If I will have issues about unpaid car loan in Saudi Arabia and I go home and comes back to Saudi |Arabia with? related questions

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If I will have issues about unpaid car loan in Saudi Arabia and I go home and comes back to Saudi |Arabia with?0Destinie2012-08-11 16:39:02
If I have problems unfinish on unpaid car loan in Saudi Arabia and I go home and return to Saudi Arabia with a different visa and I will be a sponsor is still responsible for that car loan I ever had before and have Police records when I can come back ? Or I can go back to work here in Saudi Arabia?
If I move to work in Saudi Arabia, will I have to wait for a year before I can take a car or housing loan?2vicuna2012-11-03 00:48:02
The banks require you to have an experience of one year with the same employer ?
I will move to Saudi soon and would like to know the loan's interest for personal & car loan?1dajanai2012-10-09 20:18:02
The ineterests are equal ? that cars maitain a good resale value amercian or Japanese cars and are easier to buy and sell ? cost of spare parts and maintenance is cheaper for amercian cars or Japanese ? It is better to buy new or used car or rental car ? rents are expensive ?
Leaving uk unpaid debts behind n going back home3Garz2012-10-26 15:28:46
" I have been studying in the UK for the past four years , I have accumulated a debt amounting to almost
Is there anyway I can go back to school with a unpaid car loan?0Samee2012-09-15 19:35:04
bought a car about a year ago. So I have about 4 years to repay the loan , but I want to go back to school the following year . The problem I have is that my car payment is $ 350 per month and my insurance is 220 $ a month . That's almost $ 600 a month in car payments . Right now I have a job to cover rent payments , etc. , but it is impossible for me to attend school and work in this paper . Change my schedule almost every week . If I find another job that pays well and problably not only cover the car payments and rent. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The reason why I have to go back to school now is that still live at home and am not sure if I can stay home for long. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I stop paying my car ? Try to find another job just to cover my bill Barly car and take a loan for school ? What I can do? I have really wanted to finish college
Can I go back to school with an unpaid student loan?0Mercy2012-10-09 14:48:06
I was in a 4-year college a few years ago and quit. My Student Loan defeated and had to be postponed due to my low income. A year passed and maturity again , I knew it was not due until they took my state tax refund . I still do not receive a bill or anything and I can not pay for it and try to catch up with him and add up quickly. Recently I've been thinking seriously about going back to school , a community college , for now , for nursing. Would return to this unpaid loan ? Would it mean that I would have to pay out of pocket? Or do I have to wait and pay it off and then go ?
Can an unpaid unsecured loan result in having your home taken.?0molly072012-10-13 11:01:38
my neighbors held a
Can an unsecured loan if unpaid result in your home being taken?4di-di2012-10-11 19:08:02
my neighbors held a
Unpaid 401k loan in year 2007 resulted 1099-R reporting. Is there any incentive to pay the loan back now?2. Bye.-2012-11-05 07:24:04
Loan without paying 401k in 2007 resulted in 1099 - R reporting. Also , taxes and fines were paid 10% already in 2007 . Is there any incentive to repay the loan now? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus On my website under the 401k loan in default that reads: MedlinePlus This loan is in default and it was reported that the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) as a taxable distribution from your account . This remains an outstanding loan from your account in accordance with IRS regulations . The balance of this loan will affect your ability to get another loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The IRS website I see the following : MedlinePlus Subsequent payments . If a participant makes cash repayments on a loan that is reported on Form 1099 - R as a distribution perceived by repayments increase the participant
Can I lose my home due to unsecured unpaid debt?0kick2012-10-12 09:58:47
We have a house (which is paid in full . ) We have the credit card debt and personal loans that have gone unpaid because of unemployment . Can my house be taken to satisfy unsecured debt ?
Seller won't fix home issues?1ubaidullah2012-11-03 22:23:02
We are buying a house , had inspection , survey , appraisal etc. spent almost 4,000 so far. The last thing you need to do is some security problems with patio. Some stones are necessary to establish as a tripping hazard . The seller does not have to correct them and sent us a letter if you do not close in less than a month that the sale is retracting . If the problem is not resolved , the bank will give us the loan and we will lose the house and secure money we've spent so far. Will you be required to refund as it is canceling the deal because it does not bind the court . He knows he can not be closed without being fixed and that is why they sent that letter .
How do you deposit money in the bank without causing issues for your home loan underwriting?0Noemi2012-11-04 14:55:23
I sometimes do hair braiding and I get paid like $200 or so per person when I do it...rarely. I have two people that are paying me in the next week or 2 and of course it is a cash transaction. Can I just deposit the $200 or $250 in my bank account without having to worry about the bank asking about those deposits when I am being reviewed/underwriting for a home loan since these amounts are small (under $500) or do I need to do something else. As most will know these type of transactions are always cash in hand.

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