Will i win this case because this is actually a civil matter. loan regarding a car?

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Asked at 2012-09-25 06:08:03
When me and my ex girlfriend were together she had a serious prb. The car he was driving broke and we realized that the engine blew. She was crying to me because she just started a new job and school Dher begin in two months. I remain a sensitive bf went out there and got him a car and I co-sign that gave us $ 1500 for most of it came and finished the rest. At first I did not tell him to get a Hyundai. She fought with me that wants the Hyundai. After a week I called and said baby we have to bring the car to the mechanic. I said I told you so. So we went to Toyota and they gave him a new car. I struggled to return the vehicle to the dealer. I'm talking about the Hyundai Elantra. The bank took it back. Toyota wanted a $ 1,500 deposit for the new car. I borrowed money from my aunt and told my ex girlfriend we agree on something. We have to repay the money from my aunt imma need from you each month being agreed. I accumulated $ 400 now separated. She sent me a text that would reimburse my auntt once started a little prb with me and accused me of domestic violence. Unfortunately she lost the case. I do not hit women. But she wanted to hurt me. She has two jobs she does at least $ 1,000 every two weeks. All you pay is the cell phone is $ 80 for insurance that is $ 230 and the car is 442 dollars a month. So she has money to pay for the vehicle. The car is registered in your name and do not want to pay now and wait to pay for vehicle in their possession. Now we agreed to return the vehicle, but it seems that she wants meti pay two months and we owe him. MedlinePlus meant I am the guarantor. I know I have to pay, but the person who is doing it out of spite. She cbought another car. This means that THR had money for the vehicle, but since I broke up with her and does not want to help her saved money to buy another car. How I can win this case? Not me is it you wanted to mess me up up.please help
Answer1chelleAnswered at 2012-10-01 09:33:08
I would be happy that she was out of my life , who played violin as a young man , and got what he wanted , and when he did well to the nitty gritty , she tried to throw under the bus with domestic violence , its easy point the finger and say this or that , experience , and learn to be an adult means that sometimes there is no right or wrong , good or bad , means away , and realize it could have been much worse , some women 's cold out there , you feed antifreeze in the bottle of juice in the morning , trying to help you kick the bucket . MedlinePlus This is a lesson in what not to do, and do not ever hang your ass so far that you fall from the top of the tree when she cut the roots off .. MedlinePlus . Nobody is perfect , none of us will win prizes for being right 100 percent of the time , but learning from the beginning , when a beneficiary enters your life , Life is a two way street , it takes energy , it takes time and have to work on a relationship. This way , which is already a loser , did what he thought was right , given the circumstances , this is where you leave it . MedlinePlus Forget ol whatsername (she will fade into the past as wallpaper thin , but now are aware of the subtle little games and little tricks that she has tried to make sure that does not happen again to you, the best of luck , sometimes it's better to walk over. come to you without leaving . realize that what she does, it comes down to it , and sooner or later will get their just desserts ok ?
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