I have a car worth $18,000, a loan of $24000. I want to trade it in for a $30,000 car.? related questions

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I have a car worth $18,000, a loan of $24000. I want to trade it in for a $30,000 car.?0Chill2012-09-30 01:08:02
What is the distributor process involving this type of treatment ? What do I have to pay for the car after all this ?
Attempting to trade in a car I owe on more than its worth!?0rinley2012-11-06 01:03:02
Currently I have a Honda Civic 08. The car dealer is willing to give 13,500 for the car on a trade in. The car I'm trying to buy a Honda Pilot 05 by 14,900. The difference between the two is 1800.00 with taxes and such.The problem is that I 15345.12 ( adding 3.25 per day) in my Honda Civic. The bank I have my car loan is saying it will not refinance because I owe about 2500 more than the value of the vehicle . How I can get out of this? Is there a bank that is willing to buy my loan with my Civic and let's start with owing more than the pilot of the sentence ?
Can i trade in a car thats worth more than im buying?3Ford2012-11-06 04:18:02
I have a value of 03 Camry about 13 large, and large 13 to the left on the loan , I'm trying to get rid of the payment and looking for the cheapest I can buy with relatively low miles . ¿ I can take it to a dealer and get a five thousand dollar car ?
I owe 16 K on a SUV worth 11. I want to trade for a car--10 K. Would a dealer go for this and tac on 5?1To: Reiny again2012-10-05 10:43:03
I have a Hyn . Tuscon 05 worth 11 K. I have hopes of changing to a smaller, cheaper car. I would buy a car that is worth about 10 K --- I realize that I am then 5 K in the hole because I have a loan and must be setback 16 K in my Tucson . A dealer can sell me a car 10 K and turn the remaining 5 K that I owe to the price of a new car ? This will really help me lower payments --- I was very backward in my last purchase of the car and began to --- 30 K in Tucson ! ICK ! I owe 500.00 per month in this stupid car . If you were to walk into a new loan --- probably only have to pay 250.00 to 300.00 per month . But - what a dealer to go for my " trading down ? " Let me know what you think --- I realize increasingly stomach is never a good idea --- but I'm 5 K with this car backwards --- I would rather have a new , smaller car - I am also 5 K backwards on ---but that is more fuel efficient and have a lower monthly payment . Would this be a possibility? Any idea where togo ?
I owe more on my car then what is worth can I trade it in and buy the other car with cash?6Claudia2012-10-13 08:16:02
Hi I have a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe with 100k on the KBB says its worth $ 16000, I want out of this truck. So a loan, but the loan qualified I only allows up to $ 35k to buy a new or used car , but the problem is that I have to change my truck to be able to use the loan and I can treat loan and cash, and who sent me a blank check . I found a good car I want, which is worth $ 32k for what I'm asking is , if I go to trade in my truck and buy the car for $ 32k will add the amount you owe to the price of car , although I am paying cash? Or go to buy my truck loan payments and allow me to buy the car for $ 32k ?
I have a trade-in that is worth 12,00, and I owe 19,000. What can I do to get a car with a cheaper payment?2Amsden2012-10-22 08:53:03
? I can get a cheaper car , and pay , to have about 7,000 left in current loan ? I can ? Refianance the 7000, too?
Can i afford a 24000 car?0Jamika2012-08-11 03:39:40
I make over 42,000 a year before taxes and im planning to put in 10000 below. I am a first time car buyer and I have a credit card only Sunoco credit and student loans . How much should I pay monthly? Im 20 and a policeman so I do not know if that will affect my insurance.
Got a new car with trade in then loan got rejected... After dealership sold my trade in.?2hakuyo2012-09-19 22:56:02
Someone I know recently bought a new car , trade in one of their own vehicles (15,000) also . Long story short , he entered the car dealership with its own funding approved , however , the dealer told him he was going to beat him a loan approved by one of its lower loan interest rates , as well as taking your car . Fast forward three weeks and now the bank sent a letter stating that the loan was rejected , but the dealership has sold and marketed by car . What are the legal aspects and complications regarding them sell the car ? Besides , why let him off the lot without knowing fully the loan let alone passed trade sell ?
I have a home free and clear worth $150,000. I also own an apt. bldg worth approx. $150,000.?2Valentina2012-08-15 21:29:03
I owe $ 120,000 in credit card high interest (unsecured ) debt credit card . Would not it be better to keep fighting to pay this high interest, unsecured debt but the cc or take out a loan either at home or apt. bldg ? Was it a mistake to take a loan on something that pays? I am 71 and the disabled. Please help !
How a car trade in work if I owe 22900 on my current loans and the dealer gone to give me 18000 for my trade. ?0kaka2012-09-20 14:44:02
And the new car loan 39 000
How a car trade in work if I owe 22900 on my current loans and the dealer gone to give me 18000 for my trade?0sesikanth2012-09-17 17:30:02
The new car loan is 39000 2012 Dodge Durango Crew
If I trade in my SUV for a car of lesser value do I get money back? Need help with trade-in values!?2helppp!!!!2012-11-04 22:53:02
If change in my 07 Ford Expedition for an Acura TL and say the Expedition worth , I receive actual cash back? How is my loan paid Expedition ?

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