What degree should I get from law school and what schools should I look into? related questions

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What degree should I get from law school and what schools should I look into?0digital city2012-09-29 12:54:03
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am currently completing a Master of Divinity program . My school emphasizes social justice as a moral obligation and I am forced to pursue a law degree in the field of international human rights , international criminal law and / or international environmental law . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Some questions : * What degree ( JD or LLM ) if a person interested in practicing this type of law after? [ I was hoping to have a doctorate so she could practice law in the U.S., so if I needed to take a little time to start repaying my loans , however , every time I've researched online LLM always came regarding human rights . ] MedlinePlus * Which schools are highly qualified and specialize in these areas ?
Are there any ART schools that allow one to get their degree ONLINE ?0ultra2012-09-16 07:34:05
I was made ​​redundant from my school where I did my degree in business administration from having a bad grade in Algebra . I sent a letter of appeal , but I have not heard anything from them yet letting me know if I could continue my education or not. However, I've been thinking about changing my studies and now I would like to study something like fashion design or illustration and wondered if I was going to apply to another school would be accepted by the fact that I have an appeal hangs over my head and still has student loans to another school ?
How much do the online schools charge to be RN with a Bachelors degree?2Lolerskater2012-10-08 10:00:02
I encourage my wife , but I do not want to get your hopes if you can afford it until later . I do not want a lot of marketing phone calls either, so I do not want to give out our information online . Our credit is not very good . I messed pay a student loan so I doubt we can get a loan for school. Can anyone give me an idea of what these people charge?
Who thinks online schools and techincal schools cost more than tradtional schools?0Bheki2012-08-08 13:40:43
I go to a state university and its only 5k a semester. My husband went to a school with more techincal and student loan debt than me.
Why are people stupid enough to borrow many thousands of dollars to give to these online degree schools?1kyu2012-09-07 06:36:06
How is " University Of Phoenix " and other securities , too expensive , as this operation Schoos yet? Why did so many people make that stupid decision to borrow as much money in student loans and give these idiots scam schools that are overpriced for what they offer ?
If I owe money to a school where I completed my Bachelors can I start my Master's degree at another school.?1Dillard2012-09-30 10:12:03
This school , Walden University, where I finished my degree online when my husband and I moved is saying I owe them $ 5,000 . I have 2000 per semester in student loans then pay the rest out of pocket. The school will not process my paperwork on time, then did not understand simple mathematics . Then I can go to another school and start my master ? Walden has already sent my diploma but my transcripts . I highly recommend anyone to attend this school .
Can you use financial aid to go to school online and if so, is there a list of schools that qualify for this?1hollie2012-10-16 19:41:02
single mother 25 lives in Florida any help would be greatly need to know the step by step process please aid , grants , loans or any other help I'm lost
Did you get a degree by going to school completely online? If so, what school did you go to?0aimee2012-09-19 06:38:03
It is absolutely necessary that I go to school online . We are active duty military . I'm trying to figure out which school is the best course to an associate degree. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Prefer only answers that are specific to my question , why do not you do not think I should go online . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll be receiving financial aid, scholarships and loans ( if necessary ) so please keep this in mind , too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Can you buy a car with student loans (university schools, certified schools, other)?0Winnie2012-09-13 04:23:03
Can a student buys a car loan college students ?
Financial aid at tech schools: why doesn't this school give back checks for living expenses?0Cennie2012-09-02 20:49:03
My daughter went to the local technical school , received grants and loans , but never saw any cash. Now my ex - wife goes there , and she wants some of the money for living expenses to get through school , and are hesitating . When she would go to a larger school , which was to receive a check. I think this technical school is using their money to improve their cash flow .
Anyone know anywhere that will help me pay off the $2100 I owe to my school so I can get my degree?7 Kinky to be. such as grass 2012-10-09 09:04:02
I studied online through Ashworth University . I finished my career in psychology assoicate months ago, but still owe $ 2100 and they wont give me my career until I get it paid off . And I can not pay more than $ 35 a month , which is the minimum payment. And I went to apply for student loans through many different websites and my school is not anywhere on the list of schools that provide loans . My school is accredited nationally and all good. I even like my school and got good reviews and people have no trouble transferring credits when you want to get their bachelors. .
Grad school advice: Which degree is better?1Laurin2012-10-12 00:52:02
I'm starting grad school to get my Masters in January. Now it's up to the last moment and I'm starting to feel the pressure, which seems to be clouding my mind and hinder my ability to make decisions. Recently, in my opinion, in part, because of my nerves, I was very indecisive and can not make up my mind. Or when I make up my mind, I would change the next day. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have the option of getting my MBA (Master of Business Administration) or a Master's degree in Education or a JD (Law Degree). I'm interested in the 3. So I'd like to know what jobs offer better and more lucrative and secure. I make a lot of money, but also do something they will enjoy. Also, it's more of a respectable degree? What will you pay more in the long run or faster because I have a lot of student loan debt and the loan is funded, and so do not want to get deep in debt. MedlinePlus Here's a little history about me ... I have 23 years. I am graduating this December with a degree in Communications, Journalism and Spanish Bi-lingual. I have about 1 year experience working practices as Marketing Assistant. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. I also spent some time as a writer for a travel magazine. I've done other jobs since I was 16 and worked on the school newspaper, newsletter, magazine and television program. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will it look bad if I can get my graduate degree at the same university I obtained my degree? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any career advice what would be a good field for me to enter now so that I can earn some money while working towards my advanced degree? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would like to know the current professional or graduate students. Please be as specific and useful as possible, this is a decision that will affect the rest of my life. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance!

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