Are there any other grants or loans I can apply for besides FAFSA for Ashford University? related questions

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Are there any other grants or loans I can apply for besides FAFSA for Ashford University?0Leanora2012-08-11 19:32:04
I am in the process of starting school in line with Ashford University . I completed my FAFSA , but I wonder if other grants or loans that can take the opportunity to be a single mother of 21. Thank you very much for your help :)
Ashford university online,help!?0HELP me please asap!!2012-09-11 14:14:03
Im thinking of going to Ashford online for my degree in behavioral studies . Since it is a "benefit to the school," my concern is ....... If I get the MAX of financial aid, I get money to live ? MedlinePlus Not that other private loans ... FA only through ...... I want ot go here , but I'm afraid that I will not get the money back to live at school ....... I do not know any answer has been there ( or will ) .... please help ! !
Student Federal Loans, Grants, FAFSA?1Varney2012-08-15 17:37:02
I am applying for a private student loan with Sallie Mae for this semester to come , I know I should try to avoid any type of loans "private" student , but I'm living off campus and I have to pay the rent , that's the only reason I am applying for a private loan. I thought about going to federal loans, but I've been watching and reading some comments from others and gave me the impression that the school will return the extra money not in use. Is this true ? Oh, and I complete the FAFSA and I know for a fact that will be approved and I am planning on paying my studies on the basis of the FAFSA , but if I get the money left over after school to take what you need send me the extra money ? makes the application of subsidies as well? I'd really like to know what non-borrowing too much with the private loan I am seeking.
Question about qualifying for student loans, grants for part time university?0shy2012-11-02 17:00:59
I want to get some financial help with going to school, I have 8 more classes until I get my bachelors. I am a stay at home mom of one child (living in California) and my husband makes $46,000/year. I have a 3.78 GPA and I am hoping I can qualify for some kind of grant or get some free funding from the government. Can I still get my college tuition and/or books paid for if I only take one class (3 units) a semester? If I don't get my schooling paid for, can I get a loan that doesn't accumulate interest if I am only taking 3 units a semester? I need advice! Thanks!
Do you have to complete the FAFSA before you apply for private student loans?0zarra2012-10-26 15:32:24
Do you have to complete the FAFSA before applying for private student loans ?
Possiable to enroll in online college and a university at same time and still use grants and loans at boath?0Mankiw2012-08-13 10:59:02
I want to be enrolled full time at a university and enroll in 2 classes online, as it is possiable to do this and use grants and loans still in each
If I leave Everest University online before classes start, what will happen to the loans and grants.?1Paisley Jane2012-09-03 10:05:03
I just want to know what to do with money , because I heard that these for-profit schools are a scam .
Conservatives: Would you (or your children) ever apply for Federal student loans, such as through FAFSA?3Oluwaseyi2012-09-23 06:11:04
Want to get loans and government grants ( such as Pell Grants and Stafford loans ) to finance a college education ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or strictly adhere to free-market and high-interest loans private student floating rate ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I bring this up because the Democrats plan on banning private companies to provide student loans. Everything will be government money now : MedlinePlus
Should congress kill off loans and pell grants to scam online schools like University of Phoenix and Devry?1hgtf2012-10-24 18:04:02
Students buried and the federal government in debt while producing a success rate among poor students in finding jobs sufficient to pay the debt in the shortest possible time . Why the taxpayer is an endorsement for this madness ?
Are there any grants I could apply for to re-pay student loans?1Jacquelina2012-11-05 04:47:02
I recently checked my Sallie Mae loan and seen that I owe a lot of money on student loans . Are there any grants that could be applied to help pay part or all of it . Please let me know . I also live in Indiana if state subsidies that could apply . I've been researching online and I can not find anything .
If i apply for a Student Stafford loan, will my Fafsa results change next year when i apply for it again?2chancel2012-08-14 05:48:03
Because I'm using the loan to get me a decent car to make my school every day . And I can not pay for my results from the FAFSA to get any lower ..
How to apply for grants or Small bussiness loans?0healpmerealquick2012-09-04 19:18:03
I am a single woman Hispanics seeking a nursery . I am told that there are plenty of programs across government to help me b / c I am considered a minority . Does anyone know anything about this? I have very bad credit so only apply for a traditional loan . Any advice ?

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