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Do Muslims Get Interest Free Loans?0☆Ethan2012-09-29 15:25:03
Under Islamic law , or sharia is forbidden for a Muslim to pay interest on a loan . I can understand ? Borrow without interest ? If you do not believe me , just read the Koran or search online .
We want to know in detail how Muslims regard non-Muslims, and how they should deal with them according to Isla?6Bettye2012-11-02 06:41:02
Praise be to Allah. 1 - . Islam is the religion of mercy and justice 2 - Muslims should call non-Muslims to Islam with wisdom and good exhortation and debate in a way that is better. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning) :
Muslims, I know that paying interest is consider Haram (I think)....?0BBF2012-11-04 10:35:53
My friend is a Muslim and he doesn't deal in any situations where he would have to pay interest on something. He doesn't speak English too well, so I have a hard time asking him about it. The thing is, in Western countries one needs to use credit in order to build up their credit scores, to that they can get better rates on home and car loans. I imagine Muslims would not involve themselves in any situations where they would need to pay interest, but I don't understand how they can do that. Homes and automobiles are very expensive purchases and it is very difficult to pay for them up front. I know there are some banks, like HSBC, that offer "Muslim loans", but those are not common and are a fairly recent creation in the Western world. How do Muslims cope with buying a home for their families or buying a car if they aren't able to take out a non interest bearing loan? I make a pretty decent salary and I have been saving now for 5 years so that I can buy my house without having to take out a loan. I am doing it for different reasons, though. When I was very young I got into a crapload of debt and I vowed that I would never owe anyone a dime for the rest of my life. And I try my best to stick to that the best I can.
Should Muslims be exempt from tuition fees, due to the fact that they don't believe in Interest?0Flo has issues 2012-10-13 09:17:45
maybe if Christians , Jews and atheists students pay an extra 1,000 p / a to cover for them , that's ok eh .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus funny Muslims companies seem to have a problem accepting credit card payments huh .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus >> Muslim student leaders say changes to tuition fees in England could violate Islamic rules on finance, which do not allow the charging of interest . MedlinePlus The coalition government plans to increase tuition fees up to a maximum of
What are some interest free loans? Can you get any of them with bad credit?0Doreen2012-08-14 09:54:35
I know a lot of places say you can get a loan with bad credit, but I think the capture of these places is that you can still get a loan with bad credit, but only your interest rate will be high. So I have 2 questions . First, what are some of the interest-free loans ? I know there are some, because I asked and someone said there are some, but not told me what they are. Second, you can get any of the interest-free loans with bad credit and still be able to have any interest? And if not, then what is the lowest interest loan you can get with bad credit ? There have bad credit , I'm just asking.
Are there interest free loans on this earth? if yes, where are they found?0GATOR2012-09-06 06:43:05
We are a group of helping poor women to borrow money for your small business in the city of Arua in Uganda the need is very high , can not meet the demad with our salaries are low , we can not do more than what we are now we need help doing .
Is it true that you can get interest free student loans if so where should I look?0Quin2012-11-06 05:34:10
Are there any interest-free loans for online business? And how can I benefit from it?1sweetzaidie2012-09-18 13:15:14
Are there no-interest loans for business online ? And how I can I benefit from it ?
Interest on savings bonds prior to 1990 is tax free when used for higher ed.- what about student loans?0beebee2012-11-02 09:04:28
The new rule is you don't have to declare the interest from cashed bonds (purchased after 1990) as income if you apply it towards higher education. I just found some bonds that I was hoping to use to pay off my student loans. Are they tax free then if I use them to pay off the loans I took out for college tuition?
How come Wall Street gets interest free loans when they're in trouble, but the general public gets foreclosed?1Mark2012-10-06 21:49:03
Idea up for grabs: Make a website that would provide interest free loans to the poor. The recipients would be?0long2012-10-10 05:59:25
MedlinePlus aware that they would have a profile online payment history to lenders visible in the West . MedlinePlus Anyone up for it? MedlinePlus Some reference:
Is there any site(s) for education loans that are free besides SallieMae and others that say free?1xxx2012-11-03 11:06:03
Have you been trying to find a place ( s ) to get money now to pay for my last semester , which accounted for the summer not paid off as thought . The loan money and another aide who agreed back in Fall 08 and Spring 09 was not paid as thought. Then also received my Montgomery GI Bill , but most went to continue working car and pay Check Into Cash Loan Max and (rarely ) , however . From July 17 or so Loan Max took my car . Now I discovered this semester had to re-fill the FAFSA out and did so on Monday 17/08/09 and no records showed that loans taken helper for spring and I know I did . Then fill FAFSA also show that only in March or April of 09 it fails assistant until now for this spring semester and probably 10 . Please can anyone help me with this problem I really appreciate it . I've been to some places I SimpleTution refused and told me on the phone when called and is then filled to guarantee the loan you need . This is why shit does not have this problem in Butler College student loans only themes / credit problems and still have not had car accidents . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sincerely MedlinePlus James Thompson MedlinePlus Washburn University Student MedlinePlus (785) 670-3695

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