Whats a cheap car that has some power and can stuff several friends in? related questions

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Whats a cheap car that has some power and can stuff several friends in?0MCBOBO2012-09-29 03:57:04
In short , I have a loan from my scion tc and I will come out, but my parents are going to make me pay the first car ( my dad co signed ) so it will have to sell it and in the end only the problem of maintaining a few hundred dollars. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will be looking for a very cheap car , under $ 3000, which is not a beater , but still fun to drive and also want a 5 seater . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was looking at old VW so far. What are your recommendations ?
I am now my friends power of attorney and need help in securing a loan for him.?1yeaulonne2012-09-21 06:22:02
his current lawyer is trying to screw over and you need a loan to get a new lawyer. I think it does, but insists that . the lawyer has a lien on your property
I stored a friends stuff for 2 yrs but he owes me money?0ruth ***2012-08-25 23:12:04
Jailed two years and lent money at the same time that after his arrest rescued his old stuff and suitable storage unit by her request that he lost . I can ? Required to be repaid in cash or merchandise ?
Grrrr okay should I live in a dorm people? its the darn costs! and friends & stuff?0rishav2012-08-20 20:31:26
so anyway I realized college is costing me around 16,000 ( that is, if I live at school and stuff ) MedlinePlus If I do not live on campus , I guess you can go to fund the year without debts and things MedlinePlus but to get to school , it takes me two hours on the bus ( my family can not afford a car ) ( I also tend to get lost easily) and apparently students do better academically in school living and have a great social life ( people who often have more difficulty making friends and having fun apparently) MedlinePlus and I do not want that ...... I want to have fun while not having to worry about bus schedules all the time , but I can not afford not borrow $ 4,000 , and my family is not doing well financially MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What would you do in my situation ... I mean, the obvious answer is (sorry caps lock ) is living at home, but then my social life and academic life come to mind and I have really wanted to do but I know I won ' t be able to do what I depresed really feel about it? MedlinePlus How I can cheer ? ( T__T ) highlighted
My wedding was cheap, i felt alone and neglected by family/friends. I love my hubby but this feeling wont go?14hee2012-09-10 16:52:03
My husband wanted to marry and I wanted to wait . He had too much debt, because the mother of his son (loans for her in his name ) from before our relationship began again to our relationship and made ‚Äč‚Äčlife difficult . Our wedding was small (30 people ) , and I paid for everything because of the financial situation. I spent the morning before the wedding alone and was upset by the time the ceremony came. My family arrived late and drunk and my mother in law kept commenting on my weight. I wanted a perfect day in my life where I felt loved and feel that was part of a family, and was without doubt the most disappointing days of my life. My husband spent more money on their car in a month I spent on our wedding all, I love him and he is my soul mate, but two years later and I still feel pretty resentful that a wedding was the only thing that ever asked of my husband. Is this normal ? Or am I being selfish ?
How to use Power CBD Oil?02022-01-14 21:55:23
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what is Power CBD Oil?02021-12-22 23:06:22
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What is buying power?1English2012-11-04 01:45:02
I'm playing a realistic simulator online archive with my coach. This is the first time I 'm playing , so I'm a little confused . In the summary of my mind that says I have $ 100,000 cash . However, low purchasing power that says I have $ 200,000 . What does this mean? Why buying power (which I 'm assuming is the amount you can spend to buy shares ) to be more than the amount of money I have ? You mean I can loan or something? Any information please. If you would like to know , the simulator is www.connecticutsms.com values
Power of attorney when divorcing.?1Semaj2012-09-26 03:16:03
My son and his wife are divorcing . Divide the property and wants the car . They still owe on the car and your credit is bad . The loan is in your name and the lawyer is wanting to use the power of attorney to enter his name and remove his name from the loan. Will you still owe on the car if you default ? MedlinePlus
Can my co signers "power of attorney" sue me for this?0Neo2012-08-21 05:55:02
I'll make this short and sweet . In college my grandmother co-signed by some of my loans . They have been in repayment for about a year and have never failed to pay ( knock on wood) since my uncle has earned my grandmothers power of attorney. A year ago my uncle asked me to give him all the original documents . I gave him the documents . Fast forward a year and now being asked to send documents back and is saying that he never sent the documents the last time . Im very busy right now and lives about 1000 miles away, so I told him it would be best if he calls companies to get the original itself. You know , cut out the middle man . For some reason I do not want to do that and has threatened to sue me if I do not give him the documents . This caused a red flag for me because the power of attorney can easily get documents like this . He used to show me his power of attorney and I am starting to doubt that it has . My question is , if I demanded what would become of him and you could win ? I can also deny your request , as I have not seen his power ? Thanks guys
Power tools for rent?5Breauna2012-10-14 08:54:01
I want to use some tools to work on refurbishing some old pieces of furniture that I have as a sand antique dressers and such, but I really do not want to go out and pay for these tools . Does anyone know of somewhere that loans out tools ? North Dakota locally or online ? Thank you.
Does promissory note has legal power?1Toph2012-10-08 23:41:03
I have the intention to give my friend $ 100,000 for your business with annual interest she pays me , and I have the intention of writing a note , will appreciate these MedlinePlus information MedlinePlus 1) Do I need a lawyer or notary is enough? MedlinePlus 2) Does the note have to Legel in court? MedlinePlus 3) A good example of this type of notes ? ( Cash, personal interests , when paid , if not , blah blah ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks

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