WHY WOULD YAHOO! REMOVE MY ANSWER? do you think this was a wrong answer?

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Asked at 2012-09-27 07:49:04
A girl asked, "I'm in trouble and need $ $ $, how I can make $ 5,000 in a few days?"
My response: "Honestly, and I mean ... you're screwed I'm sorry but that's the truth can not do much without doing something illegal and / or extremely dangerous Your choices are ... 1. Selling drugs: .. but it takes money to start with ... unless you faced it you But unless you know a dealer that can provide you a great value for some of the prescription drugs that will not work elsewhere If you know someone well, it is likely that a customer, and they will not trust someone who just showed up asking for a ton of drugs one day anyway. (I'm assuming the $ 5,000 is not paying your dealer) 2. Prostitution:. possibly more dangerous than drug sales and probably not as profitable, even at $ 30 - $ 50 a trick, would be out there at least two weeks and that's assuming you do not get robbed / raped Unless of course you are very hot .. I live in a major U.S. city. then you may be able to be a "prostitute" ... you could win $ 5,000 with a date if you're lucky. kinda But needs to be connected with a lady that also and that could take some time, and their Stripper will want a portion of your income 3: .. you could make $ 5,000 in just one week, assuming you are really warm (not hot model, porn star and hot) and live in a good market. But you can not go blowing your advice on alcohol and drugs, even if you need to get across the idea of ​​making money this way. Anyway, maybe you will be in it. you will not know until you try. *** Option 3 is my choice. "Stripper." quick tips to do very little work. certainly you will be exposed to drugs you may be able to turn a profit, thereby achieving the benefits of Option 1. And if you want, you could take "private clients" also reaping the financial rewards of "prostitute" status as mentioned in option 2. Though this is the best option of the three, all of them have inherent risks. Good luck!
Answer1cjonesAnswered at 2012-09-30 01:53:03
seriously ... I do not see the problem thus suppressing the response ?
Answer2LuciaAnswered at 2012-10-10 11:12:22
+ Was scrubbed my answers twice and i'v never figured out why!
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