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Help me lose this fear.?1Sumone2012-10-16 22:19:03
I gave my social number , routing number, account number , address, and a lot of personal information online for loans desperate . I stil received no money on my card . I have fear now that when you receive money on my card to be able to recover . What should I do . I have fear.
I am in an rare lose/lose situation to with Financial Aid Please help?...?0Killer2012-11-04 04:53:35
Basically I am a continuing undergraduate student trying stay in school. I have A 3.25 GPA and I cannot get any financial aid becuase they said my mom makes to much money but she only made that money through overtime last year trying to pay for a house in her name.... her pay rate is about 14 dollars an hour . Her and my dad seperated so shes living pay check to paycheck trying to keep up with the mortgage by herself. Her credit is messed up due to late mortgage payments and hospital bills so she cannot co-sign a loan for me.I have no one else to co-sign a loan for me and I have no credit...I've filled out at least 70 to 90 scholarships and I havent won any yet...I've been denied by every loan company i've applied to.... All I want to do is go to school....I feel like I cant control any of it...Please tell me is there anything I can do???????
How can you overcome the fear of student loans?1sybrina2012-08-26 03:36:03
I 'm going to another year of college . Tuition is going up every year and students in similar situations I often struggle. Last year I had saved enough money for books , food , fees , etc. , and this year I will start with nothing . I applied for financial aid and took two loans available . However, I am still on a short piano . Today I made an online loan application for a private lender , but not sure I will go through with it or not. I just want to make a difference in my life , because right now I 'm poor and I want to finish college and land a good job with the help of God . So what should I do ?
Stuck in a trap of fear and unhappiness?0Robyn2012-09-19 08:57:03
However, our financial condition = barely surviving. We reduce everything and only pay for what you need - rent, basic food, electricity, etc. We are completely broke after. We have no way forward unless I get a job that has been very difficult for me because I have anxiety disorders and depression. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had a job before, but I left a couple of days later because he could not handle it. I was nervous to go to work, I was scared the whole time I was working because I always think of the worst in my head - What if the mother is kidnapped or injured and no one is around to help her? What if he dies? What if they kick us out of our apartment, with no place to live. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have spent a few evacuation orders and were lucky to have a friend give us some money, we're still pays you back for months. I doubt we will lend money again after the time we have been paying. Mom has taken and continues to pay the loans back after almost a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We'll never get out of this situation for rent and purchase. I want to buy what you do not have to live in fear of having a place to call home. I'm always emphasizing this. and even if you get a job, we would be in this situation for years just to get to a payment not mind paying the mortgage. which is not really a mortgage, just bring a lot of money for a down payment. and then I will focus on the time we can pay the mortgage. I do not think I can handle losing a home after all the hard work and stress. How did you come up with the down payment? How long did it take? What kind of work I have to do to buy a house? I'm still working on getting my grade 12 but I'm not a real school, only an online course for grade 10 jobs. (I have 18 years by the way) I do not like to see people walking and they live happy lives, worry about shelter or food. I'm pretending I'm always happy, laughing smile fake, fake ... I'm tired of putting on a show for everyone. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have not been diagnosed correctly with disorders.depression anxiety, but I'm 98% sure they do, I have had symptoms since I was 3. We can not afford a therapist (who can barely afford to survive) and no doctor to see a doctor. I do not know how to deal with this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus there are some days I wish I could give up (do not die, just live a shitty life, easy) and sleep all day and I would be very depressed, and then there are other days when I decide I'm willing to suck up, get 3 seats work and work 18 hours / 7/days/week day.
I've come so far, but I fear that I'm back peddling.. Advice?0calf2012-09-11 18:17:03
Ok .. My plan this summer is to go to NYC . MedlinePlus Since August I started living like a miser and paid three credit cards . MedlinePlus I have one more to go student loans ( They are consolidated so I do not mind paying monthly because it is cheap ) . MedlinePlus But I doggonit freaking money spent 3 days in a row of fast food! ! He had left all this time and I lost some weight MedlinePlus . My plan was to have all my weight and my last credit card before April 15 ( the last day of the tax season ) .. I feel like I 'm going back to my old ways ( Do I do this for fear of failure ? ) Anyway , is the beginning of the month , please give me advice to get back on track and follow through on my goal ! I want to move to New York on July 16 ( my 30th birthday ) I'm tired of failing in my dreams , and I do not .. Please give me advice !
Is it logical to fear your future as a result of your past?3Denise2012-11-05 17:50:02
People always tell me I worry too much and live in the past and the "negative" . I have fear of my future life , because of what happened to me before . As you know , the world is getting worse and worse every minute. People are becoming more and more cruel and get away with it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Whenever you plan for the future , never turns out the way you want. So in the end , I feel that it is pointless for me to plan for the future , and that I should just let whatever happens . It's making me quite depressed . I have 24 years , mental patients with OCD , anxiety , Tourette syndrome , and depression . I have my bachelor's degree in Spanish , and I'm still not fluent . I have no $ $ or resources to travel and immerse myself in foreign cultures and countries. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Many people my age and younger , own businesses , are married with children , nice cars , a house , etc. Here , I'm just barely surviving on disability checks , large student loan debt , single, no children , very limited social life , no car . At least I have my own apartment .
Why does everyone succomon to fear and sell thier stocks when the media yells recession?1Chandice2012-10-24 21:04:02
People panic and sell their shares at low prices because they think they will lose money, when that's exactly what companies to go under. On Wall Street, stocks fell due to people panicing and selling their shares because the media smear in the world face when a few companies go bankrupt. I mean people are selling their shares (and not buy as they should be) in companies that are not doing badly, making their share prices fall. Remember America, to buy shares at low prices, the profit company money, what people do best and thrive. All the media hype of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, Lehman, and now the threat of AIG, has caused great loss to other companies in the stock market because people are thinking OH MY GOD
The War In Iraq Has Cost More Than Any Obama Proposed Plan Why Do Republicans Fear Social Programs More?3tegan2012-09-15 18:38:04
Obama wants out of Iraq and shift those dollars lost to much needed social reforms . If Republicans are anti socialism means that it would be okay for McCain to leave Social Security and Medicaid ? Is socialism for the rich better than socialism for the middle class ? The Republicans support programs that provide billions for loans to small businesses and small businesses create most of the jobs in America?
Payday Advance Loan Prosecution? I am going to file for bankruptcy but fear prosecution.....?2Nieci2012-08-22 20:46:03
I live in Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor , MI and I have two payday loans due to unemployment deliquent who did not pay . ? I can be prosecuted for this? Because I said creditors trailer to be processed . I have these through a website payday advance online . I will file for bankruptcy soon. I tried to explain that I am not employed and who was going to pay when you return to work . But say it is not true? Please help so scared!
Please help ! im about to lose everything!?2Sue Ann2012-09-21 23:33:02
ok so my name is brittany im 20 i been alone since I was 14 years old I live on my own and I was out of work for 4 months and havnt come up again since then ... I sarted working in Chile , but i dont make money ... I would like for the last month as I am about to lose 2,500 to my car and my house, my credit is not good but not bad yet! I have no idea how to get money now ? Is there a bank to loan me even though I owe monney as 22,000 in my car and 2 small credit cards ? I can not understand why do anything .. im about to lose everthing i worked so hard ... no one has money to lend ... any ideas or information on what to do will help you answer this plz !
What can I do for now not to lose him?0Luthe2012-08-13 15:49:04
My best friend also known as the guy I'm in love with (and for 6 years), went on a date tonight. He came back online and asked if I was okay (because I did know in advance who was on this date.) And from the sounds of it ... it was very good. He lives in Italy now, and I live in PA, we are both 23 years and really the only thing between us is the distance, and that none of us has the money now to do with each other. We still talk every day online (sometimes all day and stays late, sometimes until 4:00 a.m. the time to hang out with me), and we are both really amazing together. Back to the night ... I told him all day thinking of him dating this girl, and that made my stomach sick, made my face green when I was not trying as hard as I could to get worried so I would not think. He confessed that his "fear of the f * ing love and get hurt," since the last real relationship was ended so bad, he moved from the back of U.S. to his hometown in Italy. and that he loves me, I'm your best friend, there is no way we're going to lose each other. I'm special to him, "as u no other", and loves what we share. I know this is true, that he loves and cares about me a lot, and we have something special between us. (I have come to this for all the years I've known him and all the **** we've been through.) I'm terrified that I could find someone who likes to spend time, more than it does me. I have great fear that he could fall in love again, and would look at another person in the same way I look at it. If you say this? It sickens me to even think about these things can happen, and I do not think you can undress if they do. At the same time I know that he can not stand not in my life. I've only had eyes for these last 6 years or more, and I can not even think of dating someone else knowing that the guy never choose to be with me want to lose anyone, and really cares about me too. I really do not know what else to save my money and move to Italy ... or any other ends. I feel that this goal is so far, though ... and just out of college and have lots of loans to pay, has been difficult to find a good job to help me pay for (I have not even thought about getting a place of my own due to the amount I have to pay per month, which is like rent all on your own). I have much fear that by the time I am able to afford to see him and have a place for when he is able to afford to visit ... all my fears would come true. I love him and I literally do anything for him. I guess what I'm trying to do is to experience someone or something to help me feel better so far, and if I tell my fears too.
Should I use him or lose him?2Help Needer2012-10-16 19:51:04
Sorry, but this is going to be a long story so that no one understands. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. The first months were very good. We both hated that people up the ass. We enjoyed each other's company, but we also enjoy space, freedom and confidence. They were not like other couples they had to be together 24/7. We both understood the meaning of a healthy relationship. Having girls day was not a problem. No jealousy involved at the gym or the beach like most couples would. We got along so well that after being together for three months left to live with me. Again things were fine when he moved in. ... and then suddenly changed. He started going to bars every night. Taking off early in the morning and go all day with his phone off. The neighbors come to me and say that a lot of traffic coming in and out of the house during the day while I was at work (never the same car). It became clear to me that I will have in my hands a cheater. I would confront him about the problems and he would respond with "I thought it was a relationship of trust. Could do what we wanted to do and not be questioned becuz trust each other." "The neighbors are lying." "Why would I live with you if I did not want to be with you?" "I come home with you every night." ect, ect, ect .... MedlinePlus Go through your jets. It'll be good for a month or two and then the strange behavior starts again. I've never caught in the act of cheating, but I snooped through his phone and found that he is calling ex-girlfriends often developed a strong friendship with a waiter who works in a bar you visit frequently, I found hair in my chairs and a bed (they all have black or brown hair), and I found the sailors shirts dry up laying on the floor of my room clean after they have left the house for work and no one should be home. So overall, it was caught in the act, but I know he is cheating. MedlinePlus So here's the deal. The day I found the shirt to dry sailors on the ground, I decided it was time to end this relationship. I'll give you a week, I put my ducks in a row and ask you to move. The next day I went to work, happy with my decision, and as soon as I got there I was called to the boss's office. She informed me they were terminating my employment because it fits well with the people who worked there. I proceeded to leave and go home without work. I sat in my car and cried for a while, and then went to start the car, and I heard a loud PLUNK KER and saw smoke coming from the hood. The engine of my car exploded. MedlinePlus So now I have to stay at home with no car, no job and a cheating boyfriend that his behavior is driving me crazy. MedlinePlus I need some advice. What would you do if you were me? My profession is in demand and with the economy being the way it is I'm having more difficulty finding work. I'd go back to school, but I can not do it right away until I make six monthly payments on time because I should turn in my last student loan cuz it took me 5 months to find this latest work. I could live with my parents and jobless and without a vehicle at home, but I have my brothers and their families (8 people in a 2 bedroom) living with them because they are all out of work due to the economy. Or do I stay with the cheating boyfriend until I can get back to my feet and I am financially able to take care of myself and my daughter without your help? MedlinePlus My friends say I should stay with him cuz he makes good money and just use it until I can go back to school. MedlinePlus Sounds easy, but I'm going crazy knowing he is playing with me and I'll leave. My pride keeps getting in the way. What would you do?

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