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How much do i need to shell out for a one time Alimony?1Boyc2012-10-14 02:04:02
My income is 50k and have mortgage loan, auto loan and other obligations .... Would like to know if there is any rule of thumb for calculating alimony after I will have to pay , of course based on my income . I have a son and she is 1 year old. If there are other considerations , how I can reduce my alimony, please suggest . Your suggestions welcome.
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Alimony laws in NJ?2jake p2012-09-29 00:46:03
My husband and I got married when we were both in college ( poor ) working while I stayed at home with two young children . After 5 years of marriage , we separated . Now it is well over $ 200,000, while I am in the process of starting a business (which means they have loans rather than income) and no experience in the job since I was in college . For now still paying all the bills and I have yet to our children , but we have arangment formal. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since alimony is out of date I have fear of contact even with an attorney to see what my options are . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is an uncontested divorce , but I 'm kind of feeling through a winning lottery ticket . What I can expect after divorce ?
Can my wife get alimony? how much?0Erin2012-08-19 09:38:29
My wife and I have known each other for 6.5 years and married for 2.5. marriage has been a pretty hard with a lot of arguments and resentment . My wife has been emotionally and physically abusive at times ( though I know that child support is need-based only) . Divorce has been threatening lately , so nobody can here can help me understand how much I could get child support from me for alimony ? Here's more background data : MedlinePlus - No property ( we rent ) MedlinePlus - No Chidren together ( she is 14 years old ) MedlinePlus - I 2.5 to 3 times what it does, but both have stable jobs MedlinePlus - Since we got married , their lifestyle has improved significantly ( we shop for her every weekend ) , and recently stopped talking to her rich mother ( who used to spend a lot on us / her) MedlinePlus - We bought a new car for me six months ago , but it is in my name , but paid with joint savings MedlinePlus - Each has a car payment of about the same magnitude , but she has started before the marriage MedlinePlus - Have you had credit / outstanding issues from before marriage ( my credit score is great) MedlinePlus - Also I have a student loan payment each month MedlinePlus - She has made threats about her being the richest among us ( by her mother ) and my " use for money" MedlinePlus - We are in california MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help ?
Alimony from corporation?0Ishana Mishti Aapke Babe2012-09-27 13:54:03
My husband owns a LLC , (he changed when he found out I was pregnant three months before we got married . ) anyway .. supposedly receives a repayment of a loan of 10,000.00 per month from the company. This income has been coming for the last 8 years. never does any work .. only small jobs here and there , so their income tax is low , say only is 20,000.00 per year . money that has come in all the time I do not know where it comes from . I only get what I get .. that is around 4000.00 per month and I have to pay all the bills .. Now he has filed for divorce and says he will not have to pay any alimony because doing little .. I quit my job to stay home all these years to care for the baby, who weighed only two pounds at birth .. I lost my retirement .. He has been verbally abusive and he is an alcoholic .. that is making divorce in ky .. have money for a lawyer and I do not .. I have a paper to go to court on the 19th of this month .. so any idea ..
Do I owe alimony? How much in child support?2LX Size: Big guys 2012-10-11 13:11:03
We've been together for four years , lives in the same house ( rented ) , but we're not married . We have 2 children and it does not work . I owe alimony if we separate? No problem , I pay child support, but I will not support it as long as you find someone to be with. I 100K and the only loan we have together is for a car loan . I pay all health insurance and car .
My sisters ex husband has stopped paying alimony?1biti2012-10-16 06:33:02
My sister divorced because she found someone else . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically the house rose , children and gave the car , it was a nice thing to do , as it could have been . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , she has no job and is dependent on him to repay student loans for women's studies , as well as child support and alimony . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has failed to pay child support as well. MedlinePlus He says he is barely able to pay for your medicine . BS . It's called insurance . I should get some MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I have really wanted to turn around to wherever the hell it is and kick his . MedlinePlus *** MedlinePlus My sister wants to know if there are legal options for this?
In the State of California, can an auto financer garnish alimony?0Donita2012-08-12 17:52:03
My mother bought a used car last year , payments on those who can not pay. She is based in Social Security disability payments and child support for their livelihood. I would like to make a car ( repos) and if not able to make a reasonable payment plan with the creditor to pay the remainder of the loan ( 19k loan , cars and trucks to a value of 12 000 caps ... ), she just do not know what to do. I know that SSD can not be attached by private creditors , but his alimony payments can be garnished by debt remaining after the car auction?
How do I figure out if Va is a state that can garnish ur paycheck for anything or just alimony & child support?0Hali2012-10-07 04:39:26
I have Sallie Mae loans they can not afford to start paying . They wanted $ 300 a month and told them that . More could do is $ 150 and $ 300 would have said or we send you to collections . I talked to 500 billion different people who told me 500 billion different things and options . They finally sent to collections . We, the collections agent keeps calling me at work, when she has my home phone number . , Saying that decorating my next paycheck unless you can give $ 19,000 right now , seriously , if I could do that I would not be in this situation . So I said each state has its own laws on foreclosures . Some states may only garnish alimony and child support and other people and do anything . I researched on the Internet , but I can not find anything to do with the time they can do this with my check or not. How I can know the laws here in Va? and even if they can not make you have to take me to court and win the case first before they can start taking it ? I'm so confused because they really financial assistant at my school told me he just said that to scare people into paying you can not foreclose on those loans ... I'm sooo confused so any help would be greatly appericated .
After a mutual divorce filing in court wife is demanding more maintenance and alimony..?2SMH2012-09-30 10:28:03
Me and my wife filed for divorce on mutual Ahmedabad court on March 19, 2012. MedlinePlus In the longer agree to give another plane (A), which is on my property only as full settlement of alimony / maintenance of his decree after marriage. MedlinePlus she is currently staying at that level (A) with my daughter. MedlinePlus She has almost 40% of my total property with her daughter (14 years) MedlinePlus we have two children. MedlinePlus my son (24yrs) and staying on my floor (B). MedlinePlus I have no other thing to do is wait with this plane (B.) MedlinePlus she took the entire membership, gold, cash, etc. from my place. MedlinePlus I'm out of work for four months .. MedlinePlus my money is draining out quickly and am currently looking for work in Dubai at the age of 49 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, I heard that familiar half the money requested floor (B) and also a monthly maintenance. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In mutual divorce petition, signed documents to be agreed that it will not claim any other real or personal property of me or my family .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a flat MedlinePlus (B) in mumbai loan Icici thro 'NRE house six years ago. processing the mortgage I signed a POA in Dubai and given to ICICI bank home loan in NRE I authorized my wife to go and sign the documents, paperwork, registration, stamp duty, etc., to make use of the flat (B) thro 'ICICI bank home loan, mumbai, in the absence of myself as I was in Dubai in my workplace ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Paid / disable all loan fees to the bank in February 2012. MedlinePlus last month on March 28, 2012 the bank has given me all my original documents Floor (B) for me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Going thro 'the documents came to know that my wife is / becomes a co-owner of flat (B). MedlinePlus Only last sale page act declares that she had signed the deed of sale'' on behalf of me "MedlinePlus otherwise all the places in all the documents and signature name is there .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need your help to know that, how I can get the ship reverse co-owner of my flat (B) a single owner in the deed of sale without his signature? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please guide me how to save me from this greedy woman? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help ...
My student loans were consolidated time and time again. In the end, two different agencies claimed I owed them?1 활용되지 않는 부정사 동사 2012-09-18 16:07:02
Only you could provide me copies of original loan documents , so they pay (many thousands of dollars now through the years ) , and yet another ( HESC ) has haunted me relentlessly. This year , they took (offset ) my tax refund even though I paid my student loans through Direct Loans. I provided them with receipts , statements and private documents ... which in turn have given me nothing . No evidence of loan , no answer . No one will help me and they took my tax refund and are ruining my reputation and credit. What I can do?

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