Wife cosigned a loan 8 yrs before we married, our assets are separate. Can they consider my assets to repay? related questions

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Wife cosigned a loan 8 yrs before we married, our assets are separate. Can they consider my assets to repay?0chancel2012-09-25 03:33:04
My wife appropriated the student loan before we got married , this is my second marriage . They both have full-time jobs . My main question is because the loan is in default , can this affect my credit , and look at my goods that do not have your name on them for the means of payment . (Ie Savings Account , House , )
My husband recently cosigned a loan for a car with his lover. Does half of this vehicle become marital assets?1Emma D.2012-10-16 23:36:03
Also, what happens if both do not pay the loan ? Can they come after me for payment , and your spouse ? We are in Missouri . Thank you.
Ownership of married couples assets in case of a lawsuit?0shakina2012-08-18 09:30:04
My house is in my name and my wife , so is the mortgage. I am thinking of refinancing and become sole owner of the loan and title. The reason is - My wife is a sole proprietor of a small business (CA S -Corp ) , which is not anything, but let's say if it gets into a fight in the house does not become part of it . We live in California. This is the opinion of one of my friend, not a lawyer. Is it really separate the home range of a demand in the business of my wife? Or the demand can only be in the S -Corp , not the owner of the S -corp , so it does not really matter anyway.
A Utah Divorce: How must I divide assets with my (soon-to-be-ex) wife?2panda2012-11-02 03:47:02
No children . 8 years of marriage . The owner of a home with $ 124K owed ​​on the loan , evaluation (according to her ) for $ 150K . She wants the house , so you have to buy me out , as I understand it . She also says that to buy me, has to pay half of the capital , which would be about $ 26K , less fees realtors " 5% ( our man would only take 2% ) . It also includes other charges would bring the net amount of about $ 15K . way to buy me out , she says , she owes me $ 7,500. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My goal is to keep our car , we would have to pay $ 4,000 , also had divided his 401K ($ 2000 when charged ) . In my view , that means I should net $ 4,500 house + 401K ($ 7500 + $ 1000) less the car ($ 4000) . But she seems to think that essentially can "force " to accept the property in lieu of cash. In other words, she could give me $ 4,500 worth of furniture and appliances in place. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want that, I need the money . This seems wrong to me . Is it? Is there anything wrong in this scenario ? Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Again - this is Utah.
Where do get a loan to grow small business with no assets(except business assets?0 M, -2012-08-07 02:51:45
Operating a business of entertainment for young children by the parties and the work of enterprises . Would you like to expand , but need a loan to do this. I started the business with my own money, but now we have to get up and get out and expand. Any ideas ?
How can a private UK citizen seize the assets of a debtor, also a private person, refusing to repay a loan?1Blank2012-11-03 22:42:02
Money borrowed under a reimbursement contract , which has been 5 years and € 10,000 principal has not been returned . Interest in the amount of approximately 9500 GBP still not reimbursed. What I can do? I have contracts , emails and voice recordings when the debtor acknowledges the debt and payment details so far .... Total due is approximately £ 19,500 ... HELP !
Is it possible to get a loan with no credit or assets?1PurpleAndrew2012-10-08 09:33:03
I want to get a loan , maybe threw the SBA , to buy a small business set . Is this possible without a credit history or active?
I need a loan fast with no credit but i have assets can anyone help?2vil62012-09-08 22:20:03
I've been working on my mothers house to get it ready for sale and in the mean time I've got my own countdowns and I need a loan of $ 3,000.00 'm in charge of the farm and I will pay and pay and pay monthley soon as the house is sold , also I have two nice cars for $ 2,000.00 colaterial and dimond neckless too.But now i do not have a very good credit due to over due bills , I'm a good person I can not seem to get help for any where and I have no family to attend can anyone help ? i have a lot of personal references , its just no one has money right now. please help !
How to get a large business loan with no assets?0dustin hill2012-10-05 07:30:45
I have an idea that is great investment at least money-back guarantee . but could overturn great benefits . Banks will give me a loan large (1.5 m ) In the event that on board , are in control and have proof that at least get your money back and interest ? The investments are in assets , so if it does not get to keep all of their money assets purchased , ( it will be worth once again too long to sell . My problem is that I have nothing , I do not make much money to save that amount of money is ridiculous . But I know I could make tons of money from this.
Married filling separate...he works I don't why can't he claim our kids?0'Early spring cover 2012-08-28 22:00:04
I've been reading online that says if your married filing separately can not get a tax credit for children who do not understand ? I owe a gov. student loan in collections under my maiden name . The debut has been sold to another collector tried to set up payment plans with the new collector who told me I had to make a monthly payment hugh that we could not afford it was like 500 a month , I told them I could not afford that much I did not want to work out a plan. So they do not have an income not going to fill anyway . My husband has worked two jobs this year and we have 2 children (ages 1 and 2 years old) I stay home with the kids . So we're thinking that way separately fill not have to worry about their return are adopting S why can not claim to children with married filing separate state ? I have read the whole state is better, but in our case it is better to file separately.
How can i get 90,000in liquid assets? can i get a loan and cash it?0spaz22482012-08-07 21:24:03
I need 90,000 in cash and only 3 of us.so how much do everything on the pitch and so for me to get a loan and cash out? should be considered as a liquid asset ?
I am 20, have some credit, good job, some liquid assets, can I get a car loan?1tenisha2012-10-10 22:35:02
As description says , I have 20 years, I have some credit cards in good condition , has a student loan I am paying off, some mutual funds , RRSPs , do some self-directed brokerage . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My job pays $ 5500 + / month, so I'm by no means out of funds ( have worked there for 5 months) . I have a large down payment , I can get a loan ? Car ?

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