Deduction of foreign property tax and mortgage secured on foreign property? related questions

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Deduction of foreign property tax and mortgage secured on foreign property?0Jayson2012-09-27 13:35:05
I have ( own , without mortgage) a condominium ( condo # 1) in my contry mother ( contry # 1) . This Condo # 1 is a rental property (me and my family ( not U.S. citizens or residents ) , do not use more than 14 days or 10% of the year ) . I have a mortgage ( or say " loan " ) set in condo # 1 and took all the money to the U.S. to buy another apartment # 2, where I live now . I usually send money contry # 1 every three months to pay the mortgage ( loan) . I have all the documentation of the foreign bank and send money to demonstrate the regular payment of the mortgage ( loan) . MedlinePlus ? I can deduct the interest paid to the bank in contry # 1 (I think the money is used to buy my apartment # 2 , though not a guarantee ) ? MedlinePlus ? I can deduct property taxes on condo # 1 as a tax deduction abroad?
Can I get a tax deduction for mortgage interest on foreign property owned jointly with my dad?0ARul2012-10-02 14:26:02
This is the apartment that I would have. MedlinePlus My father filed taxes in the foreign country and I can file my U.S. taxes . MedlinePlus The property will be jointly owned . The property will be used to secure the loan and I would be solely responsible for the repayment. MedlinePlus In that case, I can take deductions on mortgage interest ?
Can they take my foreign property?3Maeve2012-09-23 19:45:02
I have run massive debts in the UK , due to a problem with the game I first came while living in Canada . Still I have my name on the title deeds of a house for me and my girlfriend bought Canadian before my gambling addiction. I have no debt in Canada . My debt in the UK is around
What happens if my property sale does not cover my mortgage and secured loan?2mujahid2012-10-27 06:09:02
I'm about to sell my house , but the amount does not cover the mortgage and secured loan. What will happen?
What percentage of UK homeowners own the property outright (ie no mortgage or secured loan)?0Silence replace all2012-08-26 11:05:03
What percentage of homeowners in the UK have the property directly (ie , without a mortgage or secured loan ) ?
Rental property refinance interest deduction?1Davonna and Dewey2012-10-27 05:58:02
I want to refinance my rental property from currently 30K to 170K loan , I can ? Deduct interest on new 170K loan in Annex E , through rental income , the cash portion ( 150K ) is used to pay other loans or debt card card you used to purchase or support other rental properties in recent years .
Property loan on property under mortgage?4Darcey2012-11-03 16:12:01
The building was constructed using housing loans of a nationalized bank . Now they are not prepared to increase the additional construction loan that I'm doing because of my limits eligibility for reimbursement . The papers are owned by the custodial bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now the market value of the property , including the building is more than six times the amount of the home loan . Your income monthly income to cover all EMI . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can get loan ? Property of either aggressive banks in the private sector without closing the existing mortgage loan ? . Normally how much they charge interest for 5 ~ 10 lakhs rupees range ?
Can we get the Deduction U/S 80C of INCOME TAX ACT on the repayment of loan taken for House Property?1tammie2012-09-24 12:21:03
Can we get the deduction U / S 80C of Income Tax Act made ​​loan repayment Property House?
I am looking to buy some property below market value. Can I add my current debt to the equity of new property?5Nakum Bakul2012-09-11 10:19:05
That will have about 125K of equity in the new property and want to consolidate our existing mortgages, auto loans and credit cards.In everything we save about $ 600 per month , has anyone done this before?
Are there any loans out there where I can buy a property and get cash back to rehab the property?1Thimphu2012-10-20 12:38:02
I see a lot of 15k - 30k houses in areas with great potential , but needs about 50k in repairs that sell for much more than 120k . Are there lenders these days to lend me the money to buy a rundown property to fix and sell ?
Stuck in a foreign country?1emath2012-08-22 12:16:23
so I'm stranded in Indonesia sorta my family brought me here to study what I said id check after a month of cold showers and bathrooms that had to squat over them i said id much rather just go to London and they said not work i almost cried on the phone for about two hours before I realized that I had left all other identification other than my passport ( my driver's license , safety card and my card barcalys ) is in London and yelling at them was a waste of money and time because they want me to stay here , I just got back from the British consulate with a letter stating that basically im me , im not sure what good it would do, but I have , oh and the man at the center of calls for barcalys not going to give me my account details for security reasons , is that they are anyway I could get a loan online or something, I'm unemployed 20-year- age and in a foreign country with only a piece of my passport ID .
Foreign exchange student.?1lomas2012-08-16 21:12:03
I have a friend who wants to leave his country to go to college here. But is there a grant, loan or program that can help you rent and apartments, get a job or get a car ?

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