Can A Bank Accept Money On A Voluntarily Closed Account?

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I closed my bank account on 19/12/07 ( And yes , this is shown on your online banking service on their website ) . The University 1/16/08 I have not received my statement from university (I'm studying abroad ) so that they refunded my money for grants and loans that the bank . Now , the bank agreed to this deposit with Credit description of the January 21, 2008 and I was not notified of the transaction . Again, the account is marked as closed , but have accepted my money from the University . The customer service department was missing only when I called and asked for them to connect my money to my new bank account or return to college. They said they would do any of those and had to send a notarized ( Bank = I = Europe USA ) for its headquarters and have passed then after a couple of weeks I get a check mailed to the U.S. address residential . All this sounds full of bad practices but this even allowed ? Banks accept money in the account closed ?

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