Explain the process of starting an online pawnshop?

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hello , my name is John and I'm 18 . After graduating from high school, I just discovered a passion for the operation of a business. I generally have had difficulty following simple instructions in school , but also has intelligent ideas on how to solve solutions , and has the ability to think creatively out of the box . I had the idea of ​​an online pawnshop where I would take my current capital of $ 6,000 and pay a portion of it so you never need in exchange for an article of yours that would be used as collateral and is equal the value of my loan , and either pick interest in the future , or if not I still would enforce contract and resell the article . All this would take place online that imply a convenient way to make easy money . my earnings come from interest received, the resale of items that I have received through interest payments failed , and the sale of advertising space on the website . My inventory could be in my college dorm room , or my storage room in my house . While I have the ideas and vision , I admit that lack of logic and common sense step by step process to get this started . any expert out there who can give me either the answer or even suggestions on how to get this started ? Thank you.

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