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Matt Williams, Torcan Financial, Westcor Credit,also Canadian Loan Centre?1vishva2012-10-12 16:26:02
Looks like Matt Williams is the name behind the website addresses for both these companies . Do not be fooled , their are many sites prepayment loan out there and all they want is your hard earned money ! No Fee required Advance loan even if your credit is the worst of the worst! ( that's why you can not get one with a lender regular, legitimate ) NOT SEND ANY $ $ $ NOW BUT DOES NOT TELL YOU IS TO ENSURE YOUR LOAN . PLACE contact local authorities / RCMP and help fight these bastards ALREADY SCREWED many! Thanks , and maybe go to seek help from credit counseling and search seing if you can get someone to co - sign the application !
If Torcan Financial is a scam, why is it on Yahoo! Sponsored Links under bad credit personal loans?0Jessica Padilla2012-10-06 07:00:01
If financial Torcan is a scam , why Yahoo! Sponsored links arising from bad credit personal loans ?
Will they let me through the Canadian borders, I have a Canadian Permanent Residence card?0RAJAN2012-10-13 14:55:35
Okay so here we go , I am a permanent resident in Canada , I have been for two years , I have my green card and social Insurace number and my health card and everything , I'm still in student loans and study at a college at this time , the thing is that a year ago I met a guy online American , he came to visit , but had to return , but he wanted me to be the U.S. and stay there with him , I knew I had to have a visa , so I bought a gray hound ticket to the U.S. and took the bus to the U.S. , however , I was denied entry to the U.S. border because did not have a visa , this American guy wanted me there so bad about what he called the border and told them that my parents were abusive and that I had no one to go to but he thought his lie would the inhabitants of the symathize border with me and left me in the U.S. without a visa , I did not know that until it was too late , after a while I went to Egypt , my homeland , for a visit, but when I returned to Canada , the type of border asked me many questions , as if were trying to illegally cross U.S. borders , her boyfriend was trying to reach the U.S. illegally and so on , I thought I would leave in Canada , but finally did, after giving me the third degree , and now I will have to return to Egypt to get my transcripts from my school there, if they refuse to give my man, I'm worried that the guys from the border can not leave me behind in Canada , I have a reason to worry or what?
Questions about the Montel Williams Loan or Instant Loans?1eriko2012-08-14 09:43:34
I know this is not the best option, but I have a family emergency and need cash as soon as possible and I have no one or nothing to go. Also, do not have the best credit . I feel this is my only option. Please , has anyone done this and if so please let me know how it works! ? ? Thank you !
Canadian Bad Credit Loan Needed to Purchase RV?1Michelle A 2012-09-02 03:46:04
I live in Canada. I have been discharged from bankruptcy for a year and have re-established credit for a year. Despite being rejected by banks. Need a loan of about $ 65,000 to buy an RV to live, RV dealer of my choice makes the car loan companies out of the question . Is there anywhere I can get a loan to buy a CANADIAN RV? I have a good job!
I have a friend from canada with good canadian credit but she wants to buy a US car and can't get a US loan.2sm2012-10-25 00:52:03
She just moved here from Ontario and has a good job 75k per year . She wants a Honda Civic and they are about 10k cheaper here . I can not find a bank that can look to Canada to lend their credit . Can you get a loan for a car bought and paid Canadian in the U.S. or U.S. banks exist that can provide it ?
Montel Williams doing ads for high interest "payday loans!" Does this cause him?0Dinish2012-08-30 01:47:16
lose credibility in the eyes ? I've seen him do these ads make quick money in your account within 24 hours.
HAS ANYONE HEARD OF ASSURED LOAN CENTRE?0caiman, cayman2012-09-03 04:11:03
Has anyone heard of a place called loan: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SECURED LOAN CENTER DORVAL 710 DRIVE SUITE 303, Oakville , Ontario , L6K 3Y1 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They say that giving loans BUT BECAUSE MY CREDIT IS NOT THE BEST IN NEED $ for sure, I've heard of getting a loan with a car or a house , but the tank A?
Refused a job centre crisis loan help!?0=)2012-11-05 01:28:43
hi i applied for a crisis loan this morning, i live with my girlfriend, and we have had no real income since i lost my job on the 22nd of august. since then we have had 2 crisis loans, 1st one for 50 pound to last us 5 days, 2nd one for 71 pounds to last 7 days. today because we are still not receiving any benefits, and we are both estranged from the rest of our family we needed to apply for another crisis loan, but within an hour we had a call back from a very patronising advisor named Wendy, who refused to give us a crisis loan until after we have been to a work focused interview, which is booked this saturday. Is it not against the law to force people to starve? we have been without gas already since yesterday, and now have no electricity! any advise as to what to do? even if we could wait til saturday, we could not apply for another crisis loan until next monday, i don't know what to do, as we cant survive one more week without money for food gas electricity! please someone offer some usefull advise! were desperate!
WARNING!!!! THE LOAN CENTRE IS A SCAM!!!!?0marleen2012-10-15 08:06:31
I was looking for a loan and found Loan Center and complete the online form only to realize that they were not lenders but brokers were infact . I heard today that they have taken
How and where can you get canadian credit card or loan with bad credit?1vannesa2012-10-04 16:20:03
How and where to get Canadian credit card or loan with bad credit ?
What do you think about the Montel Williams commercial about short term loans, if you look at the check...?0SHANKAR2012-10-03 18:01:17
Basically it shows a person who earns $ 500 for ten hours. MedlinePlus If that person needs a short-term loan that have big problems if they can not do in that kind of salary

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