WHERE in Oregon can I get a personal loan with "credit challenges"? related questions

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WHERE in Oregon can I get a personal loan with "credit challenges"?1cjs11-rox2012-10-03 14:22:02
I am a mother of 3 and work 40 hours a week . I have no time to lose , looking for something that simply can not be possible .... Is there a place in Portland Oregon , which offer unsecured personal loans , even with less than perfect (ADB ) credit ? Please , no payday loans , title loans online or work at home scams ....
I had a credit score of 710- 36 months ago, today (due to some personal challenges) my FICO score has?0geo2012-09-22 13:38:02
fell to 492 so it is impossible to get a car loan . I along with my wife , has over $ 30,000 in unsecured debt , strange as that question is, if I were to declare bankruptcy , it would raise my FICO score ? ? ?
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Help with Car Loan & Death of Borrower - Oregon?0:そ -2012-10-08 09:24:31
My father - in - law recently died in a horrible car accident and has two new cars that are purchased in the last year . The family , especially my mother - in-law ( who unempoyed ) , is worried that the debt will fall on them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus NOTE : No one else was in the car loan or title , nor was there a co -signer MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Does anyone know what happens if , in the state of Oregon , when the borrower dies a car loan ? I was hoping that we could return the car to the bank and call it even , since no one else in the claim or the instrument . I think it's ridiculous for the bank to go after the family ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you are familiar with this topic , please feel free to contact me with any helpful advice. Thank you !
What challenges are there to maintaining us citizenship and permanent residency in aother cuntry?0Tony Leal2012-11-04 17:39:48
Can a minor US citizen with a US citizen born mother and a permanent resident Father who is also a citizen of Austraila benfit from permanent residency in Austrailia? Will there be challenges for the minor in the US?
How long is the usda loan taking to go through underwriters for polk county, oregon?0Lan2012-11-06 08:34:33
We are currently seeking out a home in Dallas, Oregon. We were told a week ago that it was taking 12 days for the USDA loans to clear through underwriting in Polk County. Has that estimate improved?
Any lawyers familier with the payday loan laws that just went in effect in July for Oregon?3arochimero2012-09-27 06:32:04
my question is that is canceling a payday loan shop cash through a third collection agency for about nine months to $ 100 per month , then I very well that in early August was sent from my account back to " the Cash store " I noticed it was the same time frame that many of the companies in Oregon there gave the license to do business in Oregon because of new laws that took effect in Oregon on July 1 . Now you can get a hold of anyone in the company and ask what is going on . I owed $ 435 lefted 1000 on the original balance in dollars. Think you only pay the remaining balance ?
Oregon Foreclosure Time Frame?0APA - In text referencing.2012-08-29 07:05:18
I'm looking for serious answers and links to resources or online documentation regarding deadlines Oregon foreclosure . I have a coworker migrant who was literally shaking and crying today , could not work . Her husband died in an accident a few months ago and has been struggling to make ends meet since. She is behind this month and has done the math , and does not look like she will never be able to pay the mortgage and bills without a salary increase of 60% ( that's not going to happen ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She has had her house valued and worth only $ 180k , while the balance of the house is $ 278K . Literally there is no equity in it , and he had made a loan of money not the only interest of Countrywide . So selling or short selling is not an option , since even the main lender has no incentive to lose and have refused to work with her . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No money left , she is looking to save money to pay for the transfer and deposit required to move into a house or apartment and pay the deficits in her dead husband's Escalade and boat ( both already been repo'ed ) . < Br > MedlinePlus She knows it's only a matter of time before it ends . She needs to know how long you have to live in the house until it is expelled from a foreclosure proceeding . Does anyone know how long in serious LEFT TO LIVE IN THE HOUSE UNTIL SHE evicted from foreclosure in Oregon ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please cite your sources and / or any other relevant resource if available . Serious answers only. You're an idiot if you insult blunt headed the grieving widow unconvincing answers written or racial slurs . If you can not say something nice , please , do not say anything at all.
Is it a bad time to buy a home in the portland oregon area?1shining_star0072012-08-12 17:12:03
My husband and I are in our mid 20 with children and would like to buy a home before age 30. He has a degree in electrical engineering and works for a large company, but our credit sucks and we're not sure if we were to the amount that we would like for our first home. We 'd like to at least 160.000 to 200.000 dollar mortgage. Is that possible with a credit score of 600? Or is the worst time to be buying ?
How can I get a car title back after defaulting on a title loan in Oregon?5Adrian2012-10-21 13:32:03
I took the loan in September 2005. I paid ontime for every interest expense, but could not pay the whole thing off . Then the car broke and I pay the loan. Now they are threatening to sue after they have paid over 1000.00 for a loan of 400.00 on top of the car offer rejected because it was executed. I sell the car for parts, but can not until you get the title back. I do not think it's fair that I paid so much and are now trying to sue for another 1200.00 on top of what I paid . What I can do? I just needed a little help on the bills and now I am more in debt than I started. How I can get a degree now to sell my car parts or sell the whole car ?
What's the difference between a personal line of credit and a personal loan to consolidate debt?0Fuzzy Logic 2012-10-03 23:07:45
who is smarter in the long run MedlinePlus thanks
Dose Signing a Personal Guarantee for a Business loan destroy personal credit score?1uzma2012-09-12 07:09:05
singning collateral for a personal loan busniness small 200k ? I destroy my FICO score ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus since im guaratee perosonal firm will report the loan amount busniness and personal credit agencies ? MedlinePlus drastically reducing my traffic and revenue dembt relationship ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus as im planiing few months to buy a home ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks

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