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Can my mom sign for a car for me?1tia2012-10-13 01:45:02
Long story short , I have 25 years and I have bad credit , but have paid a lot of my debt . I also paid a huge loan and now I'm working part time and going to school full time. My thing is I have a fucking car that is in its final stage. I'm wanting to save about $ 2500 - $ 3000 per December 18 ( my birthday ) . My question is , can my mom sign for a car at the dealership and put your name and I will give the money to make the monthly payments? I do not think it will do no good to try to get cosign because my credit is really bad . Any advice ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please no comments about paying my debt . I paid a huge portion but still hurt my credit . I appreciate it.
Will anybody co-sign for me?2drae2012-11-04 16:08:02
Im in need of a car to go to school and work next semester. I recently just applied for an auto loan but was rejected because I have enough to establish credit to get the loan . My credit is very good 705 . But it is not strong enough to get the loan . And I can not find someone with good credit who have nothing negative or late payments of credit. The biggest thing with the co - signing the fear that the person will not be responsible and pay for m very responsible and reliable time.I ' . If I'm wrong about you i mess of me and the last thing I'm trying to do is ruin my credit . That nine-digit SSN follow you everwhere . I just need a cosigner to help me I will pay 250.00 cash and show the statments that prove the car has been paid. The loan is to be paid off 7500.00 next year . I need to know in the morning or going to have to pull my credit again. Add a contact
How Should I ask someone to co-sign for me?0please help !!!2012-09-07 15:31:04
I have 20 years and I need a car bad! Right now I'm renting a car and cost a fortune . I went to Ford and Honda and I will need a cosigner because my credit is not established enough for an auto loan . I do not care if it's a used car but I refuse to go buy here pay here ive been there done that and now the car will not work and are charged more for their cars . I can help my parents , because when the economy bottomed arriving into bankruptcy . My grandmother out of town have excellent credit and my parents told me to let me use her name because she wants to help in any way possible . But I hardly know her (long story ) , but if not my parents I feel uncomfortable asking someone to co - sign for me. But I'll have to. If so how should I ask ?
Is there any way to get out of a co sign ???2Webber2012-10-02 20:56:03
simple story, i co signed for my girlfriend to get a car three years ago because I had no credit, we were in a relationship for eight years, it was her car, she used it, I have my own, anyway, about 18 months ago leaves me for another man, she has been living with this man for almost a year, she's also going to have his baby, I wish them well BTW .. I have a small credit card and a small mortgage, so I go to the bank today to see about getting a line of credit for a home reno and even with a perfect credit score, I get denyed for the loan, I can ask why? ? and I am informed that the co sign goes my credit report, may I add that my ex is making payments on the car, thank God, but still, i still can not get a credit line, i was informed by bank EnCase something happens, as in the former payments do not have to do so, said banks do not like it, do not make your payments if I could not handle the workload, so this leads me to a series of questions, please answer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1 > former has the car, pay for the car, is a new man, moved 2000 miles away, why my life has to go on hold because of this??? MedlinePlus 2 >> > > > why is there no law what so ever on my side? MedlinePlus 7 >> >
Want to pay off my dads car and have him sign the car over to me?0Miss Strawberry2012-08-24 01:42:21
My dad bought me a car because I had to go through a bankruptcy . I've been in Chapter 13 two years ago and my father and I are talking finally transfer the car to my name. It's getting sick and he's worried about what will happen to the car if something happens to him. I wonder what that process would be ? I know I have to talk to my lawyer bk before doing this , but what after that? Is there a bad credit car loans out there somewhere ... maybe reputable ? Then , when I pay the balance that my father simply sign the title again ? I just need to know what I can do . All answers are appreciated .
Can someone out of the US co-sign on a loan?0Shaleece2012-09-29 23:24:03
I need a loan to consolidate debts and no credit - at all. My father is willing to co - sign a loan with me , but he lives in South Korea . Is it possible that he co - signed a loan with me ? If he receives any email or fax is notarized and all, might work ?
Co-sign fraud what to do?0ScienceConfusion2012-10-08 10:31:29
My friend is going to buy a car , but your credit was really bad , needed someone to co - sign with him to get the car . I gave my data to see what kind of interest rate you would like me as an endorsement . Then I found out that the interest was very high , I told my friend that I did not cosign with him . All this time I did not sign any papers . After all this, I have a bill in my house for the car payment , the loan company still put as collateral , even after he did not sign any papers . I asked them to send me a copy of the loan and refuse to send me a copy . What I can do to make my record purchases .
Can I Co-sign for a car loan with no job?4Maree2012-10-24 03:07:02
Or can someone with a job of Co -sign for a person without a job ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking to finance a vehicle . I have no job but my co -signer . My co -signer already have a car loan that is not paid for the time , so I'm sure it would be a factor in the decision of the banks . So what would be the best way to apply? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A: MedlinePlus me co- sign the loan and the person used to work as the principal debtor . B:. Have person to co- sign work and me as the principal debtor MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , the person with the job has a better credit rating .
How do you sign a car loan over to someone else?4jessie urgent please2012-09-15 18:56:02
I have to leave my car loan as soon as possible , i can not make the payments and I have to get something cheaper. When I asked last week , the council was the change , but did not work because a :) owe much of my loan ( twelve thousand ) and b ) the banks are not giving credit to anyone. So I'm still stuck with a stick car payment that I can barely afford. MedlinePlus So my last resort is to try to sign the loan to another person ... is this possible ? How does this wise and prudent loan money ? I was thinking I should refinance the first loan to make it more attractive . What do you think ? MedlinePlus It's a great car . The miles are higher rates , but is only four years old and had never had any problem with it , except an alternator and a broken fan. I know anyone who is interested would like to own it. I do not want to get rid of it , but I have to.
Do you think this is a sign to give up?1MS. SUE HELP PLEASE2012-10-04 06:35:03
For the past year or so I've been riding properly again. During that time I have really wanted a horse. My mother says she can afford, not just here. We have "two houses". Our summer house in the country and here in the busy city. I tried everything in the last few months, I have contacted my four local stables (some up to 9 kilometers away) to inquire about costs, livery services but they were all too expensive. In my summer house where I borrowed one last Midsummer Standardbred is a courtyard that is relatively cheap, but I would have to take a train there for me and a friend who lives there willing to share the horse. I called the man who has it and he told me he was not taken to the people, but I still hoped. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had a look at some online ads and was one of a thoroughbred that was a train ride away, which was on the need to share what me and the owner stayed with her so she could try, this was meant to happen today. Yesterday, after having canceled all my plans to visit her, she wrote me and told me he had found someone else. He called and told me that I could not say no to the girl that really bothers me because it was my last option. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since then I have been wanting to share announcements of a horse somewhere near, I will give up everything to itself, but it is obviously impossible here. I do not want to quit. I have had no response and I do not feel more hopeful. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My mother said that when she finishes school we could get into our summer house and that way I can get one, but other days she will say no you can afford it and I can not really imagine that moves us. I have only 14 and I've tried everything, I even got a job to try to save, but going nowhere. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do not want to wait until you're older, etc. .. I just know that I will lose my interest because I am so upset to see these girls with their horses and all I get to do is mount half hour week. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In my post, do you give up? MedlinePlus You think I should?
Should I ask him to sign an agreement?0zodwa2012-09-29 00:33:03
My boyfriend and I have been together for six years. They lived together for three years. We lived in crappy apartments for 2 and a half years. We had been saving our money like crazy to buy a house. We were not 100% ready, but the night our landlord or the police did nothing about the drug addict losers upstairs bought a gun in front of the hotel we knew it was time to get out and get out fast. We called a real estate agent the next day not expect to find anything. But we found a house in 2004 that was for sale. Very close to his work. And closer to the hospital I wanted to work. We bought it. Before we could buy my boyfriend had a motorcycle accident. (A point of losing his foot, 2 ER, 2 surgery hospitals) We settled our mortgaged. We have moved. Later, to know when my boyfriend was ready to go to work to his boss called and said my boyfriend was fired. The next call was that someone messed up the paperwork for our mortgage lady was so interested in his court had lied about some information. The owner of the house knew and were taken in. He turned out to be a family friend of both our parents. So I set up a monthly payment. It came out of the bottom line (as rent to own), but we did not have many options. I started working two full time jobs. While he was looking for a job. He found one who said once he was at work during the three months to forward the loan launched again. In both of our names as we had for the first time. I worked two jobs part time full time January 1 to compensate for what the difference in his old job to your new working wage. Since then he also lost two weeks of work, when his father was at the time in the hospital and funeral. I had vacation time, so I still got paid for my time off to be with him and his family. Now his job is working for 3 months, so reapply. It is screwed again! They said it was in the short-term disability and unemployment, the credit was a great success. MedlinePlus But the good news is I was able to pay almost all my bills because I was working overtime for many. The first time I went to my application did not have much credit since I'm only 21 (22 now) loan representative called yesterday requesting the entire loan on my own! But my boyfriend is not on the loan unless I added later. (Much later I was told) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have always said that this is our home. I was really pushing for us to get married, but now I'm so glad I did not because our credit both would have been low. We would have lost our house and it has really been a problem. Now the loan is cast as just me. Everything in my name .... MedlinePlus I love my boyfriend and I know he would not leave. If I could afford to do it all myself. Is it wrong of me to sign a paper that a lease? I do not want to hurt his feelings either. I want to commit soon. With everything that happened there was no time. The money he was saving to pay my engagement ring and a wedding and honeymoon was to help his mother tugged until her parents left life insurance launched. And we helped pay for the funeral. MedlinePlus What should be my next step? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking something along the lines if he moves he pays me $ 200 a month for 6 months. Just so I can stay in my free. He also added that if they kill me before the house is going to marry him. And if we got married and then do not work out does not have to pay me anything, but the house is mine.
How Do I Get Out Of This Co Sign Mess?5randy2012-10-07 23:34:03
So a couple of years I was in a relationship with a woman who had bad credit , I wanted to get a car and was hit by vaginally. So I'm the great boyfriend who co signed a car thinking nothing of it, then I do not know what it was a catch , I thought it only would help him get the car easier, and obviously let the dealer 't give all the details, because he was trying to make a sale. Finally , she and I break , and move on with my life , forgetting all about her and leaving her and all her drama in the past. So today I received a phone call from a 310 area code pick and is a debt collector tells me $ 4,000 in a VW Jetta I'm like you must have the wrong number, because they own a VW Jetta. So I have to verify all this information whoopty whoopty blah blah blah woo, come and meet this girl has not been paying his dues, and do not even live in the same area again. Now I am fully responsible for paying the remainder of the loan and want to kill this girl. A person who signs his name , a loan agreement lease or credit application. If the principal debtor defaults, the guarantor is fully liable for the loan or debt. Has anyone been in this situation ? I hear there's a way to change the dollar to 65 cents or something?

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