Is it possible to fail this class over a program?

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Asked at 2012-09-27 12:39:06
I am taking this class in college a business -class and trust Excel and Word and PowerPoint sometimes. So here's my situation : In class we must have our laptops in the days when they are not in a computer lab , and are expected to use Office 2007 with some exceptions can use Office 2003 . Personally I can not afford Microsoft products at the moment , I have both expenditures student. I have a rental car that im paying $ 250 a month (plus insurance) and living expenses . so you can imagine how tight I'm a student . I am paying my studies with the help of FAFSA and loans . Today in class when I was using OpenOffice on my laptop I had PCLinuxOS on it . The teacher was circulating around the desks to see what we were doing and saw me with openoffice . he came to me and told me that I can not use . and I have to get MSoffice2007 . I told him , right now that's all I have . He said he could fail his class , I tried to explain that it is almost the same. and can do most of teh things we have to do in class . He said that there are no exceptions , and gave me a warning . ! Why agrivated me so I just got out of class today . I argued with him with no luck . No I have $ 200 to go get MSOffice 2007, even in my school they sell for $ 150 what the hell ? What about people who do not have computers ? I mean I have the luck that I have this laptop ( i saved for 6 months ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm a bit of a poor college student .
Answer1Brandon S.Answered at 2012-10-11 00:25:05
that's so stupid ! u should not have to fail because of that! ugh , I hope that I have a prof . that! good luck !
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