Anywhere I can find free books, maybe even games?

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Asked at 2012-09-27 00:39:07
Desperate to return to college I decided to go through my closet and dust off my old books that are in great condition one sell online to help pay for a particular loan that I could get one for school . Not expecting much I sold a lot of books and even some of my old games . I was very pleased . I was wondering if anyone might know a place in the city of New York that could give away old books and / or games that one might be able to go and collect . Not sure if this is possible , but I was curious and thought it would not hurt to ask for help because every bit as much as do extra income . Please say no and suggest another job because I have two jobs and this book of great success is the only thing I have time to do that brought some success . Thanks in advance ... :)

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