thnx in advance for your answers! and I hope you do not mind if I repost this question.
Husbands ex wife using 21 and 15 year old sons to guilt trip him into giving her more money.?2Gonzales2012-09-06 03:11:03
My husband has 2 children ages 21 and 15 with his former wife. They have been divorced for 6 years and has significant financial problems (after the mortgage , car payment , taxes , etc). My husband pays half of your take home pay each month in child support and alimony .... but never enough. He has helped by paying all medical expenses (though it is supposed to pay 50 %) buying all the clothes and funded children 18 months of college for their oldest son, who could not be bothered working and abandoned without a single credit. This child will not work too and they are just looking for handouts from my husband .... if my husband refuses to her eldest son refuses to see him and says he's deadbeat dad . He paid his car loan too. The youngest son is a hard worker and was doing very well in school , but now he is resentful because his mother is telling him that if his father helped him more, then we would not be in this financial mess and he thinks and says now his father does not want to go out with him unless he helps her mother more. I do not know what to do .... who loves his children and wants them to be good. Not your fault that your mother is so bad , but how long can this go on . I'm starting to resent too. I have 2 girls in college that I would like help from time to time but can not because his ex and her son are like parasites. Ex wife also bad mouths me to anyone who will listen. Why so bitter? She wanted a divorce not my husband and I was not so why are so angry with me and my husband. Thanks for any help with this.
How does a 18 year old establish credit, in order to take out a private student loa?0Agatha2012-10-26 08:57:48
Im 18 years old, just graduated high school . I'm going to college soon , and I will have to ask for a private student loan . How I can do this without credit ?
What do you consider to be a fun, rewarding and financially stable career?0sadf2012-11-03 04:17:50
I'm a senior in high school considering my options. I'm not the best student, but I earnestly will do my best college forward. Currently I'm considering an engineering major and an economics minor. I like science, but math applied science has scared me in the past, but I'm gonna work on that. I tolerate math and am alright at it. I love English with a passion :) and history too. I dabbled in a graphic arts course and to be honest, was bored. I hated proportion work. Anywho. What are jobs that are rewarding, fun, creative and helpful towards humanity but will also pay those pesky student loans?
Conquer the exciting air race with drift boss0keithanderson2021-10-22 03:09:29
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My friend has student loans to repay, any words of comfort?0Kd2012-11-02 09:48:40
I have a friend (no, really I do) who has at least $150,000+ in student loans to pay back. The job she's working at doesn't pay her enough; she has enough to pay her bills, but she lives at home. I feel so bad for her because she's getting depressed and I don't know what to tell her anymore. I didn't take out loans for college, so I can't understand what she's going through. She's put them on forbearance but this is the last time she can do it and then she's going to go into default. They're wanting $800 a month from her, but there's no way she can survive on that and pay bills. What would you tell her, or for those of you who have student loans to pay back what do you suggest I tell her?
Why is everyone mad at the government giving the big 3 money, but completely fine with giving trillions to ban?0Ritsha2012-11-03 11:31:41
I mean I understand why banks are absolutely essential for any economy. But I feel the fact that the ceo's of these companies just taking the governments money and paying themselves is kinda BS. I don't think a 30 million dollar bonus is deserved for bankrupting your company, especially if the money could be used to pay off bad debts. And the big banks still are not filling out their required services such as loans as promised. But then. . . People flip when they find out the big 3 get a much much smaller hand out when the ceo's slash their own pay and have all these requirements and an industry that not only supports working class people but entire regions of the the US. So I was wondering why everyone hates on the BIG 3 Ceo's but applaud wall street
I am a 22 year old female... i went to u of h i took 21 hrs this semester in order to graduate this semester?0Keni2012-10-11 19:29:15
I passed all my classes , but ... i missed the cut off my ad 3 points .. i talk to the teacher now to see what I can do to get the D I have to go .. but my other problem is that I owe the school $ 23,000 .. i dnt have the money for him and for that I can not get a loan because my parents and I have bad credit due to lack of payments during Hurricane Katrina , when we lost our house ... So now I owe $ 23,000 to the school .. I have 10,000 in credit card debt .. and got into an accident three months ago without insurance and my car is $ 5000 damges someone hit me in the back .. well that after this semester i moved back home to New Orleans to live with my parents , in order to get a job and try to get my life under control ... but now I can not find a job .. I mean there are jobs out there , but none that pay a lot of money ... I feel like a failure .. i .. lost 4.5 years in college for nothing .. im sooo depressed .. everything I do now u is stay in my room and watch TV .. I want to die . . i dnt want to live .. please someone help me and say what I have to do to take control of my life .. please help me
Last year I have taken Home loan from SBI under Max gain, can I make part repayment of loan.?0sefako2012-10-03 11:47:05
Last year I made mortgage loans under SBI Max gain , I can do partial repayment of the loan . ?
Should I switch from part repayment/part interest only mortgage & surrender endowments to pay off loans etc?0Ippy2012-10-07 11:27:06
I have a mortgage payment that is part / piece only interest . I'm thinking of switching to a full refund as there is a significant shortfall in the provision ... and then take advantage of the provisions for paying credit card debts and loans . I will be debt free , but then have higher mortgage repayments for making this one month.But I save
A part of me wants to get an Ipad and a part of me just wants to save my money. What is your opinion?0Jobelle2012-11-01 23:33:02
I have a laptop that is only a year old, but I have all ready had problems with it and had to get it fixed . I would like an iPad because it has more features than my laptop , and also in case my laptop dies or if I have to send it back to fix I would still have a computer. The Ipad would be more for fun , to keep my music and pictures so that I can give my laptop a rest , also Skype on my laptop because it has a camera. I also use my iPad in my classes because I am a college student , to take notes on and then I really do my homework on my laptop . The life of my laptop battery is just an hour compared with the iPad that would be much longer , so you could actually take a class and not have to worry about dying . On the other hand I'm in college and the need to save to pay off loans and car insurance and stuff like that , so maybe I should just get an Ipad and save my money instead . I was wondering what people think , is an iPad worth the money, and if I want to hold music and images that GB will I get the 16, 32 or 64 ? I've been up and down on this for a while . Thank you !
Would it be easy or hard to get an apartment working part time and a student part time?0GUY2012-09-29 12:05:02
I want to go to a fo those apartments . I'm sick of living in a basement . I 'm not talking about an expensive apt , I just want a studio for $ 700/month . I work part time and make $ 700 of it, I am a student studying part time online , and get $ 500 per month student loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the owner feel good rent someone like

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