Where to find a genuine financial aids or private sector parties providing real, unsecured consolidation loans? related questions

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Where to find a genuine financial aids or private sector parties providing real, unsecured consolidation loans?0Thanks to all Jiskha Teachers2012-08-11 09:46:02
Help needed urgently to help me to solve all my licensed lenders loans, these loans that had caused me many problems, the loss of my 4 years relationship , insomnia , difficulty concentrating my work , borrowing money from friends and family , causing it to start playing hide and seek " seems to end of the world , have mercy on my situation some1 can lead me to any place or person who can give me a loan, repayment in monthly installments , of course, with interest, by Please contact me as soon as possible [email protected] , contact yours does not . and requirements.unsecured only loans .
Where can I find debt consolidation for "private" student loans?1Cho2012-10-23 10:55:03
I am a young professional who is on the head of the private student loan debt and credit card debt . I found several companies willing to help me with my credit card debt , but no luck with the private student loan debt , and that is not considered "safe " debt . My interest rates on these loans are more than 20% to make my monthly payments totaling $ 700. Because I have credit problems in the past , I am considered a "high risk" , which can not get banks to reduce my interest rate . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know of an agency that is willing to help people with "private" student loan debt ? I'm looking for some type of debt consolidation to reduce my interest rate and lower monthly payment . Please note these are not private student loans government loans . Thanks in advance !
Why is the government trying to eliminate private sector options?1Patt2012-10-05 01:30:02
" The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that would effectively end private participation - lender in the student loan market , establishing the federal government as the sole provider of college loans ." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-2009
Looking for a loan, an unsecured loan from a genuine company or private lender?0deyela2012-09-24 06:30:03
Looking for a loan of 4
I am trying to find the website for unsecured small business loans by private investers ,Saw it on newscast?0quavious2012-09-17 09:42:05
I'm trying to find the website for unsecured small business by investing in particular , I saw it in news ?
What are available financial aids for University of California Irvine?0doo2012-09-10 10:17:02
I really do not know how to express my question because I have been living in the Philippines for two months after birth . I was born in the United States , so I have a U.S. passport and dual citizenship ( American and Filipino ) . Recently took a vacation there in America and I liked the lifestyle is not much better . I have an aunt who lives in Anaheim and his house is only 10 minutes drive from the UCI . I'm told that Aunt because my American citizenship , can have a loan plan or something. I really do not understand . I have 15 years and I am a sophomore in high school . I have graduated in March 2011 . My mom told me to start looking for financial aid or scholarships . Here in the Philippines , who are currently studying at De La Salle Zobel School ( if you know this, you can search your Wikipedia page or go to http://www.zobel.dlsu.edu.ph < / a> ) . I currently get a line of 90 degrees (highest possible would be 100) . More specifically , my grades range from 90 to 94 , which is A-. Sometimes I get 88 or 89.
Are there any third parties that can help with student loan consolidation?0Rass2012-10-14 07:37:58
I have been using online services database of federal student loans , student loans and my various maintenance departments and come with confusing and contradictory information from various official and private websites , which is what I am unable entering the right information on my application consolidation . Is there someone who can afford to help me make sense of all this ? I know that the new laws on third parties has entered into force , but do not know what they are or how I can make sense of incomplete information I find in the database of student loans supposedly complete ( missing account # ' s , rates interest , the loan service phone numbers and addresses , etc . ) Please advise.
I am looking to get financing for real estate, a private unsecured loan?0Anton2012-10-09 12:22:45
I have several real estate projects , which are home runs ( 200% ROI ) that I want to continue . I'm looking for a 700k . I would back loans from seizures , and settings in a balloon structure with monthly payments made ​​to a predetermined interest rate . I can not go through the banks for a small business loan . If any banking professionals , real estate investors , or directors , could help, I would appreciate .
Where can I find a real guaranteed unsecured personal loan for people with bad credit other than citifinancial1ABBIE 2012-08-07 23:46:04
I tried a bunch of these quick loans and bad credit loans and Citibank , and come up with nothing. I do not want to pay more than loanfinders never even have met a scam or two. Someone please give me some advice. And there's no payday loans either! Please!
Where can I find information on student loan consolidation, both private and federal?0Shangkary2012-10-08 02:13:15
I have about $ 50,000 in student loan debt multiple student loans . About half of my debt comes from federal loans ( subsidized and unsubsidized ) , and the other half is two separate lenders , private . I graduate in May , but I can not find information about consolidation. I have a full time job after graduation , but making multiple payments to different lenders minimum seems a little ridiculous . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have information on how I can consolidate my loans into one loan ? Most consolidation programs only allow you to consolidate your federal loans . Like most recent college graduates , I will not have any collateral to take out a "conventional " loan from a local bank . Also, I would like to do this from a company that will keep the loan classified as " student loan debt " to take advantage of tax benefits . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for any advice you can offer. MedlinePlus ** I am aware of the pros and cons of loan consolidation . I'd like to explore this option to have the convenience of a payment as well as having the option of a lower monthly payment
Where can I find debt consolidation unsecured loan institutions?1karenb2012-10-11 23:28:02
I want to pay credit card interest terribly high that I had for many years , my wife missplaced the bill and now pay my special interest rates to help them up , that is, after years of never missing or being late .
!!. Serious Genuine Financial Aid Needed.!!?2Keisha2012-11-01 19:39:01
I 'm Adam , 27 , a citizen of Singapore. Does anyone anyone with a good soul here offer a personal loan / sponsorship to an individual ? MedlinePlus I wanted to create a small shop and FB franchise in Singapore and needed a capital. I am willing to put aside some of the loan money to me to pay the monthly fee, including interest. MedlinePlus With all due respect , it is very difficult and agony trying to show that people in Singapore to the Bank of how truthful and sincere about changing his life . I've made some bad choices in life NOT to save for the future and I want to show people what I can achieve in my life . I will work extra hard for this business . MedlinePlus I have been the victim of several scams online and lost almost SGD2000 . ! MedlinePlus I could have no PhD , I do not own any credit card or a car , but personally , I think people should be given a second chance to prove his sincerity . Im desperately wanting to get back on track in the right direction in life .

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