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Buying a business with 2 houses on property.?1tameisha2012-10-15 02:37:02
I am currently looking at 10 acres of land with a small company that was running . The property has two houses on it. It would be my wife and I and another couple who are good friends. What is the best way to get funding for it. I'm thinking split three ways would be best. Do we have a small business loan and mortgages 2?
Can we secure a loan on a piece of lake property with two houses on the same parcel of land?2Deidre2012-11-05 02:16:02
Eight years ago to buy a 2 bdr lake house two years ago and built a small 1200 square foot house next door on the same plot for our children . We are told that we can not refinance the property because of the plot with two houses on the same plot (2 acres ) . We are told that this is a federal regulation . Neither property is used for rental and is located on a lake 80 miles of our primary residence .
I want to start a business flipping small houses and i have no money or credit to get a loan, what do i do?0Paul2012-11-04 01:28:03
How I can start really need this for me and my family as a cause many Americans who live pay check to pay check . Im a very intelligent man , but when I was younger i did not so my chances ruinon
Buying property for investment. Where?2finonn2012-11-04 19:40:02
My wife and I are planning to buy an investment property . Maybe a 2 bedroom apartment unit . The only thing is we can not decide where . Currently we are considering only Singapore and Australia MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Holidays in Singapore are very high . The tax is low . And loan rates are low ( er ) . However, prices are rising. There is a possibility that they might be able to rent the unit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We are also considering Australia as could retire there . Specifically Brisbane and Melbourne . And property prices have been shooting so fast , we are concerned that if we do not buy now , we will not have the opportunity . There are also very low unemployment rate and we are very confident of renting the unit . However, taxes are high . There is even an income tax itself. And the rent is no big deal . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So , any advice?
Buying a repossession property?1 New Delhi2012-11-01 22:37:02
I'm thinking of buying a house that was repossessed from the previous owners . Where I can bear that had gotten other loans , etc. against the property , is there any possibility that creditors could come and take the house from me in the future because of the debts of previous people have run up?
Buying property with no money down? For real?5blask2012-10-15 13:05:02
We've all seen the informercials leaves Carlton and others. Yes , you could spend a little money percent whatever to get my answer , but I just want to know if this is really possible , or only some scams very well done . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel that the "system" consists mostly buying foreclosures, but still, you still have to make money or get a 100 % financing to buy any property , awarded or not . I find this a little secret cashless purchase or loan is all you really are selling in those 4 " thick manuals and DVDs . So without totally destroying the companies that sell these " systems " , anyone can give me a subtle clue as to the nature of that one secret? MedlinePlus Has anyone here actually bought a course and make money from it ? Does anyone here actually bought the property with no money , no credit and no mortgage ? When you read the secret , right smack on the forehead and say "of course ! 's So obvious ! " Or was a very complicated procedure ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Somebody give me the scoop !
Buying cash or get home loan?12oh noes he didnt2012-11-03 22:04:03
We are thinking of buying our home fist. We are fortunate to have the option to buy the house with cash instead of paying the mortgage. We have no real benefit to obtain mortgage loan to pay off the house instead of paying with cash? What are some of the disadvantages of paying with cash? We would be very grateful if any of the homeowners can share their knowledge with regard to this matter . Thank you.
When buying a home, do you need to prepay some property taxes?0steve dowling2012-11-05 20:36:19
We are buying a condo and are wondering if we need to prepay taxes for that property at closing?
Buying my first property, Bad credit, Lots of cash though?0curt2012-08-13 08:26:36
I destroyed my credit card when I was 18-20. Now I am 28 . Most things in my credit card is no longer there or dropped out . The only thing now is a car loan is paid on time. I want to buy a home to about 175,000. I have 73,000 in the bank for payment. Am I being screwed because of my credit? Also , I prefer to buy a multifamily house , are considered income which are included as income?
Must i mortgage my 1st property when buying 2nd in Tamil Nadu?0ELINA2012-08-30 03:47:14
Hi all, MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for your help . My parents and I were able to get a home loan from Bank India , Chennai , Tamil Nadu purely on the basis of our income from employment . The housing loan was used to purchase apartment in Bangalore . (We use Indian Bank , Chennai , because until a year ago were residents of Chennai - Bangalore -y but now we own a property in Chennai since ) . After the loan was approved and purchased properties in Banglore , a month later Indian Bank has approached us asking us to mortgage the 1st edition and title documents to them . The reason being , is mandatory under the Tamil Nadu Government to first home mortgage if additional property is financed through the nationalized Indian Bank.And this rule applies to everyone in Tamil Nadu and for all those who are property owners in Tamil Nadu and wish to purchase additional property. Becuase mortgage involves considerable cost pls someone can advise me properly. This rule exists and in what circumstances . Thank you very much .
Do you have to declare the source of your money when buying a property?2 Hurt: 2012-09-18 09:24:03
In Singapore , I heard from friends that you have to declare the amount to the bank if you are about to deposit , transfer any amount over $ 1 million. Not sure about this Im , enlighten me . I was wondering if the same rule applies to the purchase of the property. Say I have about $ 1000 in cash to work independently , and I have to borrow the mortgage loan , do I have to declare the origin of my cash on hand , to the authorities? How I can go about buying things and selling price of more than $ 1 million of the money I've done without paying taxes .
Buying property / real estate with no it possible?0jericia2012-09-05 06:33:07
For personal reasons , my grandmother wants to buy her house . Your current mortgage left on the property is $ 100,000 , which is also the price she wants me to buy it. The house needs some work , but even without it , I'm pretty sure that the house will sell for at least $ 350,000 or higher ( the adjacent property right across the street that was constructed in the same year, same model , same size , recently sold $ 415,000 ) . The property is located in a good area on the outskirts of New York . My question is , with the LTV (loan to value ) so low that a bank does not accept cash and do 100 % of the loan cost ? I'm assuming that there is so little risk for the bank , given the huge amount of equity in the property .

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