Phil, an enrolled agent, prepares William's income tax return. William gives Phil power of attorney, including related questions

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Phil, an enrolled agent, prepares William's income tax return. William gives Phil power of attorney, including0sean2012-09-25 16:57:02
Phil , a registered agent , William prepares return income tax . Guillermo gives Phil the power of attorney , including authorization to receive your federal income tax refund check . Consequently , the IRS sends $ 100 rebate check William by Phil . William is very slow in paying their bills and Phil will be $ 500 for the tax . Phil should MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . Use William paycheck as collateral for a loan of $ 100 to help until William paid . MedlinePlus b. Refusing to deliver the check to William William pays $ 500 . MedlinePlus c. Get written permission from William to endorse the check , check, and reduce the amount you owe $ 400 William . MedlinePlus d. Turn the check directly to William .
Pre-Calculus: Phil bought a car by taking out a loan for $18,500 at .5% interest...?0!!!!Need help!!!!2012-09-05 13:30:03
Phil bought a car for taking a $ 18,500 loan at 0.5% interest per month . Phil Average monthly payment is $ 434.47 per month , but he decides he can afford to pay $ 100 extra to the balance each month . His balance each month is given by the recursively defined sequence : MedlinePlus Bo = $ 18,500, Bn = 1.005B ( n -1) -534.47 MedlinePlus a) What is the phil balance after the first payment , ie determining B1 . MedlinePlus b ) using a calculator , determine when your balance is less than 100,000. How many payments of $ 534.47 has been done? MedlinePlus c ) determine when it will pay the balance . What is the toal of all payments ? MedlinePlus d ) what is your interest expense ?
Power of attorney when divorcing.?1Semaj2012-09-26 03:16:03
My son and his wife are divorcing . Divide the property and wants the car . They still owe on the car and your credit is bad . The loan is in your name and the lawyer is wanting to use the power of attorney to enter his name and remove his name from the loan. Will you still owe on the car if you default ? MedlinePlus
Can my co signers "power of attorney" sue me for this?0Neo2012-08-21 05:55:02
I'll make this short and sweet . In college my grandmother co-signed by some of my loans . They have been in repayment for about a year and have never failed to pay ( knock on wood) since my uncle has earned my grandmothers power of attorney. A year ago my uncle asked me to give him all the original documents . I gave him the documents . Fast forward a year and now being asked to send documents back and is saying that he never sent the documents the last time . Im very busy right now and lives about 1000 miles away, so I told him it would be best if he calls companies to get the original itself. You know , cut out the middle man . For some reason I do not want to do that and has threatened to sue me if I do not give him the documents . This caused a red flag for me because the power of attorney can easily get documents like this . He used to show me his power of attorney and I am starting to doubt that it has . My question is , if I demanded what would become of him and you could win ? I can also deny your request , as I have not seen his power ? Thanks guys
Power of Attorney Fraud for Loan?0Lose2012-10-15 20:25:23
When my husband was deployed , I ended up running out of cash and took out a credit line of $ 2,000 with his power . It was a special power that had military representation . I did not ask permission to my husband first , really. He communicated with a married woman and sending pictures back and forth with her and I got angry. MedlinePlus Long story short , he's crazy , he met someone else , wants a divorce , and says he can get me for fraud because it applied online as if I were him ( in his name ) , not to mention power. Basically I went online , put your information , and took out the loan because it was the only one with a bank account because it does not have one , and paid all the bills and gave me an "allowance " each week before deployment . Is this true ? Can it really fraud ? I have fear.
Car loan with power of attorney for husband in Iraq?0TIFFNAY2012-08-19 05:24:28
My daughter 's husband is currently serving in the Army in Iraq and they need another vehicle . His only income is his, but she has power of attorney authorizing him to buy a car or a house to his name . Unfortunately , most lending institutions that were present to sign the loan and does not accept his power of attorney . Does anyone know of any reputable lenders to go that route ? My wife and I are not in a situation where I could help , even as a co -signer on the note , so it's not a viable option . Thank you.
I am now my friends power of attorney and need help in securing a loan for him.?1yeaulonne2012-09-21 06:22:02
his current lawyer is trying to screw over and you need a loan to get a new lawyer. I think it does, but insists that . the lawyer has a lien on your property
Power of attorney to award property when divorcing?1Ariel2012-10-20 07:38:08
My son and his wife are divorcing . Divide the property and wants the car . They still owe on the car and your credit is bad . The lawyer is wanting to use the power of attorney to enter his name and remove his name from the loan. Will you still owe on the car if you default ?
I have durable power of attorney of my seriously ill father he is in need of a transport vehicle?1Atem2012-09-26 11:06:03
I carry on doctor visits and transport wherever he needs to go. Your vehicle is fried and you need a new car for transportation. I applied online for a car loan with me as co-owner and approved is not able to sign for the car because of the disease at this time. As your durable power of attorney I can buy the car on your own ?
What "Power of Attorney" or other legal documents will I need to have someone purchase a home in my absence?1voulez_vous_coucher_avec_moi 2012-09-18 21:15:03
I am currently deployed in Iraq and I am looking to buy a house . I found a few online that interests me and I would have a family act as my attorney-in- fact to purchase a home if I find one I 'd buy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have obtained a certificate of pre - approval for a mortgage from USAA . Guess I will be able to handle everything through USAA through the mail and notaries, I have access to here at the base . Is there some special power , the lawyer who is acting on my behalf will be necessary when dealing with the bank ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Regarding the purchase of the house , I have a power of attorney prepared real estate . I'm waiting to be specific to the actual property you want to buy before I have completed and sent . If my attorney-in- fact need any other power of attorney before actually deciding on a particular house ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What about hiring an inspector ? Can anyone do this for home or requiring my signature too? What about the attorney to review the paperwork ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This will be my first home purchase , I have read a little about the process , but I'm still unclear on some of the details . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
If you have poor credit or owe on student loans can you act as power of attorney over someones money?0Brian 4th grade2012-11-06 05:18:06
William D. Ford Income Contingent Repayment Plan?0mathexplorer2012-09-26 17:59:03
My husband owes taxes loans.They student took his last year when he tried to call and do not want to give payments that are much more reasonable than we afford.I have heard of the William D. Ford plan Income Contingent Repayment of a situation.How wondered would it help the time it takes to finish and get it out of default

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