I am trying to get capital for a small business and do not have collateral. Where can I find investors? related questions

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I am trying to get capital for a small business and do not have collateral. Where can I find investors?0Katya2012-09-29 12:58:06
I have developed a mixed martial arts expert elaborate apparatus. The prototype has been built and I was granted a U.S. patent . I have a manufacturer ready to begin production, but need additional funds for the cost of materials and labor . I've already spent $ 20,000 of my own money , but need extra help from this point forward . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a business plan well formulated , but because my company is less than a year and I have no way of collateral banks will not help me , even with the use of the SBA . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for a short term loan for $ 50,000 and it takes 3 to 5 years to pay . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any direction would be greatly appreciated .
Where can I find local investors for a small business?0Katie Lee2012-08-29 23:43:14
Sometime in the next two or three years , I would sell shares of my small manufacturing business to local investors rather than getting a business loan . Where am I ?
Where to find private small business investors?1Cristal perez2012-08-22 20:37:04
I just started an association of small business with my friend , I have 16 years and he is 17. We came up with a unique product related to the gaming industry and we need approximately 5km in loans to get our molds and things to do . We do not want to get a loan from a bank or a company that just wants to find a small private investor does not expect big gains . We have a business plan and have a rough prototype in a couple of weeks . So where I can see or how I can find an investor either online or near Houston , Texas ? Thank you.
How would I find capital in which to start a business without resorting to small business loans?0Lin2012-09-16 18:22:03
I have no education beyond personal research and a high school diploma and I can not afford college . Due to these circumstances , the only real jobs that are available unskilled jobs that actually work will never get anywhere in life. I have several ideas for potential small business , but lack of money is still a recurring theme . Do any of you know a realistic approach to earn some money so I can start on my way ?
How do I find investment capital for small business expansion?1Iryna2012-10-08 01:57:04
Existing loan small business wants to expand . Services industry .
I would like to start a small business, please help me find where to get a loan for my capital.?2Tifiani2012-08-10 09:11:03
loan was in vain. here in the Philippines only.
How to find investor or investors for my business?1options2012-10-13 20:40:01
I have a clothing line that goes very well , it can really take off I mean it can be like this MedlinePlus BABY PHAT . but as always working capital is an important factor , I find my self to obtain small loans to stay a float , I feel like I'm working hard and smart , I have a very good website you 've invested so much money in it and have never had an order from my website , I thought that ad google . I'm so tired of these small business loan . I thought about trying to seek investor / investors , but not sure how ? I do not want to keep getting loans after loans to buy fabric and everything , then I really do not have money to put my car as I want . Not anyone have any suggestions on how to find investor / investors or how to get more on their website . Thanks in advance Diane
Find angel investors instead of business loan?1unscamble these following letters natcehtnenm2012-10-23 09:19:02
I have a small business and are profitable . I want some money for expansion. But I can not get a loan from a bank . I've heard that I can find " angel investors " . What is the angel investors ? They are similar to venture capital ? It is easier to find business capital by going to angel investors instead of banks ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any other suggestions for a small business that needs business capital ?
Looking to find investors or get a loan to start up business?0Gabby2012-09-27 14:58:05
I am wanting to start an all in a consignment shop in northern Florida. I'm taking some time to find an investor or a bank to get a loan . the problem ... I have no credit established. we have all bills of credit creation in my husbands name . when he got stuck with hospital bills also lost its credit crazy ... so I 'm running into a lot of sites that want to connect with investors I ... if they pay a monthly subscription fee . I think it's crazy because most likely you will not get any results from them . I have also tried local community sites and can not find anyone willing to invest locally . the issue is that I want to start this business as soon as possible , as the economy has stagnated these stores jammed packed with customers expedition trying to save money . It's a perfect time to build a customer base so that even when the economy recovers I will have loyal customers and continue to thrive . There are tons of earning potential and a very low start price. I need about 10,000 ... more or less depending on what I can get. The beauty of these consignment stores is that you can start small and build when ready. But I need some help from someone has some ideas? Thanks - & Dont Tell me build my credit that takes too long and I'm working on it .
How do I get investors for small business?2Akema2012-10-04 01:44:02
Business gurus I need your help! My husband and I want to start an organic farm . We, like many, did not have enough money to get a substantial amount of property. We have a few head of cattle, sheep , a lot of chickens and organic gardening . We have seen in government loans from USDA and many be an option for us , but I wanted to know what our options would be for investors . I know a handful of people who might consider investing with us , but I know the least about the whole process. MedlinePlus Is this idea even an option? What kind of deals will be for investors? What do we offer ? MedlinePlus Any information would be greatly appreciated ! MedlinePlus Thank you !
How can I get investors for small business?0vance2012-08-07 03:40:45
Business gurus who need your help! My husband and I want to start an organic farm. We, like many, do not have enough money to get a substantial amount of property. We have a few head of cattle , sheep, a lot of chickens and grow an organic garden. We have seen in government loans from the USDA and many be an option for us, but I wanted to know what our options would be for investors. I know a handful of people who might consider investing with us, but not the least know the whole process . Is this idea even an option? What kind of offers will be made to investors? What can we offer ? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you !
Are there any investors out there willing to invest in a small business?0nightingale2012-10-16 17:11:18
I own a small company in California , and I like , probably thousands of companies out there wondering if there are any investors out there willing to invest in a small business like mine ? My company is a distributor of metal. I get a lot of requests for material, but money is short . I've been in business for about six years and a lot of metal business there know about my business and I'm getting metal application all the time . I tried to get loans to banks , but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful getting money from these institutions . I've also tried credit card processors based companies did not work either. Another thing I've tried is factoring, but it was even worse because I ended up losing money with this method . The only thing that comes to mind is the sale of my business and it has lots of customers some even out of my state , but find an investor to help my company with the money they could make very profitable because many companies have shown that my business is very competitive , even with large companies around my area and they are willing to buy my company instead of them !

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