Loan with a 660 experian credit score. I need a lender that only pulls the experian credit score.? related questions

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Loan with a 660 experian credit score. I need a lender that only pulls the experian credit score.?3DonnaK2012-08-27 15:15:03
I am looking for a credit card or personal loan , I need a lender that only pulls the Experian credit score as this is my highest of all three scores -660 , I'm looking for not less than $ 10,000 in the form of a loan or credit card to consolidate some bills . Who do I contact?
How come my credit score online powered by Experian is different from auto dealers credit score?also Experian0M.2012-10-15 06:13:14
Only recently applied for a credit car loan and discovered my new FICO score is 100 points different from my on-line FICO score both driven by Experian . I applied two distributors with the same score , but different from my credit report online . I do not understand why? ? ? .
My current experian credit score is 637. If i finance a car loan will it bring my score up?7lindaprice2012-10-24 16:47:03
I just got approved for two department store cards and was rejected by one or two large . I know the fact that lenders are reviewing my credit score affects , but with the car loan will make the score down ?
If you have a credit score of 636 by experian?1Roderick2012-11-02 04:55:02
and trans binding score of 518 can still get a mortgage with only Experian credit score
Transunion says my credit score is 580 while Experian says it is 623, what gives?0anajan2012-10-10 20:51:55
After recently being turned down for a car loan through various lenders , I took a closer look at my credit card and what it was that made ​​me be denied. My credit score is 580 TransUnion and Experian says 623 ! Before applying for car loans , which had recorded only TransUnion , so I assumed that my credit score of 580 was why he was being rejected . I dispute a few things on my TransUnion report , but it seems that they are still there , but those same items do not appear on my Experian report - so that's why my score is superior to them ? I 'm glad my Experian score is 623 , but very frustrated that supposedly is not a qualification really terrible and should not be the cause of me being rejected by everyone, right? I am waiting to receive my Equifax report to see what would qualify me. How I can know what my score lenders saw ? My credit report certainly could use some fixing , so I know I should do it and then see the most accurate result showing . Anyway - is 623 really that bad ? Should not I be able to qualify for a car loan with that score ? Why you rejected me ? I have no debt at all and would not have credit cards right now , I know I could hurt. What should I do so that I can qualify for a car loan ?
What is the highest Experian Credit score you can have. (UK)?0Jessica Hennen2012-09-25 08:43:07
I just checked my score online as I have been turned down for credit . Says my score is 999 and the excellent category and more than 71 % of the population . I have only
I have an Experian credit score of 533, can I get approved for a personal loan anywhere?0Jiovanni2012-11-05 13:38:36
I am 22, employed and currently a full-time student.
What interest rate would I get for a car loan for $8000 with a 704 experian credit score, limited history?0darz2012-10-01 01:26:02
I had two credit cards in the past six months. Very low limits on the payments on time and both have less than 30% of them . I was looking for a car agt for just under $ 8000 .
What percentage of people that use cash advance stores have a Experian credit score below 520?0jrhargr2012-11-02 07:58:08
I am doing a research paper on peer to peer lending and am trying to figure out the affects of peer to peer lending on cash advance stores mainly serving people with bad credit. 520 is the minimum credit requirement for placing a loan on prosper ( a peer-to-peer lending site)
Applied for car loan and was denied due to Credco reporting 0 score. Is this legal? Experian score is 630.?2Michell2012-09-09 17:24:03
I've been applying for credit without knowing that I had in CREDCO 0 - Factor. I do not understand why. They also have me listed as a birth date different, but I know it's because the research in my credit reports. When I can check my score w / the three offices with more than 590. What I can do? . Is it legal to do this ?
Which credit card (if any) should I apply for with an Experian Score of 720, but short credit history?0Shantel2012-10-07 00:23:57
I recently cleaned my credit and am trying to rebuild it. I have nothing negative on my report ( all being dropped) , but have a short length of positive credit history . MedlinePlus This is what I have: MedlinePlus Experian Score : 720 MedlinePlus CC guaranteed for 8 months at $ 300 ( My bank will not issue unsecured card until about one year MedlinePlus In charge of a car loan three years MedlinePlus No late payments on my record MedlinePlus Full time good work . MedlinePlus Want to build credit for the future . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I apply for a credit card now or wait until my bank offers me a non - guaranteed in 4 months ? If I were to apply, please recommend a card based on my story . Thanks in advance !
Equifax Score and Experian Score Vary by a large amount...Is it normal?0Tyisha2012-11-03 18:16:02
In 2006 , I paid over $ 10,000 to various creditors to pay off my credit card debt . Now I have seven negatives on my credit report , and 3 positives (1 cc never been late , and two student loans) . I understand that it will take time to improve my credit score , but few things I wanted to do : MedlinePlus 1. My Equifax score is 57 points higher than my Experian score ... is that normal? although both are not good . 2. I have hopes of buying a condo in 2-3 years . Does my score if I place making timely payments to my student loans , and buy groceries , etc , and in my credit card and indefinite paid in full each month ? MedlinePlus 3. I am also considering a secured credit card . How do another entry on my credit report affect my credit score ?

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