What kind of loan can I get?

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Let me give you some settings here :

I'm in the army until mid- '26 2010.I m . I have about $ 25,000 on the left of the student loan debt . In late 2009 , I will be between $ 7 to 10.000 stopped paying . Along with that , I'm looking to get a new car / used in early 2010 . Equifax says my credit score is 655 . I have no debt.

I've been with my bank for 5 years, maybe more. I have a checking account and a student visa card credit with them. The card was launched with a limit of $ 500 and up to about $ 1,500, but after a few late payments, fell back to $ 500. I have discovered little in the past, but not for the past year at least. I have not missed a payment with credit card in about that long either. I was late on one or two payments of student loans, but I'm not sure how long ago it was. At least 6 months .

What I want is to get a loan from my bank in early 2010 for what is left of my student loan + the cost of my car. I have both consolidated into one payment , so I prefer to include the total amount of what my car will cost instead of having a down payment and pay the lender at a time 2. If I needed $ 15,000 , what are my chances of that?

What would help ?
What is reasonable to expect a loan in my situation ?
What are some options that I have not thought or some of the best ways to get what I want?

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance,

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