I am a programmer with Asperger's syndrome who cannot draw due to motor difficulties. What to do? related questions

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I am a programmer with Asperger's syndrome who cannot draw due to motor difficulties. What to do?0chequan2012-09-29 07:46:03
I am a computer programmer with Asperger 's syndrome (a mild form of autism ) . I make this software package called Cleo and Misty as a personal project . I like to have my program have a cute character on it and I have the idea developed in this characterall my DeviantArt page , but I can not get through my motor deficiencies and hand-eye coordination and bad packages such as DAZ Studio does not give me anything suitable for my application . I tried to get help creative freedom in creating my character in a manner similar to children's characters funny characters that I like , like the characters in children JumpStart software , Wow Wow Wubbzy , Happy Tree Friends , Clifford the Big Red Dog / Clifford ' s puppy days, etc. , but who refused or were not good about it. I do I have money to pay for creative services due to financial constraints arising from my impending graduation and payment of loan debt that will follow six months after graduation , so I can not use any money . In addition , I also do not want to use other people's characters as Wubbzy , HTF , Clifford , JumpStart , etc are owned by companies large and powerful that I be punished with imprisonment , the withdrawal of the right to vote / right for housing / right to be served by my local bank and heavy fines to delete my bank account if I come clean with their characters in my personal project . So where I can find some people who are good enough for me to create my character free cute for my program because I can not pay anything , and because of my limited mobility ? If you can help me here, that would be greatly appreciated .
What jobs Can you get as a programmer and is it necessary to go to College?0Ciara\'s Sister2012-10-06 21:01:37
I've been learning Java computer programming for about 3 years and I want this to be my career , what jobs you can get as a computer programmer ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I love to work with video games and , finally , in the indie game development as a notch ( minecraft ) did, but I have no idea what the job of a computer programmer is like . Do you make a lot of money ? What is the schedule? Is the labor market need or overwhelmed with programmers ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is also very necessary college , I heard that you can learn all you need from books and online ( you pretty much have so far ) without setting foot in a university classroom . Is it just for the degree or is a thing people assume college is the only way to learn this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In the time schedule and much prefer not having to pay student loans , if possible , so I'd like to know about computer / game programming will employers will be expecting a title or not ? If so why?
How do I find a good deal on a PHP programmer?0Dhilsath2012-11-02 07:25:41
I have an idea for a pretty complex website and I also do not have a lot of money. I need to find a good programmer that offers their services for a reasonable amount of money. I am willing to take a loan out to pay them, an IT friend thinks it would take 1 - 2 months of full time work by the programmer to set it up. How do I find someone like this? How can I trust them to not take the detailed website info and build their own site? What's an estimate of what this would cost? Thanks!
Serious Help to financial difficulties!?0vyshnavi2012-10-06 05:58:49
I have a friend who has been expelled from home today due to mismanagement of their finances . He has been out of work since November 2006 when he broke his cure in a fall. It is completely unable to deal with telephone calls , letters, and all forms of communication due to learning difficulties and has not been in control of their financial cirumstances since his accident . This has led to late payments of loans and mortgage etc.He has obtained a loan with your home as collateral , and as he has lost the payments had finally home and all its posesions repossesed . Now has come to stay in my house ( overnight) as my husband is your best friend . Can anyone make constructive suggestions (please) as to where you can reach and what help and advice they could search his name . The loan company will not over topics of interest as the loan was secured against his property and has not had any insurance against such occurrences .
Question about PayPal: Would there be any technical difficulties while?0miah2012-10-06 18:52:58
in a process of paying an item online through PayPal , but my bank account is zero dollars ? You still will be able to pay for it and PayPal take money from my bank account ( a loan ) , or would have to add funds to my PayPal account from my bank account to pay for the item ?
How to Draw on Skribblio02022-01-27 02:59:19
skribblio  is a free online drawing tool that allows you to create drawings with friends or strangers, share your creations with the world, and design your own avatar. You can use Skribbl.io on desktop computer or tablet. Skribbl.io also has a variety of tools to make your drawings more fun and interactive: 3D drawing, text, colors, uploading images from computer (or camera roll), and more! With their easy-to-use tools tailored specifically to artists of all levels - beginners to experts - there are no limits to what you can create. Here's how it works: When you sign up for an account, you're asked to pick a drawing template that best suits your style (from the many available). Once you've chosen your template, start sketching out some quick ideas for school or designing an intricate masterpiece for work colleagues! To get started using Skribbl.io's tools, just start with choosing a drawing template from the many available and then sketch out some quick ideas for school or design some intricate masterpiece for work colleagues! Pick the Template That's Right For You Skribblio has a variety of templates and tools to help you create a perfect drawing, so there is no limit to what you can draw! There are over 30 different templates to choose from, including pencil sketches, paintings, illustrations, caricatures, and more. Each template offers unique features that will allow you to put your own personal touch on your creations. If you're just starting out with drawing or don't know which template would be best for you, use our easy selection tool to select the right one. Skribbl.io also includes an "I'm feeling creative" mode that allows artists to create anything they want without having any boundaries or limitations!
I'm having facing difficulties choosing the right university and applying for a student loan in the uk,help?1Daniel B2012-08-27 18:25:03
im graduated in 2012 from an American high school in Qatar and I'm trying to find a good university in the UK (anything that has to do with media or business ) , preferably away from London . im a student of the EU and I'm trying to get a student loan , I'm very confused . online application seems to be the most complicated thing I've done. What do I need for that? please help !
Hi, I need a way to draw my readers into my paper, How can I do this?0Maj2012-08-25 09:33:03
I'm taking a college level English class online . We have to write a research paper argumentative and have chosen to defend the way of going to college for x amount of years that leaves many students in debt with large loans , and how they struggle to repay loans , so they can build a future for themselves . I'm also noting how many students find that once they graduate from that society does not require their level and tell them they want instead experience, I think I am just wondering how I could present this document to my audience . I do not consider myself a person who likes to argue, but need some kind of opening statement that will draw my reader in.
How to draw a balance sheet for this Q's ?0rainy2012-10-11 20:04:43
March 1 , Joe started a new business . During March , took place the following: - MedlinePlus March 1 to deposit $ 20,000 in a bank account . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus March 2 - Meeting and accessories purchased for $ 6000 + $ 800 in credit activities . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus March 3 - a loan of $ 5800 + on deposit in the bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus March 4 - Buy a car costs $ 7000 cash + $ 200 for retired own use . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus March 05 engine cars costing $ 9,000 was purchased . The car purchased on March 4 was given as part of the exchange for a value of $ 6500. The balance of the purchase for the new car was paid in cash . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus March 6 , Joe won $ 2,000 in a lottery + paid account business bank account , he also paid $ 1,000 loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Requires: - MedlinePlus - Develop a company's balance sheet at the end of each day of MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus 4th question sorry long as i knw tht need to get February 6 spreadsheets if I'm wrong , but i dnt knw hw nt find out drawing ths type of balance hope u can help me please and explain a bit if you get the response < br > MedlinePlus thx
Company Payroll Draw vs Hourly - Commission Pay?0Sharon2012-08-14 02:42:36
I am currently working for a mortgage company and have been here over 3 years. We are a small company of less than 20 employees. Since I've been here the structure of the roster has changed numerous times and never had to sign anything with respect to changes in wages. Well being a loan officer who was hired with the understanding that was 100% commission .... Basically, if I can close a loan that costs $ 3,000 receives a percentage of fees. I use to get a draw of $ 2000 a month and if I did close loans would have to pay back commissions the following month. But this year my company started to make me track my hours and I paid the minimum wage twice a month on my pay stub as "salary". If I do about a loan (s) I just received compensation for direct commission and payment of minimum wages is subtracted from my total payment of the commission. I have been told verbally that I can not put my card in the time or overtime hours worked outside the office for business or go to the closures. Now for the first time in 5 years I have deleted the closing half of the month and paid my "minimum wage" of $ 580 based on my time card. Well, I had a first month average commission of $ 2,000 ($ 580 salary line and $ 1420 should have been included in the commission line on my pay stub) - but only received $ 840 ... when I asked the owner said "580 to pay the minimum wage is a tie for last month," which means I have to pay again .... How can a company force me to track and work during office hours and then I pay the minimum wage and then take it back next pay cycle? How can they say a part of my commission is my salary every month in my paycheck? I have the hope of a lawyer or someone in the law can give me an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis, I am very confused.
Is it possible to draw cash from several credit cards at the same time?3Mark2012-11-05 22:22:02
A friend of mine asked for a
Pay off credit card with fixed home equity draw?0Sanmjha2012-09-15 14:01:03
My 48 y / o sister asked me a question and I do not want to give bad advice . Here is the question and said financial information : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should pay your balance at 8.25 % (first for life ) credit card ( with a long history and excellent credit ) and put the balance towards your home equity loan ? Both have high GRAPHICS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It currently has a mortgage of $ 200K first fixed at 4.25 % until 5 / 09. They also have a fixed ( locked ) rate of 7.65 in its line of home equity within 10 years with a current balance of $ 50,000 ( $ 18K imported ) . Your house is worth between $ 550 580K . They only have a credit card to use , but is $ 12K ( essential for life ) , currently 8.25% , and for at least twice monthly payments in an attempt to settle . They would like to eliminate credit card debt , if you might be able to save more and not feel so stretched each month . In addition , a teenager now needs a car (more output) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Banker will lock addt'l draw and combine for 7.6 % . Annual Salary $ 90K . Advice?

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