Grants For College That Are Free To Apply For And Have A High Return Rate?

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Asked at 2012-09-29 01:14:12
I attend a community college and I need money to help an additional cost of college Gas , Information Costs certification exams, and most importantly get new form of transportation . I have to get a car and my question , is there any grants out there that I can help you with this request that you do not need a new car just something I Fuel Efficient To Get Back And Forth to college . In any case, what types of scholarships are available within North Carolina or federal that I can apply to have a high rate of return if you will. Need extra money for college and student loans is not an option . I can receive a Pell grant for my books and tuition. I want to make sure you take advantage of everything that is available to people who go to college . I'm just looking for free ways to apply for grants that are fairly easy to do. If you know of something , please respond or if you know a good place to start or look . Please only serious answers . And thank you all for your time thanks .
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There is no such thing as a free lunch .
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