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What kind of loan can i get and what kind should i get?1Kennet2012-08-28 06:53:16
im currently enrolled in NIT . I have a car payment for year 2 ( $ 6,000 ) and now I have a student loan ( $ 11,000 ) . I have 3 credit cards that are almost to the top . (about 1,500 for all three cards ) insurence is about 150 a month. and I can only work three days a week because of school. i will get a job for the weekend . my current job i only have about 150 a week . i have about $ 300 for medical bills . My credit is very good ... is about 740. Does anyone know if the loans and what it can achieve. I want to get a loan to pay my car to lower payments ... Somebody help me!
What Kind of Loan do I need?1Renriki2012-11-04 06:55:01
My husband and I are not sure what type of loan you need . We have total of $ 12,000 of debt. $ 2,300 on 1 truck , 1 loan of $ 2000 (which has never been late) , alimony of $ 5000, $ 2500 tax bill , we have to consolidate , and we must seize our house severely.for an extra room . Here's what we have to collateral 10 acres with a mobile home paid that is paid , paid 4 stall barn , a horse trailer 24ft paid , 99 3/4 ton truck paid , and paid 4wheeler . Here's where I get confused , because we need consoladate , and build , we need about $ 20,000 in loans . Our land and evaluates mobile- only $ 65k . What type of loan is what they need and how I can apply? Thank you very much , any help would be great .
What kind of loan do i need?0devin2012-10-15 16:04:44
Hi, I'm 23 and looking into getting a loan for buying a used car. Now this car is $ 5,000 and I have 2k down to help with the payments . Now this is something I can get with arround until they finish school. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I 'm with CIBC and I guess you get 3 options , personal loans , car loans and credit line . Which should I get and why .
Am I able to get some kind of loan or what else can I do?1Conor2012-10-23 01:55:02
This is the situation , I got kicked out of my house with my girlfriend , I have no place to live , and the car , but I have a job, but I do not do enough where I can get it all at once. I've been looking at " Personal Loans " and " bad credit loans " as an alternative so you can use that money to get a place and get up and get a second job as I should be able to take over after a month or something well , but I do not know what to ask or where to go . The only place I've looked is creditloan.com , any advice? thanks
What kind of loan would this be?1Amanda Emler2012-08-25 23:20:02
I want to get a loan, and I am applying online. But it is a car loan or home mortgage or anything. I just need to get a loan to pay off another loan, breaking a lease, and buy a new car from KSL . I just need some money level . I do not know what category it would correspond to ? Help !
What kind of a loan can I get?0scorpio_gall172012-09-20 05:00:03
Part time student university community MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He lives at home MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Want to go out and buy a car . . . .
What kind of loan can I get?0confoosed2012-08-11 15:05:02
Let me give you some settings here : I'm in the army until mid- '26 2010.I m . I have about $ 25,000 on the left of the student loan debt . In late 2009 , I will be between $ 7 to 10.000 stopped paying . Along with that , I'm looking to get a new car / used in early 2010 . Equifax says my credit score is 655 . I have no debt. I've been with my bank for 5 years, maybe more. I have a checking account and a student visa card credit with them. The card was launched with a limit of $ 500 and up to about $ 1,500, but after a few late payments, fell back to $ 500. I have discovered little in the past, but not for the past year at least. I have not missed a payment with credit card in about that long either. I was late on one or two payments of student loans, but I'm not sure how long ago it was. At least 6 months . What I want is to get a loan from my bank in early 2010 for what is left of my student loan + the cost of my car. I have both consolidated into one payment , so I prefer to include the total amount of what my car will cost instead of having a down payment and pay the lender at a time 2. If I needed $ 15,000 , what are my chances of that? What would help ? What is reasonable to expect a loan in my situation ? What are some options that I have not thought or some of the best ways to get what I want? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance, Joe
What kind of loan can I apply for?0jihb2012-08-18 08:43:32
I'm going to college as a freshman in the fall and I would buy a car with a loan and $ 3,000 - $ 4,000 for a down payment of $ 20,000. My mother to cosign payments and pay for me. My question is what kind of loan should I apply?
What kind of documentation do I need for a car loan?4<3Medic+Droid<32012-10-11 14:12:03
I have to get a car loan , but I do not know what I have to take to the bank . Do you?
I have a question about what kind of loan I need and how to get it.?0moo2012-11-02 11:46:02
Ok, I have two things I have to meet this loan ... My girlfriend and I have a truck that was co-signed by his sister, well, his sister was in a car accident and lost his job. She obviously can not pay your car note and we were stuck with him. We owe about $ 15,500 for the truck and CarMax said they would give us $ 13,000 for it. Ergo, we need $ 2,500 to pay for it. We do not need or want a truck and do not want to pay more $ 350 car notes and $ 150 in insurance, so I just want to get rid of it and take the loss. We also have about $ 5,000 in credit card department that we do not have to, but I would like to consolidate. (NOT SUGGEST selling the car ... we tried everything and 8 months later I still can not find someone to buy). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically, I want a loan for about $ 8000 so we can take care of two things. I have a credit score of 740 and established credit a lot and I'm having trouble understanding why anyone would pay nothing. Atm I am a full time student with a full time job as a sales associate at Sports Authority lead and do just about $ 1,500 a month after tax, however, work with my boyfriend we retired at about $ 3,000 per month. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The people in the pews are being very rude, and I'm not understanding why. Half the time they refuse to even fill out a loan application and the other half are completely indifferent and not try to offer alternatives or suggest anything. There was even a man that is easier to pay four credit cards out of a loan. He told me that even if I had an interest rate of 12% if you pay $ 800 a month on a loan of $ 8,000 that would take place within the year, and he said: "No, I would not because I would not pay much per month. "It goes without saying that it will not take any new business with BancorpSouth ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just need to know what type of loan to ask and I have to say to these people. Any help would be great! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks, MedlinePlus Grant
What kind of loan can i expect?1Nicky 2012-10-24 08:35:04
I'm looking to buy a car I have 19 and still live with my parents have agreed to cooperate sign if I need too . I really do not have bad credit and no credit is I have only one credit card that I have made regular payments of credit. I own a car, aurora 1995 for guarantees . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was hoping to at least 12,000
What kind of personal loan should I get?0ARul2012-08-07 15:37:04
I'm in a situation where my car is new under the name of my father and Volkswagen Bank . I have 19 months left in the car (about $ 7500 owed) and want the car to my name, so I think the only thing you could do is get a personal loan on my own car and pay in full and start to make payments on my loan instead. Currently , interest on car loan from my father is 3.9 % and the interest of other personal loans are about 14 % from what I can say. The car is technically mine anyway since I've been making monthly payments since it was purchased. I just need the car to be with my name, because lets say I have a bad relationship with my father. By the way, you have excellent credit . I am sure that not only an unsecured personal loan or line of credit would be better or had some other better method? Is there any way we can get the car loan from my bank (Wells Fargo )? Please share if you have any suggestions.

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