My student loans have already been consolidated, but I want to reduce my interest rate? Any options? related questions

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My student loans have already been consolidated, but I want to reduce my interest rate? Any options?0Aisha2012-09-25 13:18:03
My student loan was consolidated in the period 1998-1999. They are the Stafford Loan , which is used to pay for my law school education . My interest rate is 8.25 % , and apart from the decrease in the interest rate by 0.25 % with online payment, Sallie Mae / Bank One offered me no other option because my loans are consolidated and . Any other option , apart from taking a new private loan consolidation?
Can student loans be consolidated more than once for a better interest rate?8Sara Pleaseee2012-10-17 03:35:03
Can student loans will meet more than once for a better interest rate ?
I consolidated my student loans in 2005. Is there a way to get a lower interest rate at this point?1 Math ã„‘ love -2012-10-24 18:50:03
Can you get a lower fixed rate on loans that have already been consolidated ?
What is the average interest rate for consolidated student loan interest?0Shantel2012-10-09 20:01:11
I have consolidated my subsidized and unsubsidized loans through Student Xpress , however , the interest rate is currently 7.25% people have been saying that is too high . One of my friends who consolidated through Nelnet , says his interest rate of 5.5 % or less . Will I be able to change already consolidated loan from one company to another ?
I graduated and consolidated my loans last year. Is there any way to get a lower interest rate?0Manic Psycho 2012-09-27 01:29:03
My rate is currently 6.6% , and I want to take advantage of new lower rates.
I have consolidated my student loans and it is at a high rate. can i re-consolidate them to get a lower rate?2Stevie2012-10-20 04:48:01
I have consolidated my student loans , and is at a high rate . I can consolidate ? Again to get a lower rate?
Is prime interest rate or Laibor interest rate better when colsolidating private student loans?0lorie anderson2012-08-22 06:51:02
I consolidate my private student loans and in some places have a prime rate and others have Laibor inerest rate . What is a better choice ?
If I have already consolidated my student loans, is there still a way to "refinance" for a lower rate?0Monro2012-09-20 14:20:02
Currently I have a 7.625 rate on my student loans consolidated . Is there a process of refinancing student loans in the same way that there is for, say , a mortgage ?
I have over $40,000 worth of student loans at a consolidated 7% rate. Is there a way to lower this?1Shell2012-09-14 14:36:03
I have over $ 40,000 in student loans consolidated at a rate of 7%. Is there a way to reduce this?
I consolidated my student loans in 1999. I have been stuck with 8% financing since. Need lower rate, how?1BDM2012-09-12 18:58:04
I consolidated my student loans in 1999 . I have stuck with 8 % financing since. Need a lower rate , how?
If i consolidated my student loans... through a new company... can i take the student loan interest deduction?1MyKel2012-09-18 15:44:04
I you have not paid all the money out of my pocket to interest. However, I took a new loan to pay my old . They are from different companies , but both are still direct loans . I paid the intrest technically outside to borrow a new loan . ? I can take the student loan interest deduction for this year?
Can any student loans be consolidated at current very low interest rates to help us financially?0Jeury2012-09-07 22:41:03
8.5% My student loans are like credit cards . Are the banks benefit from this? My direct federal student loans do not meet the requirements to be consolidated into a lower interest rate . I asked already . I'm struggling with payments of $ 900/month and you can use the home equity money because my house is devalued . 4 Parent Plus I have federal student loans in interest rates from 6.5 to 8.5 % , but mortgage interest rates at home are as low as 4 % and in some cases less . Why this difference and who is benefiting both ? It seems that consumers who have invested in the education of their children should not have to pay high interest .

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