How do I find investment capital for small business expansion? related questions

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How do I find investment capital for small business expansion?1Iryna2012-10-08 01:57:04
Existing loan small business wants to expand . Services industry .
What is a good business for a single mom with a small capital investment?0maggie r2012-09-26 10:32:05
I am a single mother of two children sending in college . I work in government with a not as big amount of salary. I was able to get a loan - P -100, 000 and want to participate in business with her. I really need extra income to support the education of my children . Thank you !
Need a small business idea with low capital investment to make my career out of it in bangalore?1star sorbet2012-08-14 04:29:36
Hi, I have 24 years done my MBA experience is in sales and marketing of consumer durables . I am very interested in starting my own business but not VHA capital . Can anyone help me with few business opportunities out of which I can make my career and also includes the minimum possible investment in the initial stages. I have to finance my business completely on the loan.
How would I find capital in which to start a business without resorting to small business loans?0Lin2012-09-16 18:22:03
I have no education beyond personal research and a high school diploma and I can not afford college . Due to these circumstances , the only real jobs that are available unskilled jobs that actually work will never get anywhere in life. I have several ideas for potential small business , but lack of money is still a recurring theme . Do any of you know a realistic approach to earn some money so I can start on my way ?
I am trying to get capital for a small business and do not have collateral. Where can I find investors?0Katya2012-09-29 12:58:06
I have developed a mixed martial arts expert elaborate apparatus. The prototype has been built and I was granted a U.S. patent . I have a manufacturer ready to begin production, but need additional funds for the cost of materials and labor . I've already spent $ 20,000 of my own money , but need extra help from this point forward . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a business plan well formulated , but because my company is less than a year and I have no way of collateral banks will not help me , even with the use of the SBA . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for a short term loan for $ 50,000 and it takes 3 to 5 years to pay . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any direction would be greatly appreciated .
I would like to start a small business, please help me find where to get a loan for my capital.?2Tifiani2012-08-10 09:11:03
loan was in vain. here in the Philippines only.
If I needed $300,000.00 investment to start a business in S California. Where might I find them.?1yppum2012-09-16 23:43:04
I've been wanting to go to Southern California to start a business . When I was there two years ago I realized missing something that has the potential to make millions . I wondered how I could find good investors investing in my company ( I would start ) . I've been searching the internet and reading about things . I have not seen anything in this regard . I can buy ? After if removed ? or you want to take me ? How I can get ? I tell you that this is in the food industry and love people something. I really do not see how it would not work , and location, location , location . For starters I have to rent, so I need a place to call option. So keep the location . I put a lot of thought into this. I have yet to work on my demographics to refine some a little more . I want this to be a string. With investors were never anywhere. Can anyone give me an idea ? I thought bank loan. assets need
To start a small business in Mysore with small investment?0Ker2012-08-30 03:38:14
I want to start a small business in Mysore ( Karnataka ) with a small investment : for example , for companies such as travel agencies , restaurants , etc. .. are inexpensive .. if there is any other business other than that please suggest me ..! Please , I have no land and am requesting a loan .. ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please suggest as soon as possible , I will be very thankful to you ..!
Can small business investment loans be solely based on the business plan rather than my poor credit?0jerae2012-09-22 18:02:02
Im a frustrated engineer looking for a way out by going into business . Im looking to get a small business loan for a business idea I have.
How can I get a small business loan if i have bad credit. my business is falling. I really need capital.?0arbee2012-10-13 23:53:43
I can not keep my business running without any capital . I need a loan . I do not know anyone who is willing to help . My family and friends are out , and the bank will not help right now. I feel frustrated . I need a liitle help that's all.
How much start-up capital of your own would a small business lender want to see on a 60k business loan?0Rora2012-09-27 16:59:05
Just curious , how much of my money I would have to get to ( in general) if I was asking a lender to borrow money for a small business loan . MedlinePlus
"Small Business Capital Needed" any help out there?1nisreen2012-09-13 07:13:07
I have to pee bad credit due to divorce happened, but we need to find about $ 10,000. to buy a small truck w / electric lift. I have a 1-year contract with an international shipping company and estasblished to be a pick up contractor .. I'm tired of renting trucks.The income is very good at a daily fee agreement . Paid for p / u and all the little freight.50 pounds to 100 and the size is 18x18x24 centimeters larger.So never ever in a normal Thursday for example I bring home $ 400 cash rent before fuel mileage and trucks .... I'm looking for serious supporters , no games here . MedlinePlus I would be willing to talk to anyone who has this kind of money to invest in a short-term loan . MedlinePlus Send serious offers to my email ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus [email protected] Thanks , " Simmons Delivery"

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