Will Consolidating my student loans help my credit score? related questions

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Can consolidating student loans help credit score?4the prosexionist 2012-10-13 11:00:03
I have a lot of loans , almost 100K as I am doing my PhD . There are several, some 15 individual loans . All credit is another time and make a good living . Loans are deferrment , but the number of individual loans affect both score ? We consolidate them and pay something every month even though they are in support of postponement?
Will Consolidating my student loans help my credit score?1krytstal2012-10-27 04:01:02
I was 6 student loans amount to a total of $ 20,000 from two different companies . My mistake was that I put them in forebarence time I was late about 2 months. One company that cleaned my credit , the other showed that I was late. I decided to consolidate my loans with the company that cleaned my credit. My question is does this help my credit because the company that was the delay in the payment of the loans have been paid and the other I will be current on all my payments ? Thanks for the help .
Does consolidating student loans look bad on your credit report, or affect your credit score?2Lecreshia2012-09-26 08:00:05
Also, what impact does having a savings account or money market have on your credit score , if any , does it matter how long the account has existed .
Does consolidating student loans impact your FICO score?0Jayme2012-08-19 02:42:02
I have 10 different student loans so my FICO score reflects 10 different installment loans . Consolidate them into one loan for whatever FICO score or would simply be a wash because the total amount of debt would not change . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My only drawback is that if I consolidate more time is needed to repay loans if they just leave it alone .... I wonder how my FICO score is affected by them . Its currently 762.
Does consolidating your loans, specifically student loans, affect your credit?1broklyn2012-10-23 04:01:03
Does consolidating your loans , especially student loans affect your credit ?
Will consolidating my student loans hurt my credit?1chris verwer2012-10-12 16:21:03
They consolidate my student loans hurt my credit ?
How do I repay back a line of credit that was established by consolidating my student loans?0nagalie smith2012-08-06 06:23:47
I have a line of credit of about $ 38,000. The interest rate is approximately 7 %. Each month, the minimum payment is deducted from my bank account, which only covers the interest. I have not a lot of disposable income. How I can determine the size of a payment I have to do to start paying realistic line of credit? And there's a way to find out how many years will it take for debt to be completely gone ?
Does consolidating student loans relieve the cosigner of the original loans of the cosigners debt?0tomi2012-09-03 13:54:03
How can my daughter get rid of me ( father ) as collateral and have the loan ( s ) like her , full responsibility ?
What is consolidating your student loans, what is the best way to do?0andytrfmn2012-10-06 14:00:52
it, what are some reasons why consolidated
Consolidating Student Loans???2Lolerskater2012-09-10 02:56:02
I'm looking to consolidate my student loans that have accumulated over the past 5 years. I have a mix of private loans and federal . Is there any company that allows me to combine them all in, say , a 15 year loan . My private lenders are demanding that I pay within 4 years. So my payments are like $ 600 a month! ... at the top of my federal loan payments . Any advice would be great.
Consolidating Student Loans?3Please help2012-08-14 20:34:34
What is the best way to go about consolidating student loans? Any tips or advice is useful.
Consolidating student loans?0Niqua Lov3ly2012-09-02 23:38:02
Can you consolidate student loans that were taken by two different people ? I like to combine my loans with my husband's - is it possible? MedlinePlus Also, does anyone have suggestions to accredited bodies to consolidate your loans ? I have received emails from Nelnet and Sallie Mae , does anyone know anything about either ? MedlinePlus What is a good interest rate for consolidation to accept ?

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